5 Characteristics Of An Effective Funeral Eulogy

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A funeral eulogy is usually written to convey messages or celebrate the deceased. They try to create a connection between the remaining people and the times shared with the deceased. They bring out their ways of life, illustrating what they liked, their careers, families, spiritualities, behaviours….literally everything to do with them.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Funeral Eulogies are usually written by, or with the help of close family members, and will be read at a funeral or memorial services. They are aimed at making the mourners appreciate and feel the loss brought about by death.

A funeral eulogy can be read out by one of the deceased’s relative, perhaps their kid, spouse, parent, or a family member that they were fond of. It can also be assigned to a friend, colleague, and a church leader especially in cases where they or their family are spiritual.
Writing a eulogy pauses a challenge, on top of having to search for the appropriate words, you also have to deal with the emotions and pain brought about by the death of a loved one, within a given time frame.

5 Characteristics of a good funeral eulogy.

It needs to be short and precise-
In other terms, brief. A eulogy will be read at a funeral service, therefore within an assigned time frame in the program, so it should not go beyond this. Besides a lengthy eulogy is likely to become boring as you go on reading it, people lose concentration as you will seem like you will giving a lecture, and them taking in the lessons. It is recommended that a nice eulogy be one that requires 5 minutes to go through.

For that matter, one should pick a couple of outstanding traits or personalities of the deceased and slightly elaborate them, or just tell a remarking story about the deceased that will give the picture of who they were or the things they held dear.

With a short eulogy, you will leave the audience with something to ponder over as opposed to them losing concentration as you go over a long one. Just talking a bit about the deceased also eliminates the errors likely to occur when you have to go through their whole lifetime, plus the person eulogizing is likely to finish up with minimal chances of getting emotional, they will be done by the time a large lump of tears gathers on their eyes.

It should be positive-

Well, the mourners have gone through the pain of losing a loved one, so the least you should do is cause them more of that through negatively talking about the deceased, perhaps their downfalls. Try only to focus on the good things about them.

This is not the time to table any form of grudges that existed between the deceased and yourself or someone else for that matter. Give the people a reason to miss the deceased owing to the great relationships he/she had with the people around them, and some of the good things they did that made their presence fulfilling.

No one is remembered for doing bad things, even though this is human nature. For crying out, the deceased is already gone, so we should respect them by talking about the good things they did when they were still with us.

It should be written not memorized-

Owing to the nature of grieving during the loss of a loved one, you are likely to miss a thing or two as you will be reciting your memorized eulogy. Sometimes the thoughts of a future without hem cut through our minds when we least expect it. You can never lock out your emotions even if you are strong.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

With a written copy, you can also easily request someone to read it, if, at the required time, you get overwhelmed with emotions. What’s more, you will be able to make copies which you can distribute to the other mourners, and the can keep them even after the funeral or memorial service.

It should be conversational, not narratory-

Occasionally as you go through the eulogy, make facial contacts with the audience so that you don’t look like you are reading them a story. Eye contacts make it look like you and they are conversing. This further gives you room to articulately go through the eulogy step by step, while giving them time to digest it with each step.
Making a public speech is tricky and makes people nervous, especially if this will be the first time you have to do it. Assume that your entire audience is the deceased’s family only, and by default related to you in some way to help you keep tension at bay. Who trembles when talking to their own family?

It should be very personal

The funeral eulogy should be first hand where the deceased is concerned. Try and capture, as much as possible, something that you were involved in. This gives you the drive to dramatize it as required. If not, you can consult a close family to tip you off.
Avoid picking up a list of things that were done by the deceased and quickly go through them, it is better than you settle on one, elaborate it, such that you are able to illustrate the personalities of the deceased you would want to bring to the attention of your audience.

Seeking assistance with writing a funeral eulogy is not a strange thing, even if you are considered a good writer. The pain the death of a loved one brings makes people confused and unable to do such things, but then again you realize that time is not something people enjoy when a burial is right around the corner.

Once you are done and have a copy of your funeral eulogy, you can revise it, and invite someone else to do it too, so that you make sure it meets your expectations.

It is because of this that we at the Holy bookshop think it human enough to extend a hand and lift this burden off your shoulders, by giving you some of the best funeral eulogy, able to meet the above-mentioned characteristics.

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