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What Do You Read at a Funeral

In our experience, we believe that finding Bereavement Poems can be put into two different slots. Either easy or hard.

The hard way is that you Google in Bereavement Poems and find a number of these poems that are offered to you completely FREE.

Nothing wrong with that you may say. But hold on. Ask yourself this. Why are they free?

The answer is clear as crystal. These poems are the most frequent ones at almost every funeral carried out in the world today. We know this because earlier this year my Brother and I were in the exact same situation that you are in today.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

What is this the hard way?

Quite simple really. Because of my age, I am at the point in my life where I am experiencing the passing of certain family and friends. That’s the way it is.

When at the funeral and someone recites one of the commonly used bereavement poems my heart sinks. I feel as though I should put my face in my hands.

“Is that the best you can do”? “That must have taken you two minutes to find” “Why didn’t you put some more effort into it” Do you get my point?

The Easy way. But the best.

When my mother sadly passed away there was so much to be done. The funeral arrangements and all that involves. There were legal requirements that had to be carried out. For example the Death Certificate. Financial matters and so on.

Also during this stressful time,  I had to deal with the grieving process. A most stressful time to say the least.

My Brother and I wished to both speak at the service and as a result of this decision I wanted to orate a bereavement poem that would completely express the relationship I had with my mother and was completely unique to just the two of us.

I wanted to grab the audience attention and keep it there throughout the whole of the eulogy and my plan was to end the funeral speech with a totally wonderful bereavement poem.

The problem was where to start.

One particular day, having a few hours to spare I went on the internet in the search for bereavement poems. Quite a long way down the listings I came across a little-known website. And suddenly a cloud of relief washed over me.

I couldn’t believe what I had found. It offered up over 250 bereavement poems but reading on it offered up so much more.

I wanted to help other people who were in the exact same position. Therefore, thankfully, we have made that exact same download right here.

To see what is available Click Here. You will NOT be disappointed.

All of the examples were easy to adapt to my own situation. And without too much work I ended up with the perfect eulogy along with the bereavement poem just for my Mum.

bereavement poems

Bereavement Poems.

Whenever we suffer a loss of a family member, it’s not easy to just accept that it’s merely God’s way how the deceased is at a better place now.

Nevertheless, it is only normal to mourn the loss. For example, understand this concept. We don’t truly mourn the loss of a loved one yet we mourn because of the love there once was to them.

That’s the reason the closest person to the deceased is impacted a lot more than any other individual, it is because of the connection between him or her, and the love they had for them.

Mourning is difficult and sometimes we look for the necessity to find ease and comfort, from different men and women, through God and sometimes from within.

Maybe you desire a bereavement poem to get over the loss, or maybe you just wanted to comfort the surviving, you are able to search for these types of poems or create one on your own.

However, we don’t particularly recommend this action because it is extremely difficult and will take up a lot of your valuable time. Secondly, you don’t have to click here.

bereavement poems

Bereavement Poems For Christians.

Christian believers feel that Jesus retains love and death together in regards to death. Actually, he grieved the death of His friend Lazarus, according to the Gospel of Luke.

However, Christians believe that death is not the end just as assured by Jesus before he went to heaven. While writing a bereavement poem you might want to concentrate on the Christian theories about bereavement. Which means that you might concentrate on a number of elements of Christianity where a death happened.

You need to, nevertheless, remember that bereavement poems will also be meant to help men and women in rejection or undergoing PTSD after losing a loved one.

What exactly can it mean to lose that special someone?

The answer to this question is very obscure as we all feel the means of grieving in various ways. For instance, the intensity of one individual losing a mother or father and another one losing friends is very totally different, not simply because they are less unpleasant.

This is because it does vary along with the kind of love involved. Bereavement poems come in different themes or templates in regards to the connection along with the dearly departed.

Many of them havecontent of comfort, sympathy, optimism and belief in God that certainly, the deceased is in a much better location and they served their existence objective.

bereavement poems


If you have created a bereavement poem to inspire friends or family members who’s grieving, you may contemplate a few Bible verses or readings along with the message of hope.

Many people need to be encouraged that existence doesn’t finish at death, they need to be advised that no matter what, it is all God’s way.

You might want to relate this to the death of Jesus Christ, which really brought hope to all believers that there’s life following death. A good example of a poem that could bring this reassurance might be Dennis Spilchuk’s poem On Dying.

In this poem, the writer is putting an emphasis on the concept of optimism.

The poem shows that Christian believers need to believe that before Jesus died, he provided His followers with the Last Supper as well as offered his human body as a human body and guaranteed eternal life in Heaven.

