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catholis funeral poems

The History of Catholic Funeral Poems and How to Choose the Right One

People have been performing funerals for their deceased loved ones for centuries and have always been looking for a way to make the remembering of a deceased loved one personal and special.

Funeral poems, in some form, have been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans were burying their dead. Understanding the history of funeral poems, their application in modern funerals, and how to write a great poem is key to making sure that you are able to correctly honor your loved one.

While the funeral poems used centuries ago are different than the Catholic funeral poems used today, the idea behind them and the purpose of these poems remains the same and is something to be honored and valued by everyone who hears these poems or uses them as a way to express sadness and love for the deceased.


How Funeral Poems Were Used in the Past


Often considered a part of a eulogy, funeral poems have always been important and highly valued in the same way that Catholic funeral poems are today.

They were used as a part of eulogies and were considered a very personal way to address the deceased and express feelings and emotions about them after they died. Poets who wrote funeral poems were well known for expressing very personal emotions and feelings about the deceased in their poetry.

This means that funeral poems were not just about the loss of life and the things that the deceased accomplished, but also about the feelings of those who were left behind.

Eulogies are bits of writings or speeches that pay homage to a person after they are deceased. While they can also be used to honor someone while they are still alive, this is not very common, and most people hear them at a funeral.

While there are some religions that do not use eulogies in their services, such as Catholics, the eulogy has evolved into something that most people recognize as a part of a modern funeral.


Famous Funeral Poems


Callimachus was a Roman writer who later became famous due to the funeral poem that he wrote for his deceased lover. Her name was Lesbia, and his funeral poem expressed his love for her, as well as the helplessness that he felt after her death.

This funeral poem became famous because of the constant conflicting emotions that he expresses in the poem of love and hate. Because most people can relate to feeling these emotions when someone close to them has died, Callimachus’ words have endured and are still relevant even today, with many people looking to his original funeral poem for inspiration when they are faced with writing their own for a loved one.

After the Romans, there were English poets who became famous for being able to write incredible funeral poems. Most notable were Lord Tennyson and Thomas Gray. Thanks to the work of Thomas Gray, more and more people who were writing funeral poems began to use his lyrical style of poetry, as they felt that he did a great job of expressing what was going on in the person’s mind.


catholic funeral poems

The Purpose of Funeral Poems

Poetry has often been lauded as a wonderful way to express feelings and emotions, so using poetry at a funeral was a very obvious and wonderful way to deal with the passion and grief that people feel at the death of a loved one.

Catholic funeral poems are not just about the living, they are also about the deceased and should represent who they were in life, their passion for living, and their faith in the future to come, even after death.

Funeral poems are a wonderful way to stir emotions in the people who are at the service, pay tribute to the dead, and help people who are looking to begin to heal.

They are a wonderful way to say farewell and to help anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one look to the future while still remembering the love and happiness that they had with the deceased.

Unlike a homily or Bible reading, funeral poems are written as a direct connection for the living and the dead. They are designed to put words to emotions that people are feeling and usually make it possible for mourners to start healing after the service, which is an important part of the grieving process.

Anything that helps people connect to the recently deceased, celebrate their life, and then learn how to live without them is a good thing, and funeral poems are able to do all of this.


Modern Funeral Poems


Funeral poems in the past were very floral and lyrical, but modern funeral poems do not have to follow the same pattern. Modern funeral poems vary widely in length. While some are still very long and lyrical, others are much shorter and tend to be brief.

Shorter funeral poems have to make an impact on the listeners as they are so short. One reason why many people opt for shorter funeral poems is that of the way they remind the listeners about how brief life is, as well. They are also great because they can be used in the service, as well as on any printed materials that are handed out during or after the service.

Longer funeral poems still have a place in modern funerals, but they are not as common as they once were. They are ideal for people who want to talk more about the life and passion of the deceased and not just about death and seeking comfort after the funeral.


Finding a Funeral Poem


It can be very difficult to find a funeral poem that you feel comfortable reading or that perfectly expresses how you feel after the death of your loved one, but there are a few things that you can look for to help you choose the right piece.

