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An introduction to writing a eulogy for nan.

There will almost certainly come a point in your life where you are asked to write a eulogy for nan. The initial reaction is fear and trepidation.

However, fear not. We are going to take you through the basics of writing a eulogy for nan. It will be done in a constructive manner to help you through this terrible time.

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Eulogy For Nan.

Getting an opportunity to do a eulogy for your Nan is a privilege to honor and celebrate her memories. It is a privilege to make people remember her as you do.

This makes it a difficult task to write a eulogy for your Nan, and show people how caring and important she was to you. There is no legit way of writing a eulogy for your Nan but one effective aspect of the whole process is to focus on your relationship with her.


eulogy for nan

Making a eulogy for nan personal.

It is important to make the eulogy as personal as you can, while at the same time highlighting her personality. A eulogy might feature someone’s biography but it is not wise to write your Nan’s whole life story. You probably do not know the half of it. Instead, focus on your relationship and share memories.

A much as your Nan was a bold and motherly person to you, you don’t have the time to include every other memory you shared with her. That being said you will have to be a little more selective in terms of what to share.

You will want to include your personal favorite memories in the eulogy for Nan. For instance, if you had spent time painting with your Nan at some point in life, it would be advisable to include this memory in the eulogy. Make people have this image of a grandmother helping her grandchild paint; it is a happy memory.

Also, while writing a eulogy for Nan, remember to brainstorm on her qualities. Things that made her stand out, her personality. Some people in attendance may not have known your Nan as you did and the opportunity to do a eulogy for her presents you with that chance to show them who she really was.


Should the eulogy be religious?


To do this effectively, look back at what she believed in, was she a firm Christian? If so talk about how strong her faith was. The point here is to make people know what her beliefs were and how she lived her life.

In case you don’t know much about it, it is okay to ask your parents and your aunts and uncles to help you write a great eulogy, something your Nan would have wanted to hear.

As much as you would want to tell people that your Nan was caring, they would want to know how caring she was, and what made her unique. It is quite intimidating to be entrusted with the role of presenting how a person showed care, to illuminate their personality.

However, it doesn’t have to be as hard since you can be able to remember her sense of humor, her view of life and the special things she did for you that made her as caring. For instance, if your grandma would make you a bowl of spaghetti every time you went to visit her because she knew it was your favorite, you may want to highlight that in her eulogy.

Once you have settled on the things you want to share with your audience, it is time to come up with a format. A eulogy should contain an introduction, body and an ending. Going forward to read out a eulogy without a proper format can have you confused and disorder in front of your audience.


funeral poems nan

Introduction to a eulogy for nan.

Your introduction should contain brief information about you and the relationship you shared with the deceased. As the grandchild, you might focus on the bond that you shared, and throw in a short anecdote about her in a humorous way.

This will lighten the mood even if people are grieving, and at the same time get your audience hooked to what you have to say.

The introduction presents you and the reason you are standing there to speak to the audience. However, it is important to avoid being defensive as to why you are the one to deliver the eulogy and not another person.

You might also consider giving people a preview of what you will discuss, and the purpose of the eulogy. Again, the introduction is where you set the tone, state your theme and introduce your Nan’s personality to the people.


The body of a eulogy for nan.

This is followed by the body of the eulogy. This is where you outline all the details you wanted to include, all the memories you wanted to share about your Nan, the nature of the bond you shared with her and what she meant to you.

The body should take the audience back to your Nan, they should be able to see her as you saw her, and yet again not losing the tone. While reading the body, you may pause for a few seconds to give the audience a moment to reflect back on the memories you are sharing.


The conclusion of a eulogy for nan.

Then there is the conclusion that will highlight what people will remember most about your Nan. You should carefully select the words to use in the last part of the eulogy.

This will set the legacy of your Nan, as well as illustrate her personality. To deliver successfully, the conclusion should include a brief summary of the eulogy, stating your personal favorite memories of your Nan.

Lastly, you should thank the audience for the attention they have granted you as well as their presence. This way, people will be appreciative of the eulogy and remember your words even after the service.


Delivering a eulogy for nan.

Successfully delivering the eulogy takes come courage. It is important to proofread and edit the eulogy for Nan before presenting it. This will give you enough confidence knowing that you will be embarrassed about sharing the wrong information or jumping from one fact to the other.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the content before presenting it so that you don’t keep reading from a paper. It is also important to set the pace, tone and make sure you are composed to do so.

To keep your audience focused, it is essential for you to maintain eye contact with the audience. On successfully delivering a eulogy for Nan, you may congratulate yourself and feel relieved for honoring her memories.

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