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bereavement poems

Bereavement Poems.

When we lose a loved one, it is not easy to accept that it is simply God’s will that the deceased is at a better place now. However, it is only normal to grieve the loss.

For instance, look at this concept. We don’t really mourn the loss of a loved one but we mourn because of the love we had for them. That is why the closest person to the deceased is affected more than any other person, it is because of the connection between them, and the love they had for them.

Grieving is not easy and sometimes we find the need to find comfort, from other people, from God and sometimes from within. Maybe you want a bereavement poem to help you get over the loss, or maybe you just wanted to console the bereaved, you can browse for these poems or write one yourself.

Christians believe that Jesus holds to love and death together in regards to bereavement. Even he grieved the death of His friend Lazarus, according to the Gospel of Luke. However, Christians believe that death is not the end just as promised by Jesus before he ascended to heaven.

While writing bereavement poems you may want to focus on the Christian teachings about bereavement. This means that you might focus on several aspects of Christianity where a death occurred. You should, however, remember that bereavement poems are also meant to help people in denial or undergoing PTSD after losing a loved one.

bereavement poems

What exactly does it mean to lose someone special?

The answer to this question is quite vague as we all go through the process of grieving at different paces. For instance, the intensity of one person losing a parent and another one losing a friend is quite different, not because any of them is less painful.

This is because it does vary with the kind of love involved. Bereavement poems come in different themes in regards to the relationship with the deceased. Most of them come with a message of comfort, sympathy, hope and faith in God that indeed, the deceased is in a better place and that they served their life purpose.

If you have written a bereavement to encourage a friend or family who is grieving, you may consider some Bible verses or readings with the message of hope. These people need to be encouraged that life does not end at death, they need to be reminded that whatever happens, it is all God’s will.

You may want to relate this to the death of Jesus Christ, which actually brought hope to all believers that there is life after death. A good example of a poem that could bring this encouragement could be Dennis Spilchuk’s poem On Dying.

bereavement poems


In this poem, the poet is emphasizing the message of hope. The poem suggests that Christians should believe that before Jesus’ death, He offered His disciples the Last Supper and offered his body as a body and promised eternal life in Heaven.

This focused on the book of John where Jesus Christ urges Christians to believe that there is indeed life after death. In this context, Jesus states that those who believe in the Lord shall live even after they die.

The New Testament encourages Christians to believe in the life after death and to not be troubled by death. Your bereavement poem may be focused on bringing hope and encouragement to the bereaved.

You can use the Christian view of bereavement in order to get the message across properly. It definitely is not easy to just accept and hope that the deceased is with the lord. At this point, most of us are angry because we did not get some more time with the deceased, or even say goodbye.

We are angry at the world, and some people are angry at God for taking their loved ones. Bereavement poems could also help the bereaved find peace, even in the midst of their loss. In most cases, we are not a peace with losing someone.

We look for answers to questions like, why did they have to die?

Or sometimes you might find yourself wondering why God couldn’t pick you and let the deceased live for a little longer. However, the Bible, through the book of John, teaches us that through Jesus Christ we find peace.

This means that the deceased found peace and is reunited with the Lord and that we also should find peace and closure. Death is considered cruel because it really has no timing and in almost all cases, we never get to say goodbye. And to find peace and acceptance in this is not easy. In this case, you may write a poem with the intention of bringing people to understand that the deceased is well rested.

For example, if someone was suffering from a terminal illness and one thing leads to the other and they pass away. As a family, friend or spouse, you are definitely going to feel the loss. You will wish they had one more day but it is not possible.

bereavement poems

However, the Bible teaches that there is no suffering in heaven. In this we find peace knowing that our loved ones are no longer suffering and they have finally found peace. You may refer to this text while writing bereavement poem.

Again, when we lose a loved one, sometimes it gets all scary and we end up wondering who is going to be the next one to go. Fear strikes, and we get the need to want to know how we are going to end up. In other cases, we find ourselves going to the hospitals, we want to test for diseases so that we can treat them early enough.

We all forget that death is quite unpredictable and we cannot tell when we are going to fall into the cruel hands of death. However, the Bible encourages Christians to be not afraid of anything. For instance, look at Psalm 23.


That chapter reminds us that we should not live in fear because Christ is looking after us. We should not be afraid of death, instead, we should live boldly and fulfil our purpose in life.

You may come up with a poem for bereavement while still using these bible songs. As mentioned earlier, bereavement poems don’t have to be a remembrance of the good memories. Instead, we should try our best and make the best out of our lives without fear.

If you are writing a bereavement to pass your message to the family of the deceased, or you are going to read a bereavement poem to a group of mourners, you should make sure it is sympathetic and empathetic.

You should have that tone of letting people you know it is really hard to move on without the deceased but then remind them that it is not over yet. Remind them of the reason why Jesus Christ died for our sins thus bringing hope to all believers that even after death, there is life and happiness in the Lord.

Depending on the age, relationship with the deceased and the message you want to pass across, bereavement poems vary in terms of style, tone and meaning. You don’t have to hide your emotions while you are grieving, in fact, it is not encouraged to suppress your emotions at times like those.

Even Christians in the Bible, including Jesus, mourned the deaths of a loved one. For instance, when Lazarus died, Jesus wept because he was hurting. However, he did not question the will of God, even though he raised him thereafter. Instead, the Bible encourages us that it is okay to grieve, but only with hope.

Despite the bible calling for rejoicing in the Lord, it is also important to express your feelings and it is okay to feel bad for losing someone you loved. You can do this by coming up with a special bereavement poem stating what you really feel but remember, it is all God’s will. Your poem should also encourage people to heal from the loss knowing that the deceased has gone to be with the Lord.

The reason why mourning the loss of a loved one is important is because no matter how happy we believe the deceased is, we are the people who experience the suffering that comes with mourning.

The most important thing to remember when you are looking for a bereavement poem is to be hopeful and encourage acceptance as you grieve. In the bible, it is clear that even God grieves the death of His children.

For instance, when man sinned in the Garden of Eden, God grieved and regretted having made a man on earth. This being said, it is, therefore, okay to express your sorrow in your bereavement poems but remember the teachings of the Bible, that we shall live in the kingdom of heaven and we shall be reunited with those before us.

No one said it is easy to handle the loss of a loved one but grieving and hoping that one day we shall be together with the deceased. Our poem of hope might be of help to someone else accept and hope for eternal life as promised by Jesus Christ.

We should also remember to live without fear of death by knowing it is a part of deliverance from the suffering and evils of this world. It is therefore acceptable to grief but also gives hope that there is eternal life after death.

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