Does Everyone Use A Funeral Poem?

Knowing What To Say When Someone's Grandma Dies

Funeral poems can be incredibly beneficial and therapeutic, but not everybody decides to use them. While this can be for many different reasons, there are some important benefits that you should consider. 


The funeral of a loved one can be an extremely difficult situation that can be very hard to process. Keeping everything that might go through your mind for yourself in such hard moments can prolong and worsen your sorrow. 


However, many people find it very difficult to process their feelings, find the right words, and decide to open up to friends and relatives. If you have been struggling with a similar problem, a funeral poem can help you. 


Why Does Not Everybody Use A Funeral Poem?


There are hundreds of funeral poems available to pick from. This can be very intimidating, especially when you might not be able to think clearly. 


While there are many benefits associated with them, many people still decide to write a eulogy themselves rather than let somebody else’s words speak for them. Let’s have a look at why sometimes funeral problems are not used.


Does Everyone Use A Funeral Poem?


They Could Not Find the Right One


This is often the main reason why hurting individuals decide to write a eulogy by themselves. As we have seen, there are hundreds of poems by many different authors out there and looking for the perfect verse can represent a big challenge. 


Especially if one of your closest relative’s death happened suddenly, you might not have the time or the presence of mind to go through many online pages looking for the perfect quote.


Moreover, a poem should be tailored to evoke an image of the deceased. This means that it needs to reflect the personality traits, habits, and mood of your passed loved one. 


If there are so many poems out there, you can see how it could be very difficult to find the right one if such a limited time frame.


Alternatively, you might be looking at uplifting the atmosphere of a funeral and portray a happier image of the deceased, but you are not sure how to do so. While poems are incredibly helpful in this case, how can you find the perfectly fitting one?


If you have been struggling with such a problem, we will have a look at some resources that you might find helpful in a second.


The Process of Choosing A Poem Involves Opening Up to Your Feelings


People deal with sorrow and grief in very different ways. While some individuals are more prone to reach out to family and friends to find support during hard times, some others struggle with it. 


Picking the right poem to bring up the right image of the deceased does involve examining your feelings and opening up to it. 


You will have to go through the memories you shared with your passed loved one and remember their personality vividly. This can be a very difficult process or many people.


Poems can make it easier for you to express your feelings or they can give you inspiration for your eulogy. 


However, often people tend to stick to a standard template which would avoid them having to think about the sadness they feel. While embracing it can speed up the healing process, many individuals struggle with facing the pain.


They Prefer to Write Their Own Eulogy


A eulogy should be incredibly personal, and it should reflect the personality of the deceased. It can include anecdotes and stories of times that you shared together. 


For this, many individuals don’t want to settle for a medium quality poem found over the internet.


However, writing a eulogy in such a hard time and having to enunciate it in front of a large audience can be very intimidating and scary, especially if you are not an expert public speaker. 


While a self-written speech can include more details, you might struggle with reading it in front of everybody and this can reduce the power of the message you are trying to communicate.


Oppositely, funeral poems are specifically written to connect with your relatives and friends. 


They can offer support, uplift the mood of the function, and portray a happier image in the audience’s minds. You will not be required to be an author yourself, but you can borrow the words written by expert writers.


Does Everyone Use A Funeral Poem?

What Are the Benefits of Using A Funeral Poem?


If you are still not sure whether to include a poem or verse in your eulogy, you should be aware of the benefits that it can bring to yourself and your speech. 


However, many individuals that have to experience the grief of the passing of a loved one might not be aware of this option at all. 


Suggesting a poem to others can also be a way to offer support and an alternative way to express their latent feelings.


Let’s have a look at why you should use a poem during a funeral or celebration of life.


It Can Help You Find the Words You Are Missing


The funeral of a close friend or family member can represent an incredibly hard moment. Especially if you had to be in charge of organizing it and arranging the different aspects of it, you might end up being overwhelmed by the strong emotions of the moment. 


