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funeral poems for nan


Funeral poems for nan

It is challenging to lose your grandmother, especially if you had a great relationship with her. It is important you honor her memories and celebrate her life. When you have been entrusted to eulogize her on her funeral, it is only honorable to remember her as the caring and loving woman she was.

Writing a funeral poem for Nan is an amazing way to let the audience know her what she meant to you. A funeral poem gives you an opportunity to express your feelings of loss in deep, emotional words.

However, this is will have you going back to thinking of her memories from when she was alive. When you are writing a funeral poem for Nan, it is important to consider some of these factors.

1) Your relationship with your Nan.

The theme of the funeral poem for Nan will depend on the kind of relationship you shared with your grandmother. It is a devastation to lose your Nan but eulogizing her in a true way, remembering what you shared with her is therapeutic.

It is important for you to express your feelings, even if it is hard to go back to her memories when she was alive. However, this could actually help you deal with the loss, as well as other people. Funeral poems for nan have a way of helping us process the most challenging thoughts of loss and grief.

2) Her beliefs.

A funeral service is an important event since this is where you are likely to celebrate your Nan’s life openly. You will feel the need to tell people what she believed and stood up for.

Having known your grandmother, there are those traits that you would love to tell to the world. In the funeral poem, you can express what your grandma was like and make people understand how you will remember her.

3) Family members.

The loss of a grandma is a loss for the entire family. If you are writing a funeral poem for Nan, it is important to ask other family members about how they felt about her.

Everyone has their own unique way of expressing grief and also remembering a loved one. In considering other relatives’ views and feelings, you will find it easy to compose or choose a funeral poem that will represent their feelings. This will also help you learn more about your Nan and her most treasured qualities.

Whether you are writing or purchasing a funeral poem for Nan.

It is important to make sure the words express what you truly feel. It is normal to be sad and grief for your grandma, but it is also essential to make sure the poem speaks of her in the most respectful manner.

If you didn’t have a very close relationship with her, you may consider speaking to your aunts and uncles as well as parents to gain an insight of what she was like. This way, you will be able to celebrate her life in the most customized way, as you pay your tributes and grief your loss.

Don’t be discouraged to talk about what you feel you have lost, and the way you would like to remember her.

funeral poems for mother

Funeral poems for mother

Mothers are the primary care providers in everyone’s life. Losing her will leave you devastated, it is almost like you lose a part of you.

It is almost impossible to tell the world what you feel because you might not even know what you feel. When most people lose their mothers, they are somehow numb, there is no simple way of expressing the grief you are experiencing.

You may want to tell the whole world what she meant to you and what her best qualities are. However, a funeral service will not give you the chance to say it all. However, preparing a funeral poem for mother will help you find the right words to tell the audience about your loss and help them understand how your mother will be remembered.

A funeral poem for mother will serve as a therapy to cope with the bottled up feelings of grief. Talking or writing about your mother will help you express your sadness and grief. As you pay your tributes to your beloved mother through a funeral poem, you will feel a sense of relief as you will remember the best-shared memories of her.

It is normal to be devastated and sad about it but remembering how she led her life, the things she treasured most while she was alive. funeral poems can also serve as therapeutic, helping you deal with the loss of your mother as well as accept.

Funeral poems for a mother are not specifically for a funeral service.

They could also be read for special occasions such as your late mother’s birthday. You can choose to write a funeral poem for mother as a way to commemorate her on her memorial day.

For instance, if you are celebrating your mother’s anniversary, you can write or purchase a funeral poem for a mother to serve as a way of commemorating her.

It is important to choose a funeral poem for mum that will describe her character. This is why you should take time and reflect on your childhood memories and talk to your siblings before settling on the funeral poem for mother.

Funeral poems for mum do not have to sad.

In addition, you don’t have to write a sad funeral poem for mother. Instead, you may choose another theme for the poem. For instance, if your mother was a funny and warm person, the funeral poem can focus on that. You may also consider the things she taught you and how she raised you.

