Eulogy for Mother

What to Say to Someone Whose Mother Died

Writing a eulogy for a mother is never going to be easy.  We are aware that this will probably be your first time having to write a eulogy.

Writing a eulogy for a mother has to be carefully constructed. It has to say the right words and has to be memorable to your audience.


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At this point, we strongly recommend finding a helpful funeral director who is able to guide you through what needs to be carried out.

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eulogy for mother

Writing a Eulogy For Mother.

Eulogizing a mother can be a difficult task as you are grieving and due to the short timing between the death and funeral, you might not have enough time to process that she is gone. However, you have been presented with this opportunity to tell people what your mother was like.

This does not necessarily mean that you should tell people her life story, it means that you show people what your mother’s life meant to you. It is surely heartbreaking remembering her memories when she was alive, the things she used to do for you.

However, now that it has already happened, it might be time to reflect on who she really was and what you want people to know about her. Being your primary caregiver, you must have had this bond that kept you united to her. A eulogy for mother can be difficult but also an opportunity to honor her memory.

include what your mother did for you.

Mothers dedicate their whole lives to raise us and mold us into who we are today. That being said, it is important to honor and celebrate her life as an irreplaceable being in our lives. There is nothing that is going to make you feel like you still have her.

During this time, you might be confused and unable to tell what you want to tell the audience about your mother. Getting inspiration while you are grieving is almost impossible but the important thing is to remember that everyone is depending on you to eulogize that special woman.

Writing a eulogy for mother has never been an easy or enjoyable task. It will take you back to when she was alive and make you wish you didn’t have to do this. It can also be a chance to finally bid her goodbye in a celebratory manner.

Even as distracted as you might be during this difficult time, it is important to remember the essence of the eulogy for your mother. Come up with a goal for this task, whether it is to celebrate, honor or commemorate your mother.

Stating this will give you an insight on where to start with the eulogy. You might want to think of the ways your mother made you happy and how important she was to your life and what that one quality that described her best was. Once you come up with a concrete answer, you may create a central theme for the eulogy based on that.

eulogy for mum

However, don’t forget to make it personal. You can achieve this by sharing memories that are connected to that quality, thereby engaging your audience in the eulogy.

Talking about your relationship.

You may also consider talking about your relationship with your mother. This is going to be a little difficult for you and may bring a lot of anxiety and pain to your life at the moment. You will be forced to go back to everything she taught you, your shared conversation and during this tie you might find yourself visualizing all this.

However, you can always focus on the positive, which is to celebrate her life. You want people to know who she really was and the impact she had on your life. Brainstorm on the memories you want to share, which should also be determined by the mood of the eulogies.

As much as you are grieving, it is not a must for the eulogy to be sad and sympathetic. You can decide to be celebratory as well, for instance, if your mother had been battling with a certain illness before she succumbed, you can choose to celebrate her life and share the strength she had to fight it all.

Again, now that she has rested, it is not as sad as seeing her in pain and suffering.

Starting the writing of the eulogy for mother.

Once you have settled on these ideas, it is time to get down to writing the eulogy for mother. This should start with a well-outlined introduction of yourself and your relationship with the departed. You should then give a summarized version of the eulogy, giving your audience an insight on what you are going to talk about.

This will help you capture the audience’s attention, and therefore you can actually share an anecdote at this point to engage them further. Also, you may want to state what your theme is at this point, therefore introducing your mother, her personality, and uniqueness.

When you are sure about the introduction, you may now proceed to write the body where you can share everything you had to say about your beloved mother. In this part, you can share how important she was to you and to the society as well as her life accomplishments.

Always remember to be genuine about it, the way she would have loved you to eulogize her. A good eulogy for mother should be organized in such a way that it has an introduction, body, and conclusion.

When you are sure of the eulogy you have drafted, it is important to have one of your siblings or close relative read it and confirm that it is factual. Alternatively, you can read it to them, which will also help you familiarize yourself with the content

. Having the task to eulogize your mother in the presence of an audience can be scary, especially because you are also grieving and experiencing a turmoil of emotions. However, don’t forget to breathe while delivering the eulogy.

eulogy for mother

Another tip for successfully delivering a eulogy for mother is maintaining balanced eye contact with your audience, instead of reading it all from the paper.

When you feel like you just can’t do it, focus on your mother’s happy memories. She would have wanted to do this for her, not to mention there is a chance it is going to give you closure.

In conclusion.

Not everyone is talented in public speaking skills which is why you may consider practicing reading out the eulogy for others to someone else, perhaps your brother or sister.

Remember to capture the audience’s attention with your conclusion, which should be factual as it might be the last thing they hear of your mother. Make it the last memory they will have of your mother.

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