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During funerals and memorial services, Christians turn to the bible for a number of things. The book of Psalms is considered to carry several useful scriptures that can be ideal for funeral poems. They bring the messages indicated below.


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Psalm verses that can bring comfort to the mourners.

There are several verses in the book of psalms that bring comfort even amidst the pain of losing a loved one. They revolve around the fact that God knew us before we were born and knew the time when we will go back to be with him. Death is just a process that was ordained to be, and so our departed has just gone according to the will of God.

These funeral verses further speak of a person not being gone forever but rather having transformed to another life beyond death, where they are free from pain and trouble associated with the world.

They are said to be in a better and secure place next to the Lord, thereby making the mourners comfortable with their demise.
They talk of the Lord knowing the pain that we feel following the death of a loved one, and Him being the person we still need to turn to for comfort, as he has divine ways of making this immeasurable pain subside.

Consider Psalms 119, verses 50, “This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.”

Psalm verses that bring reassurance. Psalm funeral verses that are a source of hope and consolation.

Sometimes all we want to hear amidst the loss of a loved one is that life will make sense once more. Death makes us lose focus so much that some people even fail to see the reason why they should eat or sleep. For how are you to eat when the person you used to share a meal with is no longer there?

By making us see a possibility of uniting with the loved ones once again, these verses make life worth living again.
For instance, Psalms 94, verses 19,”When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.”

Psalm verses that set a pace for the healing process.

Consider Psalms 61, verses 1 & 2, “Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer, from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead to the rock that is higher than I.”’

The phrased verse can be read for mourners, directed to God, asking Him to guide them to a softer spot, away from the pain associated to the death of a loved one, for He alone is able to do that. Human beings are incapacitated to handle such immense pain all by themselves and require mighty intervention from God to be able to do so.

Once we pray, we believe and hope as we wait for the Lord to answer us by giving us what we asked for, and in this case, taking away the pain. This hope gives us the drive to soldier on even upon the death of somebody close to us.


psalm readings for funerals

Psalm funeral verses that are used for praising and worshipping God even in the middle of pain caused by the death of a loved one.
The Lord is honoured in all life circumstances, and the book of Psalms gives us a chance to do so through scripture readings.

Consider Psalms 23, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” The lord is accorded praises as the only one. He is the mighty shepherd that guards us against all the troubles and pains as long as we are alive, so He will shield us from even the pain caused by the death of people close to us.

Christians usually consider the importance of God in all situations, the good and the rough ones in equal measures, and so praises should reign even during funeral services.

How to select the best psalm funeral readings.

There are services that incorporate more than one Psalm readings in a service. So you should consult with your pastor to find out if you can do the same. Owing to the numerous messages conveyed by the verses in Psalms, it might not be easy to narrow down your pick to one suitable verse.

What would the deceased like? It is always good to go by their wishes. Where they left a verse to be read prior to their demise, go by their wish, if not, you might make considerations based on the psalm verses that they used to like.

Another alternative is to make selections based on the messages you wish to convey to the mourners. Is it a message of comfort, hope, consolation, gratitude or praise? The answer makes you narrow down to the suitable verses.

When it is your own initiative, you should consult the church elders, so that there is a harmony between the verses being read at a funeral service and the sermon prepared for the day.

Other amazing uses of Psalms for funerals readings.

These verses can be applied in other funeral areas other than being read in funeral services.

Eulogies– they can be applied as the opening or closing remarks, or also read within the eulogy.

Obituaries– Psalms for funerals can be used together with funeral announcements on newspapers, radios or other social media platforms.

Condolence messages– one can rely on these verses to give weight to a condolence message meant for those who are mourning.
Thank you notes sent after a funeral service- the verses will become handy as an extra gesture of appreciation for the immense support a person received during grief, and as a way for praying for more blessings upon those who were helpful.

Funeral flowers– the verses can be printed on cards to be used alongside funeral flowers.

Headstones or gravestones– spirituality can be accorded by virtue of engraving the Psalms for funerals on the headstones. This might be a move to honour the faith of the deceased.
On funeral programs- use of these verses on funeral or memorial service programs is a common practice to give the mourners a message to ponder over even way after.

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