Catholic funeral poems are going to be religious and will express not only the sadness of losing the person who has died but also the joy in knowing the certainty of their future.

Since funeral poems can be used not only to memorialize the dead, but also to dignify them, and to give reassurance and hope of the resurrection, finding the right funeral poem can be clarifying, uplifting, and give you a lot of peace.

For everyone at the funeral to be able to feel connected to the deceased and to see a connection between them and the poem that you choose, you need to make sure that you opt for a poem that is relevant to their life. It is easy, especially when grieving, to be caught up in choosing poetry that is flowery and beautiful but may not actually be relevant to the deceased.

While this may make for a beautiful service, if your poem is not reflective of the deceased and doesn’t make sense in the context of their life, then the people who are at the service may find it very difficult to relate to what you are saying.


catholic funeral poems

Consider How the Poem Will Be Used

When choosing a funeral poem, you also have to think about how you will use it and whether it will simply be read at the funeral or if it will be printed in the memorial service information, on prayer cards, or on bookmarks.

The length of the poem, how applicable it is at the service versus in the future, and the content of it will determine whether or not it is a good choice for use during or outside the service.

By planning ahead on how you want to use your funeral poem, you will be much better able to choose one that makes sense for the funeral and will give your loved one the respect and remembrance that they deserve both at the service and in the years to come.


Why Write Your Own Funeral Poem


While there are many Catholic funeral poems online and in books that you can use if you want to express your feelings for a deceased friend, family member, or lover, the best way to honor them and to be able to properly show what they meant to you is to write your own funeral poem.

This, while incredibly difficult for some people to do because of how honest they need to be, will allow you not only to show how you felt about the deceased, but it will make it easier for you to understand your feelings, as well.

Of course, there are going to be some people who do not feel comfortable writing their own funeral poem, which is fine, but for those who are looking for a way to understand their grief and to share it with others, writing a funeral poem is a wonderful way to expose emotions and to better understand them in the context of a funeral and the passion and grief that others feel, as well.


How to Write Your Own Funeral Poem


While writing your own funeral poem can be a very cathartic experience and a wonderful way to connect with the deceased and the mourners, not everyone is up to this task, as it is very emotionally difficult and draining. If you have decided to write your own funeral poem, then there are a few steps that you will want to take to speed up the process and make it as easy as possible for you to complete.

Enjoy a Period of Reflection

No matter if you are choosing a funeral poem that was already written or writing your own, you need to take time to reflect on your emotions, how you feel, and even the way that your loved one lived.

Taking time to really experience the emotions that you are feeling, rather than trying to ignore them so that you can deal with the service, will allow you to better find the words to express how you feel or to choose an existing funeral poem that you feel will meet your needs.

It can be difficult to find the time that you need to reflect on your emotions after someone dies and before the funeral, especially if the death was unexpected.

This is why many people turn to funeral poems that are already written. As long as you take time to truly examine your feelings and make sure that the poem you choose correctly expresses them, you can enjoy healing through this process.

Don’t Be Afraid, to Be Honest

It can be very difficult for some people to be honest about their emotions, especially when they are dealing with loss and grief. Choosing a funeral poem that is already written makes it much easier to express how you feel, so if you plan to write your own, you need to be willing, to be honest.

When you are honest with how you feel about losing the person you loved, as well as honest about the way that they lived and the passion that they had, then everyone who hears the poem will be able to connect with it.

This can make it much easier to grieve the loss of someone close to you and will help you to better understand your feelings, especially anger and frustration that your friend or loved one would leave you.

As you can see, funeral homes have a long history and have been important to people for centuries. Losing a loved one is difficult, but funeral poems can be used to help decrease the pain that people feel at a person’s death and also to help with the grieving process.

Turning to already written Catholic funeral poems when you are planning the service for a loved one or writing your own is a wonderful way not only to remember them but also to allow yourself and others to grieve.

While funerals can be hard for everyone, using a funeral poem as a part of the service is a great way to remember the deceased and honor them with a poem that expresses their life and their faith.


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