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What to say at my mums funeral

Here at The Holy Bookshop, we have a magnificent collection of the best funeral poems and best funeral verses which can be used to honour your deceased loved one on those special occasions. Following my own experience after losing my mother, I came to discover the many ways through which these poems and verses can be helpful during those special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the deceased’s birthday, among other days.

Being a first timer is especially challenging. You might need some sort of guidance to help you get through this sad time, or so I strongly believe, of course from my own experience once again. These days usually come when somehow you are all alone. The dust has settled pertaining to your loved one’s demise and people have gone back to their usual ways of life. You can’t blame them, but you gotta be easy on yourself and learn how to go about things as you adjust to a life without your dear one.

Even using these funeral poems and funeral verses may not be easy in the initial stages. They might trigger emotions and the pain seem a whole lot fresh. We urge you to read them in depth and get their deep-rooted meanings, and you will get to love what they do, at least from what I discovered.

Funeral Poems.

They are available in a variety of themes to include happy funeral poems, funny funeral poems, religious funeral poems, non-religious funeral poems, long and short funeral poems. To select an appropriate one, it is best to look at the personality of the deceased and find something that matches it. Some of the funeral poems available here can be instantly downloaded for your convenience, based on one’s relationship to the deceased.

For the special days, funeral poems are ideal for the reasons stated below.

They beautifully bring memories of the deceased to life- even on any other normal day other than these special days, it is never easy to bring the topic of death to the table. The moment this crops up, we get a mixture of sad and happy emotions- sad that they are gone, happy from the happy times remembered. Assistance may be required to be able to go through the memories without getting overwhelmed, a role I came to find to be perfectly played by these poems.

You read the poem, and by the end. You find that you have gone through the memories of the deceased without any difficulty and still come to a comforting end of them have done their best while they were alive, with little room for sadness.
They talk about death in a very soft way- this is a topic evaded by many, even those who will be around you. For some reason or the other, people think that mentioning this word will throw one into the world of emotions, not usually the case.

The poets had this in mind, and have gone around this natural life process in a unique way which is less painful. It goes without saying that death is something you will have to talk about on these special days as you go through the memories of the deceased right till their demise, which you can, therefore, do with the help of the funeral poems.

They make us see the reasons in the lives of the deceased- the pain caused by losing a loved one engulfs us and makes us not see the valuable things they did. On these days, this feeling is as fresh as it can get. One may need reasons, very strong reasons, to be able to see the important lessons we can get from their lives.

Funeral poems have clearly laid the important lessons that would otherwise not be easily seen as we face the pain of losing a loved one. These reasons are very important when we are celebrating them on these special days, they are the backbones of these celebrations, always reminding us of the ways we should live our lives based on the deceased’s wishes.

They give us the assurance that the deceased is peacefully resting and so we should not be sad- this is beautiful, just knowing that where they are, it is pure comfort and bliss. And what’s more, they are watching over us. With these funeral poems on these special days, one gets that assuring dosage of the deceased being happy where they are, so there is no need to worry or be sad.

For sure, if anything was to give you any slightest hitches that they are not comfortable, your life will be troubled as you keep wondering what you can do to give your beloved a peaceful rest much as they are out of reach.
They express our feelings regarding death loss like it were actually us speaking- the funeral poems will do this spectacularly, and very useful in expressing our emotions without the hustle of looking for the appropriate words on these days. You will not have to worry about saying something offensive or not fully talking about the deceased like you would have wished. These poems will cover everything, ranging from the shock, pain, sadness, guilt, and the gap left by losing your beloved.

Below are a number of things you can do, on these special days, alongside the use of funeral poems.

A moment to read them a funeral poem.

Are you probably asking yourself where? This can be done at home, in church, by their final resting place, in places where they loved, quietly in a room by yourself, or somewhere the family finds ideal. The ability of the poem to capture the happy times and give you reasons to celebrate, to capture the lessons that are worth relying on, and to give you the assurance that they are comfortably rested, will make thee special days worthwhile and not just a sad affair.

Sending them handwritten messages.

This works miracles on any day and can become a routine, with a different funeral poem for each special day. You will need each person to have a helium balloon and their own funeral poem printed on a card to symbolize the hearty message that we would love them to read. You all release the balloons attached to the messages into the air all at once.

Talking about them.

A special person deserves to be talked about on any special day that brings back their memories. Not only will this leave you peaceful, but also helps to keep their memories and legacies leaving on. If you are not sure how to start the talk, you can pick an appropriate funeral poem and use it as a basis for talking about the deceased as they usually capture everything right from childhood all the way to a grown up’s life.

Visiting their final resting place.

It is a sure way of keeping in touch with the has the feeling of them still being with as much as they are not physically there. You can create a program of the things to be done while there which will make the day fulfilling, to include, praying for them, reading them a funeral poem, singing them a song, reading a passage from the Bible, and sharing memories about them.

Lighting up candles to honour them.

So the whole family can buy candles, white or the colours they loved, and light them up. Take some quiet moments and reflect on the things they loved, what you used to do together, and the valuable lessons derived from their lives. The funeral poems can be read during the candle lighting session amongst other things like talking about the deceased, going through their photos, and sharing their memories.

