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A remembrance poem as the name implies means poems were written and read to remember someone or loved ones. The remembrance poems do not necessarily mean remembering someone that is dead or lost, it can be used as a remembrance for something that has happened in the past but today, it is used as a remembrance and a tribute to the loved ones that are dead or lost

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep 

It can be included in a funeral speech or a memorial speech. It can be read by anybody which means it is not attributed to only one person, the pastor, friends or any relatives can read the remembrance poem at the memorial service program. Getting a good remembrance poem is not as hard as it used to be now. There are lots of remembrance poems on the internet but finding the one that best expresses your feelings is a little bit difficult to come by unlike some general feelings people have that is always expressed.

A remembrance poem can be written by anybody, it is not limited to poets alone or having one great understanding of it. It is always an expression of feelings, how the person is missed, what the absence of the person has caused. The purpose of the remembrance poem is to honour the demised for their active impact in one’s life.

The remembrance poem is different from the funeral poem or death poem in that it does not talks about what death has caused or what would cause or what would happen after the death but it talks more about the honouring of the person that is dead already. Although a funeral poem is always read at the funerals it brings to the consciousness of man that death is real unlike a remembrance poem that brings to the consciousness of people what the dead person is missed for and their role in one’s life can never be forgotten.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

A remembrance poem gives a brief account of what the dead person has done and would be missed for in form of axioms without writing a lengthy speech about the life history of the person. While the funeral speech talks about the history of the person, the remembrance poems talk more on the behaviour and attitude and the role of the dead person in one’s life. In a situation that the remembrance poem makes ones shed tears and feel emotional, it does not make it be the same as the death poem. They both make someone emotional and both consoles but the difference is that the remembrance poem has accepted that the person is dead, it is only talking and laying emphasis on what the absence of the person would cause.

There are different types of remembrance poems. The one written for a dead father is different from the one written for a lost father and likewise different from the one written for a dead friend or lost friend. Some of the types of remembrance poems are listed below;

Dead father remembrance poem, Lost father remembrance poem, Dead mother remembrance poem, lost mother remembrance poem, dead or lost friends remembrance poem and any other relatives remembrance poem.

There have been many questions concerning poems for the dead young child. It gets difficult writing remembrance poem for a dead child by the parents or the elder ones of the dead child because it gives no consolation but an emotional breakdown that could lead to sickness. There are many remembrance poems written by the younger ones for their dead older siblings or relatives but it is virtually impossible for a parent to write a remembrance poem for the loss of his or her child.

The context in which a remembrance poem is written is different from the context in which a poem for any other purpose is written. The settings for the remembrance poem is that of a man who lost his benefactor and needed the benefactor help at a certain point in his life but the benefactor is dead and gone. In this context illustrated, the man writes a remembrance poem in consoling himself and at the same time honouring the dead benefactor. A remembrance poem is not limited to a particular time to be written, it can be written anytime and can be read anytime but cannot be read every time nor written every time to avoid emotional breakdown or hindrance to a progress in fact.

Unlike a story or speech with three categories of writing which are the head, the body and the conclusion, the poem is entirely different. There is no introduction neither is there body nor conclusion. It is always straightforward and cogent as possible to avoid unnecessary lingering of feelings attachment.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

As much as a remembrance poem can be written for the loss of someone, it can also be written for goodwill. For remembering someone that is far away but the emotions that are attached to it is different from the emotion attached to the remembrance for the loss of someone.

One of the greatest purposes of remembrance poem is for honouring and the verses are not limited but it always advised to be as brief as possible. Writing a remembrance can be difficult at times as there are many words to be written about the person. Few people might not get what the writer is talking about and this is because the writer didn’t’t write the poem to be used by another person but for himself or herself, unlike some professional poets that write poems not only for themselves but for people.

The difference between the poem written for by a poet and writing it by oneself is that the emotion is stated clearly if written by oneself. The remembrance poem written by other poets is based on the general emotions. For example, if a man loses his father and wanna put out a remembrance poem, it is general that he would say he missed the father for the love shown and no one can give the love. This is the feeling that many poets dwell in for the writing of a remembrance poem in different forms and with different uses of words.

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