Funeral Poems. 250 of the most appropriate.

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Funeral Poems. As the name goes, these are poems ideal for a funeral set up, be it funeral service, church service or graveside service, or perhaps cremation.
In the middle of a loss of a loved one, the pain and confusion are too much, so much that you may lack words to express how you feel. Funeral poems, therefore, become important. They are an expression of the feelings we go through in carefully selected words.


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Funeral poems serve a nemesis of functions to include:

They comfort the mourners’ souls. Wordings of these poems by virtue of being read, tend to connect the believer’s heart. They are written in a manner that by just reading them, they soothe one’s soul, with promises of things being okay someday. They are a source of the belief that someone else already passed under the same circumstances, which led them to write the poem, so the mourners feel they are not alone.

They celebrate the lives of the departed. A time of mourning is a confusing one, where a person is torn between expressing their heartfelt pain, and looking at the good side of life, of the moments shared with the departed, as well as how they lived their lives to the fullest for the times they were on earth.

Funeral poems become a channel of helping one celebrate the lives by talking about the good times while including the bad times with a humorous touch. They smoothly go about these memories, by reminding one that they had the best moments with the departed, none that they could ever wish for, so the departed is okay leaving, having fulfilled a great role while they were alive.


They are a stepping stone towards healing. They enable you to recite what you had and what you will miss in a gentle way, enough to enable you to start letting go. That you are able to envision a future without the departed enables one to see the probabilities of life without them. Well, again, rereading a funeral poem serves to make the message stronger and more meaningful. The words usually bend towards connecting the past to the future, with a touch of the present circumstances.

This gives people the courage to let go.

They are believed to be a way of communicating with the dead. So then, these poems at times are written in a way that they are directed to the dead. Even though they don’t speak back to us, the belief that the poem we read to them communicated our message is usually undebatable. It is believed that once they turn to angels, they can hear even the silent of whispers. Sometimes it is a way of expressing the pain they left, with hopes that in due time, they will channel back by guiding us on how to live without them.

They can be attached to other funeral stationeries to add weight to their meanings and gestures. There are a number of useful ways that they can be used in funeral items to include:
• Funeral readings.
• Obituaries.
• Sympathy notes.
• Condolence notes.
• Funeral flowers.
• Thank you notes.
• Tombstones.

Classifications of funeral poems.
Based on the relationship with the departed, they are categories as funeral poems for
-Parents; could be meant for both, or either mother or father.
-Siblings; brother or sister.
-Grandparents; both, or either grandma or grandpa.
-Aunties and uncles
-Colleagues at one’s place of work.
– Friends.



Following their lengths, funeral poems can be long or short. Whichever you decide to go for doesn’t matter, provided you love your choice, and it is able to carry the message home.
Short funeral poems, however, can become ideal, if, among your chosen guest speakers, you have enlisted a kid to recite out your poem.

Their shortness makes them ideal for this age group with low concentration spans, and whose ability to stand in front of a multitude of people is questionable, but you still want them to feel like they have not been left behind in the whole process.
Short poems are also the most recommended to be used alongside other funeral stationeries owing to their ability to occupy minimal space.

Don’t, however, think that since they are short, they won’t be as effective as the long funeral poems. Both poems are carefully written to ensure they deliver the length of the intended messages aside.
Following where they will be used, you will find funeral poems categorized as follows.

Bereavement poems– are dedicated to the mourners with an assurance that they are not alone in the trying moments, that there are people they can count on for support. They are still loved. They also get the assurance that they will be able to sail through, which is the basic theme of these poems.

Sympathy poems-they are nearly similar to the bereavement poems.
In memory poems- they tend to be ideal immediately after one’s demise, for the beauty of remembering the departed with consolations that they are in a better place and that their legacy is still on. Whether you decide to do a memorial service days after or years later, it doesn’t matter, the memorial poems can be used either way.


Can they be used by anyone?

Because funeral messages bring messages of hope, love, comfort, and consolation, they can be used by kids, adults and the elderly. They simply got no boundaries.
They also have no restriction as to one’s religious practices. So whether you decide to go for cremation, church service, graveside funeral service, or any other type for that matter, you can still use them either way.

For that matter, you can come across them being used in places such as schools, morgues, hospitals, homes, and even churches.
Don’t limit yourself, you can use more than one funeral poem. This will be subject to the ones you like or the messages you intend to drive home. What’s more, they eliminate the stress associated with searching for the right words, when all you ever going through at the moment is the pain associated with your loss.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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