That centred on the book of John where Jesus Christ urges Christians to believe that there is indeed life after death. In this context, Christ claims that those who have faith in our creator shall live even after they pass away.

The New 
Testament promotes Believers to believe in life after death and to not be troubled by death. Your bereavement poem may focus on bringing hope and reassurance to the bereaved.

You should use the Christian view of bereavement to get the content across correctly. It is difficult to simply accept and wish the deceased is with the lord.

At this time, the majority of us are angry because we did not have some additional time with the deceased, and even say goodbye. We are upset at the entire world, and a few people are annoyed at God for taking their loved ones.

bereavement poems


Bereavement poems and how they help in other ways.

They will help the bereaved to find peacefulness, in the midst of their loss. Generally, we’re not at peace when losing someone.

Do we search for answers to questions like the reason did they have to die? Or even sometimes you might find yourself questioning why God didn’t pick you and also allow the dearly departed live for more time.

However, the Bible, through the book of John, shows us that through Jesus we find peace.

Because of this the actual deceased found peace and is also rejoined together with the Lord, therefore, we also should discover peacefulness and closing.

Passing away is recognized as cruel since it really has no timing as well as in almost all cases, we never get to say farewell. And to find peacefulness and acceptance within this is not easy. In this instance, you might create a funeral poem with the intention of getting individuals to realize that the deceased is well rested.

For example, if a person was affected by a terminal condition and one thing leads to the other plus they pass away. Being a family, the good friend or husband or wife, you are definitely going to experience the loss.

Bereavement Poems and The Bible.

You will want that they had yet another day but it’s not possible. Nevertheless, the Bible teaches that there is no anguish in paradise.

Within this, we look for peace understanding that our family members shall no longer be struggling and they have discovered finally found peace. You may refer to this text whilst writing a bereavement poem.

Once again, whenever we suffer a loss of a loved one, it sometimes gets all scary and we wind up wondering who’s going to be the next one to die.

Fearfulness attacks, so we obtain the need to want to know how we are likely to end up. In some cases, we find yourself going to the hospitals, we want to check for diseases so that we can treat them early on.

All of us forget that death is quite unpredictable and we cannot tell when we’re going to fall into the cruel hands of death. However, the Bible really encourages Christians to be not afraid of anything. For instance, look at Psalms 23.

That verse reminds us we shouldn’t have fearfulness simply because Christ is looking after us. We should not be scared of dying, in its place, we have to live boldly and carry out our objective in everyday life.

You might come up with a poem for bereavement while still making use of this bible music. As mentioned previously, bereavement poems don’t have to be a remembrance of the good recollections. As an alternative, we have to try our best making the best out of our way of life without fear.

bereavement poems

With regards to the age connection along with the deceased and also the message you want to pass across, bereavement poems vary in terms of style, tone and meaning. You don’t need to hide your feelings when you are grieving, in fact, it’s not at all encouraged to control your emotions at times like those.

Actually, Christians in the Bible, which includes Jesus, mourned the actual demise of your family member. For instance, when Lazarus passed away, Jesus wept since he was aching.

Nevertheless, he did not question the will of God, despite the fact that he raised him after that. As an alternative, the Bible encourages us that it’s alright to mourn, however only with optimism.

For anyone who is writing a bereavement poem to give your own message to the family of the actual dearly departed, or you are likely to read a bereavement poem to a selection of the bereaved, you should ensure it is compassionate and understanding.

You should have the tone of letting people you’re friends with it is really hard to go forward without the dearly departed but then help remind them that it’s not over.

Help remind all of them of the reason why Jesus died for your mistakes thus bringing hope to just about all Christians which even after death, there is certainly life and joy from the Lord.

In spite of the bible asking us to rejoice in the Lord, it’s also vital that you express your feelings and it is okay to feel shame when losing somebody you loved.

You can do this by discovering a special bereavement poem stating what you really really feel but don’t forget, it is all God’s wish. Your bereavement poems should also encourage people to heal from the loss of understanding that the departed proceeded to go to be with the Lord.

The reason why mourning losing a loved one is important is that regardless of how happy we believe the departed is, we are the people who go through the suffering that is included with mourning.

bereavement poems

In Conclusion.

Nobody stated it is easy to handle the death of a loved one but feelings of loss and wishing that one day we shall be together with the deceased.

A poem of hope may be of assistance to another person to acknowledge and hope for everlasting life as assured by Jesus. We should keep in mind to live without fear of death by knowing it is a part of deliverance from the anguish and evil of the earth.

Therefore, it is acceptable to grieve but also give optimism that there is eternal life after death.

We do hope that we have been able to offer some help to you in this difficult time and you have our deepest sympathies.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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