Beautiful Selection of Poems For A Funeral

Beautiful Selection of Poems For A Funeral

You are here because you are looking for Poems For A Funeral.


We know what you are going through and you have our sympathy. There is so much to do in this difficult time and the last thing you need is to spend too much time searching for Poems For A Funeral.

We would say just one thing. Resist the temptation of using a free poem for a funeral. They are the most commonly used poems throughout the world.

Use some different words that will impress, express your innermost feelings and be truly memorable to the audience.

We have over 250 poems for a funeral from which you can choose from. To see what we have in the instant download GO HERE.


Poems For A Funeral

Poems for a funeral are a beautiful way to move mourners during a funeral. They communicate our innermost feelings using very appropriate wordings. They have become so popular, and are usually infused with other items like songs and speeches.

Beautiful Selection of Poems For A Funeral


On another note, loss of a loved is usually quite traumatizing, so much that one may not be able to find words to express how they feel. People then settle for poems as a way out, being that poems have the message they would wish to relay in carefully preselected words, so hustle free!

Categorization of poems for a funeral.

Religious and non-religious poems. Yep, you can opt for the religious poems that are directed to people of a specific faith, or to those who are faithless. The choice is freely yours.

Long and short funeral poems.

The long ones are but lengthy going by their name and will require a little more time to go through. Short ones are quite brief, will require less time to go through, and can be read with the little ones with ease.

The short funeral poems read at a funeral can be put to other users too to include attaching them to thank you notes and funeral poems, engraving them on headstones and other funeral stationery like obituaries, funeral programs, and memorial programs.

Poems for a specific member of the family. Could be a poem for your dad or mum, or any other relative depending on the type of relationship you had with them.

Poems based on a particular theme. There are several themes under which these funeral poems are written. To help you determine the most appropriate theme, you can decide to go by what the deceased used to like, perhaps he was humorous and funny, or just a funny person.

Beautiful Selection of Poems For A Funeral


Expectations of poems for a funeral.

They will comfort the mourners. These are poems done specifically about how death brings people pain, and equally encompass messages of comfort, telling the mourners to be still, as this is just a passing cloud, and soon things will be better.

The sun shall shine again. They rely on soothing words, which are able to connect to the mourners’ hearts, as is expected of any great poetic piece.

They will celebrate the lives of our departed loved ones. The poems have a way of going round to capture the moments when they were extremely happy and wittingly touch on their negatives to give an audience the picture of a life lived to the fullest.

They will manifest our spirituality. Going for the religious specific poems to read at a funeral, are a manifestation of people’s belief in Jesus Christ.

They unconsciously make one appear to be a believer and usually create that Godly aura that moves the mourners to connect to the message.

They do away with errors expected when writing down your own wordings. That all you will do is read out a poem that has already been written is a mere walk in the park, compared to the hustle of writing your own, editing and doing grammatical corrections.

poems for a funeral


Just where will you apply these poems?

There are different ways of conducting funerals, and the selection is done according to either the will of the deceased or their religious beliefs and the family’s unanimous agreement or religious practices.

Based on this, you will encounter poems read at:

The morgue- some people prefer to have their funeral services held at the morgue, after which the body is taken for burial or cremation.

As the service goes on, the funeral poem shall be read in between.
At church- this is quite popular, where the poem is read alongside other scripture readings and songs.

Such poems are usually required to be Christian specific so that they adhere to the church’s beliefs.

By the graveside- some people will opt to have their funerals conducted next to the graves as a traditional or religious practice, thereby calling for the reading of the poems on the same spot.

In memorial services- depending on where the service shall be conducted, the poems shall be equally read there.

poems for a funeral

Funeral poems are also used in other ways to include.

On funeral flowers- there are a collection of brief and cute funeral poems that can be printed and attached to the funeral flowers to be used on the deceased’s grave or memorial statues.

On the headstone- you can further personalize them here by adding the deceased’s name. It is a nice way of making people see the type of person they were, and how much you loved them. This also ensures the poems lasts forever, not only in our memories but also to anyone who goes to visit their graves.

On obituaries- this eliminates the simplicity of obituaries and further draws feelings from those who will read them. It helps elaborate the kind of relationship you had with the deceased, by the virtue of you taking your time to dedicate a poem to them instead of any ordinary wordings.

On condolence notes– sometimes a simple sorry may not be enough, going an extra mile to inscribe a poem adds weight and communicates more than sympathy. This is because the poems will encompass both the sympathy while simultaneously celebrating the lives they lived with a touch of comforting and encouraging lines.

On thank you notes- so the burial is done, you really wish to say thank you, but you feel that is not enough.

Trust the funeral poems to bear the words that you feel you lack and deliver them in a delicate and soothing way. It is further classy and lovely.

In Conclusion.

There are very many poems to read at funerals, that it has become quite confusing which ones are better compared to the others.

Having gone through them for filtration purposes, we have listed very nice ones here at The Holy Bookshop for you to choose from. Hope they are as helpful as we perceive them, and end your search for poems for a funeral.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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