Funeral Poems About Gardens. Use Special Words

Funeral poems about gardens

Whenever a loved one passes away, we are left with a void that we cannot fill. However, in order to get through the grief, you may need a deeper understanding of life. It is ironic that we all know that death is around the corner somewhere.

We understand that death is inevitable but when we are faced with the unfortunate loss of our loved ones, we do not know what to do. We are going to take you through everything about In this article, we are going to look at funeral poems about gardens.


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In this article, we are going to look at funeral poems about gardens. You will be able to understand the spirituality of life in accordance with Christianity. In addition, we are going to look at the structure, metaphors and also how to write these poems.


Understanding life as a garden


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In this context, your life is your garden. This means that you are the one who takes care of the garden from the day you are born. You are the person who decides what you want in your life, which will determine what you want to sow.

Therefore, you will find the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ in so many aspects of life. However, when a person departs from the earth and onto the heavens, their life is seen as a garden. It is all about how they led their lives and the legacy they leave behind. Therefore, if you have been entrusted to write a funeral poem for a loved one, do not be afraid to use the garden metaphor.

There are so many reasons why gardening is a great metaphor for life. These include:


You have the freedom to do what you want


Well, as mentioned earlier, life is a lot like a garden. If you think about it, when you are presented with a garden, you have the freedom to show what you want. Well, when you are born, you are presented with the amazing opportunity of life.

This means that everything you do is like sowing seeds. You can become whatever you want to be as long as you do the necessary. This means, just like you would in a garden, you have to plant, weed and take care of your plants until you harvest.

In this context, you may think of a career, or life in general. For instance, we go to school, study hard with the hope of creating an amazing career out of it. Even though this does not always work our way, it has a lot to do with the hard work and commitment we put into it.

This is the same way with the spiritual aspect of our lives. Most of us are driven to make a difference in the world and touch lives. The commitment you have towards this will determine the results you get from it. It will determine the legacy you leave behind when we finally leave earth.


You have to get your hands dirty


When you want to have a good harvest, then you will need to get to work. This means that you have to roll up your sleeves when it is time to weed and even garden. This is the same way with our lives. Whether you are looking at it spiritually or even careerwise, your hard work will determine what you reap at the end of it all.

Most funeral poems about gardens are the same way. They describe the deceased’s way of life. This might include their beliefs, contribution to the society as well as to their families. The fact that you have the task to eulogize someone in a poem means that you were close to each other. You, therefore, have an idea of what their life was like. We are going to discuss this further in the next section of this article.

All in all, looking at life as a garden means that you have to work for the good things that you want. The same case with spirituality. For instance, in Christianity, you will have to have faith and adhere to certain policies in order to access the promise of eternal life. Therefore, if a loved one has passed on, you can celebrate, eulogize or even mourn them in a funeral poem. You may use the metaphor showcasing their life as a garden.


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You have to plant seeds


Once again, we are presented with the gift of life and the opportunity to create whatever we want with it. Just like in gardening, you have to plant seeds if you are looking forward to the harvest. I mean, everything we do in our lives has a lot to do with our future. There are some goals we want to meet as well as achieve our objectives. In order to get there, we have to do certain things that will lead us to achieve exactly what we want.

A good example is when we are schooling. I mean, if you are looking to be a doctor in the near future, then you will have to go to med school. Otherwise, this is not going to happen. By going to school, this represents planting seeds. Once again, you will have to study hard in order for you to get there. There is no excuse but you have to invest money, time and do a lot of studying in order to graduate as a doctor. Otherwise, you may not be able to achieve that.

When you are looking at this in a spiritual way, you understand that we live our lives with the expectation of eternal life after death. In order to get there, you will have to lead a good life, adhering to Christianity values. This way, you will have the hope to enter heaven as promised in the Holy Bible. Therefore, you can look at funeral poems about gardens as a way to celebrate a well-lived life. We most often hope that our loved ones have gone to be with the Lord, and we shall reunite in the afterlife.


You constantly have to deal with things you cannot control


If this isn’t the exact definition of life on earth, I do not know what is. In life, you will not always have the opportunity to control the things that happen to you. I mean, we always wake up to the unexpected. For instance, when you wake up and get ready for work, you may get a flat tire along the way. Your expectation was to get to work as early as possible. However, the day and the universe had other plans, which can be frustrating.

In comparison with gardening, you may do all the necessary planting, hoeing and weeding out unwanted plants. However, you may wake up to withered plants because of the weather, bugs or other related issues. You do not have to give up on the garden. The same case with life. In the above-demonstrated example, you will have to call your boss and explain what happened. Or simply fix the tire and head to work and explain your ordeal.

When you are living your life, you constantly have to deal with such occasions. For example, you may be having a great day today but then again deal with the loss of a parent tomorrow. In this case, you do not have a choice but to accept your loss. You have to live your life without too many expectations. we should lead good lives guarded by our values and beliefs.


Be a visionary



We all have different visions that are usually accompanied by big dreams. I mean, you want to achieve everything you ever dreamt of, right? Then you will have to live your life in accordance with your objectives and visions. For instance, if you want to be a pilot, then you have to go to an aviation school. This will create a path for you to get to your visions.