Moreover, if you are required to write a eulogy yourself, you might just not be able to find the right words to express your feelings while evoking the right image of the deceased.


funeral poems are there for you in these moments. You will be able to find one that just describes the way you are feeling and has all the words you were trying to find. 


A poem is written by authors that had gone through a similar situation as the one you are going through. However, they had the time and expertise to create a unique verse. 


Considering how difficult a funeral function can be, you should not feel required to write a poem yourself. Instead, consider borrowing the words of other wise men and women that were hurting.


It Can Help You Fight Through the Sorrow


Poems can be therapeutic. As we have seen, many hurting individuals struggle to open up to others or embrace their feelings in such difficult situations. 


However, if you have associated a specific image of your passed loved one to a verse or quote, you will always be able to remember that person at their best.


By reading out a poem in front of the audience, you are effectively reaching out for support while offering some in return to your family and friends. Moreover, you will be speaking about your feelings out loud and starting to process them. 


Lastly, in future anniversaries or commemorations of the deceased, you can read the poem again and you will be able to evoke happier memories you have of them.


Embracing and identifying our feelings in such hard times can speed up the healing process. Once you are able to speak openly about your sorrow, you will be able to find support from your family and start to digest the situation.


It Can Bring Your Family Together


Remember that in the same way you are in great emotional pain, your family might be too. We are sometimes blinded by our own sadness to see that other members of the family can be just as hurt but they are not showing it. 


However, there is nothing more beneficial to have your family and friends close to you during these hard times. Reading a poem out loud can touch the heart of others in the audience and let them know that you are going through similar pain as they are.


This can also build a connection with others and create stronger bonds. Don’t underestimate how important it might be to offer support to the ones who need it the most and to receive some in return. 


Does Everyone Use A Funeral Poem?

It Can Help You Celebrate A Life


memorial poems don’t necessarily have to be sad. Remember that you and your family are gathered at a funeral or commemoration to celebrate the life of the deceased, not his or her death. 


This might be a very tough concept to understand when you are in such great pain but trying to uplift the mood can be greatly beneficial for both you and your family.


Moreover, you might like to pick a poem to read on occasion of commemorations and anniversaries of the deceased. 


Especially during family gatherings, reading a poem out loud can help create a happy image of the deceased in the minds of all family members and bring them all together. 


Remember that you are all probably missing the person that is not with us anymore, but she or he can be commemorated with happiness.


Lastly, a well-picked poem can describe the personality and habits of a person. Teachings that had been passed on to you and you found helpful can also be shared with others through a poem. 


Ultimately, a poem can help you and your family focus on the achievements and accomplishments attained by that person.


Where Can I Find A Unique Funeral Poem?

The answer to that question is simple. You just need to Click Here to get immediate access to over 250 funeral poems to choose from and by using this link you will get a massive 60% discount.


If you have decided to use a poem during a funeral and you don’t know where to even start looking for a fitting one, we can offer some inspiration. 


As we have seen, it can be very hard to navigate the hundreds of poems, verses, and quotes available for free over the internet, and they are also not very satisfying.


Obviously, for such an important situation, you should not settle for anything less than the right eulogy. So how can you find one? If you have been struggling and your hours of research have led to nothing, have a look at this dedicated collection.


Authors and verses can be browsed in alphabetical order or by title. The convenient eBook format makes it easy to navigate the book and pick the right poem without having to research for hours. 


Moreover, you can print easily the page of your desired poem and add notes to it. This can save you time and energy when you are going through the grieving period. 


Lastly, the poems can be personalized or just offer you an inspiration to write your own eulogy or add anecdotes to it.




We really understand what it feels like to go through such a hard time. A poem can just offer you the extra help you need and offer the words you were looking for to describe your feelings. 


While not everybody is using funeral poems, don’t underestimate the benefits that they can bring to you. Lastly, we are here to offer support if you need.


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