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The use of funeral poems, funeral quotes, and funeral speeches has become popular in today’s world. Following the pain caused by the demise of a dear one, we are sometimes not able to express what we feel. The already done funeral poems, funeral quotes, and funeral speeches, therefore, become handy in expressing our feelings and emotions just like we would want them to come out.

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Funeral poems

These poems can be used anywhere deemed appropriate by the family and can be read by both adults and children alike. They serve the common purpose of communicating the feelings of the bereaved. We have beautiful funeral poems as shown below,
funeral poems for mum
funeral poems for dad
Funeral poems for husband
funeral poems for wife
Funeral poems for son
funeral poems for daughter
Funeral poems for brother
Funeral poems for sister
Funeral poems for aunt
Funeral poems for uncle
Funeral poems for niece
Funeral poems for nephew
Funeral poems for grandma
Funeral poems for grandpa
Funeral poems for friend
Funeral poems for colleague

The above funeral poems can be flexibly used on various funeral stationery,
 On obituaries
 On death notices
 On funeral programs
 On funeral flowers
 On thank you notes sent after the funeral
 On gravestones of the deceased
 On condolence and sympathy cards or notes.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

The most important roles of funeral poems

They are used for comforting and consoling mourners- the words used in these poems are carefully picked considering the weight of the grieving situation. They are meant to make you feel better, talking about the pain caused by the death of a loved one while offering reassurance that everything will be alright.

Funeral poems read to a gathering of mourners lights up their moods, giving them something new to ponder over rather than concentrating on the death of a loved one, talk of the artistic aspect of poems in any situation, the rhymes and rhythms of words being an example.

They are a source of encouragement- It goes without saying that these poems were written by people who were directly affected by the death of a loved one or got inspiration from seeing someone else got through grieving. A reader gets encouraged knowing that they too shall heal enough to be able to comfortably talk about it too.

They make the death look like a transition into a more comfortable place without trouble or stress. You, therefore, get encouraged that your loved one is in a better place and so you should worry no more but just be happy.

They assist in healing- by virtue of bringing to a conclusion the experience of the death of a loved one in a positive way, these poems aid in the healing process. A reader gets a view of how life will be without their loved ones and starts adjusting all the same.
These funeral poems bridge the gap left by death by talking about the past in the presence of the deceased while creating the picture of a future without them making readers see it as a mere staircase that can be taken by anyone.

They are used for communicating to the deceased- as weird as it may sound, it is common human belief that the dead can hear us talk to them, they mere transited into a spiritual world. We tend to be surprised by death- it gets us unawares leaving us with lots of unanswered questions.
But since we are not able to directly talk to the deceased and get feedback, and also because the pain makes it near impossible to get the right words to say, we can rely on funeral poems to bring out all our questions and direct them to the deceased.

Consider the question, “How will life be, now that you are gone?” This is a line which when in a poem simply expresses the vacuum caused by the death of a loved one. Satisfaction is derived from believing that they have listened, that their death left a question quite difficult to answer by those left behind.

At the Holy Bookshop, we have the best collection of funeral poems for both religious and non-religious funerals. Our poems are available in a variety of long and short for you to choose from. We have gone through several poems and selected the best so that you don’t have to stress over looking for poems which will not only offer comfort but also draw the attention of the audience as is required of poems.

Funeral speeches

They may also be called eulogy and are usually used in both funeral and memorial services. When it comes to addressing an audience, even in mourning, it is natural for someone to want it to be perfect, much as the audience in funeral setups might be forgiving.

Delivering a eulogy is quite important in honouring the deceased. It is a chance to let everyone take home a nice memory of the legacy they left behind, so it should be articulately done. Below is our step to step guide on how to write a funeral speech.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

An insight into the life of the deceased- explore and learn everything there is to know about the deceased. What did they believe in? What were their favourite quotes, sayings or verses? What lessons were learnt from the experience they had in life? In the eyes of family and friends, who were they?

You perhaps have answers to some of these questions but dig deeper by talking to other family and friends or going through their albums to create clearer pictures of who they were. No stone should be left unturned.

Keywords- these will be an important addition to the stories that you have gathered. Write down as many keywords as possible, which best describe the deceased. This will be very helpful should you get stuck in our eulogy writing. It is okay, however, if you don’t get to use all of them, just try and use those that really capture the personality of the deceased.

The body of the speech- once you have collected the information needed, it is time to arrange them in an orderly way and give them appropriate wording. Your first writing ill most likely is quite sketchy, so go through it as you polish anything as deemed appropriate.
Reread the speech one more time, as you internalize the message conveyed, making additions or subtractions.