You should, however, understand that expressing your feelings about your deceased mother can be very difficult and emotional. Drawing the strength from her well-lived life can be of great help. It is okay to allow yourself to feel and acknowledge that you are grieving.

Remember that a funeral poem for mother can be the last thing the audience will take with them, about your mother. That being said, it is very important to develop a well-structured funeral poem, expressing how the loss of your mother has affected you and how you will remember her.

funeral poems for dad

Funeral poems for dad

The loss of a father comes with a lot of pain, and sometimes we may not have the right words to express the love we had for him.

A father’s influence is an important part of every child’s life since they teach you how to see things. Dads are, in most family settings, the providers and they offer protection to their families.

As much as society considers the mother as the primary parent, a father provides a different parenting style to his children, teaching them things only he can. When we lose our dads we are left with a huge gap that will last forever.

The best we can do is commemorate their memories in the best ways possible. A funeral poem for dad presents you with an opportunity to celebrate your beloved dad for everything he did to make sure you were well provided for and protected.

However, deciding on the theme to focus your funeral poem to can be a challenge when writing or purchasing a funeral poem for Dad. Below are some of the guidelines to help you settle on a theme for a funeral poem;

a) Your relationship with your father.

If you have been entrusted in eulogize your dad and you have decided to do so in a funeral poem, the first thing to consider is the relationship you shared with him. Involved fathers are wonderful and they play a big role in moulding you into who you are.

For instance, you may remember the memory of how he taught you to ride a bike. This will remind you of how dedicated he was to raising you and teaching some of the things you know now.

This way, you may come up with a funeral theme showcasing what you lost when you lost your dad. People will get to understand who he really was to you through the funeral poem.

b) Your most treasured shared memories.

We all have those favorite memories of our dads; it could be something he did for you when we needed them the most, or it could be something he said over dinner that made everyone laugh.

The memories you have of your dad are important in developing a theme for a funeral poem for dad. It is important to pay attention to these memories as you will find it easy to develop his character from your shared memories.

c) Teachings from Dad.

As mentioned earlier, fathers have a different approach to parenting. There is a way that a dad will discipline a child and also teach their children to become better people.

You may consider focusing a funeral poem for dad on the most important teaching you learned from your father. For instance, if your dad was a good businessman and he taught you how to manage and conduct business in your early adult age, you may focus the funeral poem on this aspect.

This will show people the impact he had on your life and also help you express your gratitude.

Fathers are great people in our lives and despite losing them, we could never lose the memories we shared together. It is hard to forget the things your father taught you, or the activities you did together. A funeral poem for dad is a great way to express your grief and also celebrate his life.

short funeral poems

Short funeral poems.

When you are entrusted with the task of eulogizing a loved one with a funeral it is your responsibility to know what to include.

This is both an honorable and challenging task. To be able to deliver to the audience, you must determine the theme, structure, and content of the funeral poem.

No matter how many things you would love to say about the deceased, they can’t all fit in a funeral poem. A funeral poem could be to commemorate the deceased or celebrate their life.

They may vary in length but short funeral poems tend to serve the purpose. This is because a funeral service is allocated very limited timings and so you will have a few minutes to read the poem.

However, finding the right words for short funeral poems is the most challenging part. There can only be too many memories of the deceased to choose from, some of which you really want to focus on. Below are some of the factors that will help you choose or write a funeral poem to add taste to the funeral programs and effectively engage in the funeral service;

i) Develop a theme.

Funeral poems can vary from one theme to another. When you are going over the memories and the character of the deceased, consider what you want your audience. A short funeral poem could be to comfort the bereaved, to celebrate the deceased, to commemorate their life or even to show compassion to the audience. Before you start on the funeral poem, make sure you have your theme clearly defined.

ii) Your tone.

It is important to remember that everything you will include in a short funeral poem will be remembered by the audience attending the funeral. This means that you have to be able to write the poem in the simplest manner and make it easy to remember. How you deliver the poem will also determine the mood of the audience.

iii) Metaphors.

Metaphors are the best way to write short funeral poems as they present an easy way to relate the deceased’s life to something similar. This will definitely help the audience understand your concept in the simplest ways possible. However, make sure that you use the right metaphors to deliver the exact message you meant to.

iv) Relationship with the deceased.

