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Funeral Card Messages are as difficult to write as is any matter concerning the passing of people.


Funeral card messages should be a lot of things. They should be carefully written. Contain the write words and deliver lots of messages.

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Funeral Card Messages.

Losing a loved one can bring a lot of emotional and mental pain to the family of the deceased. They usually count on their friends, and neighbors to help them overcome the pain, even though nothing can really take it away.

However, when people support the bereaved, they ease the pain a little and they know that there are people who care and understand their pain. When we receive that our neighbor, friend, co-worker or acquaintance has lost a loved one, we tend to come together and join hands to comfort them and wish them condolence messages.

This is why people prefer sending funeral cards containing a heartfelt message to express their support and condolences.
Funeral card messages can come with flowers, or at least most people consider sending funeral cards accompanied by flowers.


funeral card messages

What to write on Funeral Cards.

Choosing what to write in a funeral card can be challenging but it all depends on the relationship you had with the deceased. Sometimes, especially when you didn’t know the deceased, you might consider sending your thoughts and prayers in the funeral card messages.

This is usually sent between the time of death and the actual funeral, to offer the bereaved comfort. The most challenging part of sending a funeral card is usually finding the right words with a deep meaning to express your sorrow, without sounding too obvious.

Funeral card messages could feature a memory you shared with the deceased. For instance, if you and the deceased once did something together, you can briefly highlight the event so that the bereaved can relate to how you related to the deceased.

However, if you didn’t know the deceased that well, it would be better to express your heartfelt condolences and let the person know that you acknowledge their sorrow and grief. In other cases, you can write funeral card messages saying goodbye and accepting their departure from earth.


Helping the bereaved.


This can help the bereaved also accept the death of the deceased, the same way a friend or relative has. It may help them bid goodbye to the deceased.

It is important to choose funeral card messages with a deep meaning, which can be a little difficult. To achieve this, you may want to focus on the theme of the funeral car, for instance, focus on the message you want to deliver.

Do you want to offer comfort or your condolences? Was the deceased or their family as religious? Do you want to express sympathy? Once you choose your theme, it will be easy to come up with words to express your feelings and message.

For instance, if the deceased was a religious person, you can focus on the eternal life message or celebrate their life as well lived and a conqueror of the earthly battles.


funeral card messages

Talking about death.

Talking about death, right after it happens, can be a sensitive topic to the bereaved. This is why you should be extra careful while choosing a funeral card message as it will arouse feelings to those who are mourning.

You cannot go about telling the bereaved that you know how they feel, even if you know what it is like to lose someone. It is never the same and the bereaved might think that you are belittling their grief by comparing it to yours.

No loss of life is comparable to the other, we all feel the loss at different. Exactly how do you write a funeral card message? What are some of the things you should consider before you pen down a message to the bereaved?


1. Introduce yourself.


It is important to let the family of the deceased know who you are on the funeral card. It is only fair to let them know who is mourning with them during a difficult time other than leaving them guessing.

A funeral card shows that you care and introducing yourself will make it a little more genuine that you feel sorry for their loss. Imagine opening a funeral card with no name, this would show that the person didn’t care enough to mention who they are.


2. Mention how you met the deceased.


This is applicable in situations where you were familiar with the deceased. Even if you were not close enough, let the bereaved know that you had met the deceased and probably share a short memory of them. Keep in mind that the funeral card message is supposed to be short and simple.


funeral card messages

3. Express your empathy.

The main purpose of a funeral card is to let the family know how sorry you are for their loss. They need to feel like someone understands their grief and acknowledges it. However, it is important to avoid clichés while doing so. Be genuine about it in simple meaningful words.

4. Be respectful.


It does not matter whether the deceased was a nosy neighbor you probably didn’t like, if you are going to send a funeral card, you should remain respectful to their memories. Share a happy memory or simply offer your heartfelt condolences on the card. Remember that these people are grieving.


In conclusion.


it is important to let the bereaved know that you genuinely care about their loss. It is essential to sound natural and heartfelt on the card as it is to be sympathetic. In the case where you are purchasing a funeral card, make sure it is appropriate and aligns with your theme.

Do not undermine their grief or tell them that it will be over soon. The point of your funeral card should offer comfort, express your heartfelt condolences or celebrate the deceased’s life. You should also try to send the card after the death of the deceased and not later after the funeral.

However, you can still send the card after the funeral if you received the news of their death a bit later. It will still console the bereaved and show that you genuinely care. Lastly, choose your words carefully without sounding too unreal, and neither should you sound like you don’t care. It is important to offer support and comfort during a difficult time people are grieving.

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