Timeframe- a good speech should take about 5 to 10 minutes to go through. There will be a challenge as to what one should leave behind so that you fall within this range.
Going through your speech, take note of the very important life events of the deceased that left a mark, you can ignore some which were not weighty. You can also decide to dwell and expound on one particular incident which left a remarkable lesson.

A funeral speech can be written based on facts or stories about the deceased. The best eulogy is that written from the depth of the heart, for it will have a similar effect on the audience.
Sometimes, you may find that the time allocated for a eulogy in a funeral program is long, enabling to do a lengthier eulogy, it is, therefore, necessary to find out in advance, the time allocated for the funeral speech in the funeral program.

We have the following funeral speeches at the Holy Bookshop
Funeral speech for dad
Funeral speech for mum
Funeral speech for husband
Funeral speech for wife
Funeral speech for grandpa
Funeral speech for grandma
Funeral speech for son
Funeral speech for daughter
Funeral speech for brother
Funeral speech for sister
Funeral speech for uncle
Funeral speech for aunt
Funeral speech for niece
Funeral speech for nephew
Funeral speech for colleague
Funeral speech for friend

Funeral speeches are usually assigned to be read by people who had a special attachment to the deceased or those felt appropriate by the bereaved family. Whichever the case, the funeral speech is very important and should be meticulously done.

Funeral quotes

Funeral quotes are loved because they can be easily used in funeral stationeries like funeral programs, funeral flowers, obituaries, death notices, sympathy cards, gravestones and thank you notes.
Using quotes in the mentioned areas are a sure way of stamping up the important information about the deceased. Funeral quotes will add authority to your message about the deceased, draw people’s attention, while also being a source of inspiration.

We have a collection of the following best funeral quotes at the Holy Bookshop,
Funeral quotes for dad
Funeral quotes for mum
Funeral quotes for grandma
Funeral quotes for grandpa
Funeral quotes for wife
Funeral quotes for husband
Funeral quotes for son
Funeral quotes for daughter
Funeral quotes for brother
Funeral quotes for sister
Funeral quotes for aunt
Funeral quotes for uncle
Funeral quotes for niece
Funeral quotes for nephew
Funeral quotes for friend
Funeral quotes for a colleague

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Funeral quotes are usually derived from the bible and some are done by famous authors. Further on, we also have them categorized as shown herein,
Inspirational funeral quotes
Happy funeral quotes
Funny funeral quotes
Special funeral quotes
Religious funeral quotes
Non-religious funeral quotes
Popular funeral quotes

The important roles played by funeral quotes

They are a source of inspiration- generally, quotes are known to motivate people. Being that they are drawn from renowned individuals, funeral quotes inspire those left behind, encouraging them to soldier on, much as the pain be big.
A source of consolation- they were written by people who were once there, did it and sailed through, and who found it worthy to make others feel like it is a passing cloud
A sign of our spirituality- specifically the religious funeral quotes. They recognize God as being our comforter even amidst a pain as big as that of losing someone so close. They teach us not to despair, that God cannot put is in a situation too strong for us to bear, He is with us still, and we shall overcome in the end.
Unifying factor- these quotes are a reminder that we need each other to sail through grief caused by losing a loved one. They keep us on toes, emphasizing the need for togetherness during hard times.

How to select funeral quotes

There are many sources of funeral quotes, the most popular being the internet and the bible.
For starters, people tend to go for those that have already gained popularity like some of our collections here at the Holy Bookshop- human beings have a tendency to lean towards things that have already been tested and proven to be worthwhile.

The key things to look out for are stated below,
The preference of the deceased- we use funeral quotes to honour them, so it is only wise that we make a selection based on what they would have loved. What was their personality? Or did they live a will with a quote that they wish used in their funeral? Select a quote that directly picks on the way of life of the deceased Vis a Vis the message you would wish to convey to the audience.

One should write down some keywords pertaining to the personality of the deceased and use these words n narrowing their search to quotes that contain r convey them.
Your audience- you need to give them something to remember, you also need to draw their emotions in a positive way. Choose a quote that gives the anticipated audience something to ponder over. Just don’t use a quote even if it is out of context for the sake of it, aspire to give your audience something that awes them.

Funeral poems, funeral quotes and funeral speeches all offer a special and unique way of honouring our loved ones. You may not necessarily be the one to read them out in the memorial or funeral service, the family can decide together who should do so. You can also enlist the help of a friend or family member to help ascertain that your selection is a clear picture of the intended message.

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