To be able to write an engaging funeral poem, you must have known the deceased and how they lived their life.

For instance, if you are looking to engage the emotions of the audience, you must be able to clearly define what the deceased meant to you.

Again, if you knew the deceased well, it is quite likely that you will be able to talk about them in the shortest way possible.

The audience is going to remember the short funeral poem you have prepared and so it is important to make sure that you write something in a way that the deceased would have wanted to be remembered. The theme, structure and your tone will determine how the audience receive the funeral poem.

happy funeral poems

Happy funeral poems.

Funerals don’t have to be all sad, even if we are mourning the loss of a loved one. It does hurt to lose someone under any circumstances but some people choose to celebrate a life well lived of the deceased.

In this case, a funeral poem could be uplifting, comforting, celebratory or moving. Most of these poems are happy funeral poems. You may consider a happy funeral poem if your goal is to;

a) Comfort the bereaved.

A happy funeral poem can be used to comfort those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Death brings a lot of sadness which may need you comfort friends and family of the bereaved.

To successfully deliver, you may want to share the happy memories of the deceased and let the audience know that the deceased was happy while they were alive.

You can also mention something that the deceased was passionate about and was happy to have done it. after all, if someone managed to do the things that make them happy, it means that they were satisfied with how they lived.

b) To remember the deceased.

The happy memories shared with the deceased are some of the things that can be celebrated at their funeral service. For instance, if you spent time with the deceased before they met their death, writing a happy funeral poem can be a great way to remember them.

c) Religious purposes.

This is especially in the Christian faith where the believers strongly believe in the life after death. The Christians believe that even after death, they shall unite later in the afterlife.

Happy funeral poems could focus on the hope to see those before us in the afterlife. Again, death in the Christian faith means that the person has fought their fight and has gone to be with the Lord, in a restful place.

Having discussed this, writing happy funeral poems can be a challenging task. There are some things you may want to consider while settling for what you want to write and what you want to express.

You want the funeral poem to protect the deceased’s character and to express acceptance of their death.

A happy funeral poem can also be a good way to eulogize someone who had been battling with a long-term illness in that they have rested and there is no more suffering for them.

However, even as you settle on writing a happy funeral poem, it is important to remain true to self and the deceased as well as respect the family’s faith or request.

In conclusion.

It is important to express what you feel, even when writing happy funeral poems. If you decide to commemorate the deceased through their happy memories and the things you did together, it is essential to remain genuine as it will also help you accept the loss.

You will also feel grateful you got to meet them in your life and shared the times you did while they were alive.

modern funeral poems

Modern funeral poems.

As time goes by, we are changing how we do things and our practices. This does not leave the funeral practices behind as they have been changing with time.

This depends on several factors among them traditions and religions through the different rituals. However, in modern society, there is no specified way of conducting a funeral service.

People are coming up with customized ways of mourning for their loved ones. People prepare eulogies and funeral poems to commemorate the deceased.

There are different ways of taking the loss of a loved one and people express their emotions in modern funeral poems. These poems are serving different purposes among them;

i) Paying tribute to the deceased.

When we lose a loved one, we feel the need to appreciate their life and the memories we shared.

Modern funeral poems present a great way to commemorate a loved one’s life. Paying tribute to the deceased through a modern funeral poem will let you express yourself and the audience know how much you treasured the relationship between you and the deceased.

For instance, if you lost your friend, you would want to tell the crowd that the deceased meant something to you, and at the same time express your gratitude for having met and spent time with them.

ii) Celebrate the deceased’s accomplishment.

In the modern funeral service, people are taking it upon themselves to celebrate the deceased’s life accomplishments. There is no better way to talk about their accomplishments in a few words that a nice modern funeral poem.

Poetry has a way of making it easier to talk about the deceased through the use of metaphors and other figures of speech that will help the audience understand a certain concept.