Now, in real life, you have to do the same. If you want to be remembered, you have to layout your vision. Give people something that they will associate you with when you are gone. In most cases, it is every Christian’s dream to get into the gates of heaven and get eternal life. However, in order to do so, they will have to live in accordance with the teachings in the Bible.

Funeral poems about gardens may feature the way the deceased lived their lives or even showcase a Christian as God’s garden. Well, He is the giver of life and he harvests when the season comes. Therefore, Christians must live in accordance with the teachings of the Bible with the hope that they will reach their vision. In this case, the vision involves entrance into the gates of heaven and rejoicing thereafter.


How to compose funeral poems about gardens


If you go online, you will find that there are so many funeral poems about gardens. This is usually meant to encourage mourners. In other cases, these are poems can be used to celebrate the life of the deceased. However, you will have to be very careful with how you use this particular metaphor. Ensure that you drive the exact meaning you intended to in the very first place. Now, we are going to discuss some of the tips to write funeral poems about gardens.


Deceased as God’s garden


There are different ways in which we can understand funeral poems about gardens. One of these ways is when we believe that we are God’s garden. Therefore, when you are preparing a funeral poem pertaining to gardens, you may use this as your main theme. According to the holy book of life, we have seen verses indicating that we are God’s gardens. This means that even though we have the freedom to choose what we want with life, God is the planter and the gardener.

According to the Bible, the word of God is a seed that he plants in us. When we believe in God, we are simply letting God plant his seeds in us. This means that we also have to allow His guidance in order to achieve the ultimate gift of eternal life.

In this context, we cannot forget to mention that the planter and gardener have the final say in the harvest. Therefore, if the deceased was a believer, you can prepare a funeral poem showcasing him as God’s garden. Indicate some of the beliefs and teachings that you might have picked from the deceased. Not only will this help celebrate a life well lived but also help mourners accept God’s will. Look at it this way, God is the giver of life, and he comes back to harvest when the time is ready.

Every belief from the deceased is like a seed that was sown. When we keep believing, we grow spiritually until God decides that we are ready for harvesting. And thus, he will harvest the finest produce from his garden, which is deceased. Therefore, we have no choice but to accept that it was time for the deceased to depart earth and enter the heavenly kingdom.



Deceased’s life as a garden 


We can illustrate the life of the deceased as a garden. It is not only the way God wants us to live but it is about allowing him to take over. Well, once again, I will mention that your life is like a garden. God gives you the chance to grow the exact thing you want, and how you want to do it. Therefore, you can use a funeral poem to showcase to the world how the deceased lived his life. For instance, if they were staunch believers of the afterlife, they must have lived in accordance with God’s teachings.

In addition to using the word garden as a metaphor, include some of your fondest memories with the deceased. For instance, you can simply indicate some of the things they did to showcase how they took care of their gardens. These might include the deceased’s habits of never missing the Sunday service at church. You can also highlight their life values in accordance with God’s law. This way, you will be able to celebrate life, with the belief that they are now resting with the angels in heaven.


Life as a garden


As we have discussed in the first section of the article, you can also view life as a garden. It is up to each and every one of us to decide how we want to be remembered. In this context, look at how the deceased lived their life. Were they happy and full of life? Brainstorm and highlight some of the rules they lived by. How did they garden their fields?

When you want to commemorate a loved one in a funeral poem, look at their life as a garden. What are some of the tools did they use to weed their garden? At this point, focus on the deceased’s contribution to society at large. Mention some of the things that you are going to appreciate and remember all the days of your life.

Their achievements are their harvests. Well, even if they have really left us and are out of this world, we should honor their hard work and accomplishments when they were alive. Funeral poems about gardens are not particularly sad. In most cases, we are only trying to celebrate the life of the deceased as well as rejoice in the Lord for his deliverance.


Christian teachings about life and death in regards to funeral poems about gardens 


Life and death go hand in that there cannot be one without the other. When we are born, life is given to us. Somehow, we have it in the back of our minds that we are one day going to die, which is not exactly a thing to celebrate. However, we are never ready when that time comes. In fact, when we lose our loved one, we don’t really expect it to happen. In Christianity, we are taught that we have to be ready at all times. Well, death is inevitable but we will definitely be delivered into eternity.

Funeral poems about gardens may also showcase some of the most important Christian teachings about life and death. God delivers us into eternal life when we live by hope and faith in him. In fact, we are God has promised us everlasting life after death. We live in accordance with his teachings so that we can be eligible for eternal life.

If you have taken up the task of writing a funeral poem, you can use the garden metaphor to reinforce these teachings. In most cases, this will be a religious and celebratory funeral poem. We are celebrating the deceased’s delivery into eternal life. In addition to this, you can also reinforce the hope that we shall reunite with those before us in the afterlife.

In the above scenario, funeral poems about gardens will remind the audience of life after death. The poems also give hope to the bereaved. We believe that we have not lost a loved one but God has delivered them from suffering and troubles of the world. They are now resting with the Lord in heaven.




Whenever a loved one passes on, we have the obligation to celebrate them. Funeral poems about gardens will most often be religious. This means that you will have to respect the deceased in that only use a religious poem to honor life or a religious person. In respect to this, you will not only be able to commemorate and celebrate the deceased but also give hope to the bereaved. This will play a large role in overcoming grief after losing a loved one.

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