Buying the deceased a bouquet of flowers.

Why flowers? You know, we might want to buy so much for the deceased just to show them how much they are loved, but they will never be physically present to receive them, hence the flowers become so ideal. These can be later taken to their gravesites or simply put in a vase somewhere in the house as a gift on their special days. The gesture alone is fulfilling as it gives the satisfaction of having done something to commemorate the day.
The funeral poems are attached to the flowers to communicate a message other than the flowers aesthetic value and gesture of love.

Funeral Verses.

Funeral verses are drawn from various sections of the Bible to include New Testament. Old Testament, and the Gospel books. Of main interest is the fact that each church of believers has a set of preferred verses, even though the messages don’t really vary. An individual should consider the church the deceased used to attend and find out whether there are any restrictions pertaining to this.
Funeral verses are considered ideal for use on the special days for a number of reasons,

They softly bring out memories of the deceased- this is considered difficult because it awakens the emotions that we are trying to heal from. But imagine that there is a way you can less painfully go through the memories, won’t you love it? The way lies in using the funeral verses, the best of which the Holy Bookshop has availed to you, as a basis of talking about these memories.

They bring out lessons from the lives of the deceased- consider a situation where the deceased had a favourite Bible verse which they would always turn to for guidance on life situations. You realize that this can be easily adopted by those left behind to find solutions to similar problems, just the same way through which these funeral verses work.

They comfort and console us- These special days are considered triggers, you are most likely going to get that overwhelming feeling, that others are probably there to celebrate their special days while your beloved is the only one gone? Why so much unfairness?
These funeral verses are able to calm you down through giving the comfort and assurance that God is still in control, He has plans beautifully laid out, to include even the death of your beloved, and we should still trust Him for the good things He has in store for us.

These funeral verses can be read out uniquely during the special days as mentioned herein.

A way of initiating a prayer session.
If you wondering where to begin from, then this just makes a beautiful kickoff. Pick up a funeral verse and let it guide you on the way forward. Praying honours the presence of God assured the bereaved that the deceased is rested, comforts them that they shall be reunited in the afterlife, and gives them strength to soldier on. It also acts as a constant reminder to God, to ensure that the deceased is continuously rested well and happy.

Prayer marks the beginning of every function for believers of Christian faith and is in most cases followed by a marching sermon. For where the presence of God has been summoned, everything will flow just as is desired.

As a handwritten message.

A simple funeral verse may have very many meanings attached to it, eliminating the need to look for more messages to tell the deceased on these special days. Have the verse printed on mini cards, attach them to helium balloons, and release them into the air to fly, with the recipient believed to be the deceased.

Reading out the funeral verses during a visit to the deceased’s resting place.

What better way of going about these special days than visiting the actual resting place for the deceased. Once there, you can start off with reading a funeral verse, followed by a prayer session, and other things like sharing their memories, and the things which one does to help them sail through the loss.

Candle lighting and funeral verses?

Once again this works with funeral verses too. You get to read a funeral verse in honour of the deceased as the candle burns. It can be done at their memorial sites, in church, at home, a place the deceased loved, or somewhere preferred by the family to commemorate these special days.

Funeral verses and flowers?

Of course yes! The verse carries weighty messages of comfort and consolation which will add a magnificent meaning to the flowers bought as a gift for the deceased on the special days. Well, the flowers can be taken to their gravesides, deposited in a place they loved to visit or placed on their memorial sites.

In conclusion.

Well, these days will always come, and your loved one will forever remain in your heart. Not preparing for them can be disastrous from what I gathered. The poems are very helpful as suggested above, but there are other things which you can equally add to your to-do list on these special days. You can explore some of the ones listed below, which I have come to trust to be very effective as well.

 Listening to music, or singing a song. This could be your best hymn or their favourite songs. This refreshes their memories and reminds you of the values they held dear.
 Doing the activities they loved. This works for all the days and range from visiting their favourite places, watching the movies she loved, cooking and eating their best food, dressing up like them, and calling up the family to come together like they would have loved to.
 Inviting people to come to share their memories. This might work for such unique days as their birthday where most people are not busy attending to their own Thanksgiving or Mother’ day. It is best done over a meal, probably in her home. Let everyone share the beautiful things they remember about the deceased and just share the happy moments.
 Doing some sort of community work. It could be a visit to a children’s home, cleaning up your church, making donations to the needy, or some sort of service to people to symbolize their dedication to making a change in people’s lives like they would have done if they were to be alive.
These are a few tips, to which there is room for addition, of the things which can be done as you learn to live without the deceased loved one.

The link between losing a loved one and experiencing grief.

In our experience we have, over many years we have come across multiple occasions where some of us will show the signs of Grief, bought on by the passing of a loved one.

It is an unpleasant experience to go through and if actions are NOT taken to handle this then it may have a detrimental effect on one’s life.

Because of what we do here we have a suitable remedy for this and the solution can be instantly downloaded right now.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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