And since there is only a limited amount of time for you to speak and tell of the deceased, a funeral poem can be a good way to summarize it all and deliver within a few minutes. It is also important to remember that a poem is more memorable and comprehensive than a narration.

iii) Offer and seek comfort.

As mentioned above, losing someone you love is the hardest thing any person can endure. During that difficult moment, we tend to depend on things and people who bring comfort to us, and sometimes we have to be the strong ones to offer it.

Writing or reciting a modern funeral poem can be a great way to offer comfort to the bereaved and the same words can be therapeutic to you.

Funeral poems allow us to go through the loss of a loved one and think of it in a comforting way, knowing that we have paid our tribute the right way. It is also okay to mention how you will miss the deceased even though they have departed.

In the modern day life, trends are changing, including funeral trends. People are preferring poems over readings during funerals. This is because modern funeral poems are individualized and are expressing the genuine emotions of the reader.

However, you don’t have to struggle with writing funeral poems as there are multiple online sources where you can get a customized modern funeral poem, tailored to meet your needs.

Non-religious Funeral Poems.

Non-religious funeral poems

When we lose a loved one, we feel compelled to give them the best send-off through a beautiful funeral ceremony. Depending on the deceased’s beliefs and family, a funeral can be religious or simply non-religious which does not make it less of a funeral.

It is important to respect the deceased’s faith while preparing their funeral service and the material to be included. Non-religious people will find it necessary to accompany the eulogy with a non-religious funeral poem.

Writing a funeral poem is not an easy task since you most probably were close to the deceased, and more so because you will be required to come up with one between the time of death and the funeral.

This means that you will not have had the time to grieve.
However, the good thing is, with non-religious funeral poems, you don’t have to relate it to any kind of faith. If anything, you will be able to express yourself and your feelings from the heart.

For instance, if you lost a sibling and your family is not attached to any kind of religious faith, you will be able to express what you genuinely feel about the loss. You can choose to express your sorrow, acceptance or celebrate their life.

This will depend on the theme you decide to focus on. And what’s more, if you can get the right words to express yourself in a funeral poem, there are multiple non-religious funeral poems you can choose from on the internet.

You will just have to make sure it suits your needs and sends the intended message.

One of the things to consider while choosing a non-religious funeral poem is the theme.

Poetry expresses emotions deeply and your chosen poem will have an impact on the audience’s emotions. It is important to have a clear idea of what you want them to feel. Do you want them to feel your sorrow? For you want them to know the deceased’s accomplishments?

Is there a certain character of the deceased you want to portray? Once you have answered these questions, you should not have trouble getting or writing a funeral poem that will feel genuine to you and the audience.

Another main thing you may consider is your feelings and those of others. The truth is that you are all hurting but it should not stop you from celebrating a loved one. A funeral poem should not only represent your emotions but those of other family members and friends.

In order to deliver an engaging funeral poem, you can talk to other people and ask them to share their memories with the deceased. This will give you an approach to what most people will remember of the deceased and so you can tailor the funeral poem to meeting their needs.

This way, you will offer comfort to the people as well as make them feel like they knew the deceased. It cannot be emphasized enough that a funeral poem will greatly determine how people will remember the deceased.

This is why it is important to remain respectful and genuine in the funeral poem.

Popular Funeral Poems.

Popular funeral poems

Funeral poems have become a great part of eulogizing a loved one. There are many reasons why people choose to use funeral poems among them to celebrate life, offer comfort to the bereaved and also express how the loss has impacted their lives.

Most people prefer to write their own customized funeral poems while others prefer getting them from the internet and other sources.

However, there are some popular funeral poems that people find appropriate to include in the funeral program. These poems vary in terms of theme, structure, and tone. Most of the most popular funeral poems are famous because they help us;

i) Say goodbye.

Death is quite sudden and almost all the time, we don’t get to say goodbye to our loved ones. We depart from each other, with the hope that we shall meet again later in the day or just some time to come.

However, once they are taken away from us by death, it means that we cannot meet again. The most saddening part about this is that we never get the chance to say goodbye and we might spend the rest of our lives seeking closure. Some of the most popular funeral poems help people to say goodbye forever during the funeral service and thus finding closure.

ii) Seek comfort.

The truth is, no matter how strong we are, we need comfort when we are grieving. This is not to say that there is enough amount of words that can make up for the loss of a soul but some popular funeral poems provide comfort.

Reading these poems is a great way to find solace and inner peace.

iii) Restore hope.

Losing a close relative or friend is devastating. It means that there is no day you will meet again and share the things you used to.

However, some funeral poems provide hope in that those who are gone are still among us and we shall unite in the afterlife.

The fact that some funeral poems, especially religious poems, assure us that the deceased is no longer suffering but instead they have rested offer hope to the mourners at a funeral service.

iv) Showcase our heartfelt sympathy.

Losing a loved one is heartbreaking and most people want to express their sympathy to the bereaved.

There are some popular funeral poems to help you express your sympathy to the deceased. These are the best fit for the friends, extended family members, co-workers, neighbors or acquaintances of the deceased or the family at large.

By including a sympathetic funeral poem to the eulogy, the bereaved will feel and appreciate the message and in one way or the other feel better that someone else is concerned.

There are so many popular funeral poems on the internet, each with a different theme and meaning. While deciding on a funeral poem to choose, it is important to consider the theme and message you want to send and make sure it is fit for the deceased’s funeral.

Whether you want to eulogize a loved one, offer comfort to the mourners or even express sympathy for the bereaved, you can always find a poem to serve your needs from the internet among other sources.

Catholic Funeral Poems.

Catholic funeral poems

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the most popular denominations in the world.

The church is known to follow Jesus’ teachings from The Bible, even in the way they conduct the believer’s funerals. The Catholic funeral poems are religious with most of them meant to offer consolation and comfort in the Lord.

People who attend Catholic churches are strong believers of life after death like Christ is with the Father. Most of these poems are derived from funeral reading from the bible as well as hymns for funerals.

The church has its own way of conducting a funeral, based on the Catholic funeral traditions. For instance, each funeral is conducted based on the cause of death.

If a Catholic believer has been admitted in a hospital for long and there is a chance that they won’t survive, the Catholic priest will come and offer the Holy Communion for deliverance should they pass away.

However, this is disregarded if death occurs suddenly and naturally. After the death, the priest will conduct the required rites before the body is taken to the morgue before a funeral mass is conducted, where people will be allowed to pay tribute to the deceased.

This is where a family member or a close friend may read a funeral poem, which is most likely religious. A Catholic funeral poem may be purposed to;

i) Offer comfort to the bereaved.

Catholics are strong believers of the Gospel of Jesus which suggests that the Lord will offer comfort to the weak.

A Catholic funeral poem may be focused on offering the bereaved comfort knowing that the deceased has lived his/her life and departed to be with the Lord.

This will ease the pain by knowing that the departed is no longer suffering but has gone to be with the Lord.

ii) Offer endurance and hope.

Christians thrive in the hope that they shall one day reunite with the departed and that they have fought their earthly battles and won. The fact that there is hope to reunite with the deceased will offer the mourners the strength to endure the pain and also find comfort in the Lord.

iii) Encourage inner peace.

Finding inner peace is a real struggle after losing a loved one. However, most Catholic funeral poems have been drawn from the Bible that emphasizes the afterlife.

Catholics believe that there is life after death and that those who have departed are rejoicing with the angels in heaven. Knowing the deceased has rested and is at peace is a step closer to having inner peace after you have been bereaved.

The main focus of a funeral poem is to offer solace to the bereaved as well as rejoice in the Lord for delivering the deceased’s soul from the evils and suffering of this word.

The Catholic religion also believes in life after death, giving the bereaved some hope that in the Lord they shall be reunited in the afterlife is quite reassuring that the departed are gone temporarily.

We hope you have found this new format informative and help you find what particular funeral poems you may be looking for.

Our last piece of advice to you is to be aware of the danger of using free funeral poems that you can easily get from the internet. These free poems are the ones that are most commonly used.

Come on, Choose some new and different words in funeral poems that will impress and be truly memorable.

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