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What to say at my mums funeral

I know how difficult it can be when we lose our Mother. There is so much to do in this difficult time. Arranging the funeral, Paying bills, Probate is just a few of the many things to be done. It goes on and on. My brother and I then had to find suitable Funeral Poems For Mother.


It was indeed a heavy task. We desired something that, in words would celebrate our mother‘s life that was unique and different and would leave a lasting impression on the audience. We also wanted to find Modern Funeral Poems and just hit a brick wall. Then by pure chance, we came across a wonderful download that had 250 funeral Poems to choose from. We have made the exact same download and is available right now. All one has to do is Click Here.


Funeral Poems formother


Losing a mother is not an easy thing to go through and come out strong. Often, we are in shock and we don’t know what to do and we don’t know how to move past that. People who have lost their moms will tell you that it is a painful and difficult experience. Most people, however, choose to celebrate their lives through poetry, and other forms of art.

There are so many funeral poems dedicated to mothers but to choose the appropriate one, you will have to consider several aspects. For instance, if your mother loved a certain author, you may use it in her memory. Below are some of the facto your consideration before choosing a funeral poem for mother;

  1. Her favorite poet/Author

Most women love to read and your mum maybe had a favorite author or poet. This could make the entire process easier, even if the author didn’t write poems. You could read one of her favorite books and determine the theme of the book. From that, you could find a great funeral poem for mum under a similar theme and it would feel right to use it for her funeral.

  1. Your feelings

This might be a difficult thing to do especially if you are an emotional being. However, it is important to consider your feelings towards your mother and the loss. In some cases, we don’t know what to feel but it is essential to pay attention to your feelings of sorrow and sadness while choosing funeral poems for your mum. It is okay to feel sad and unable to accept it but speaking out your feelings might be a great thing for you to start healing.

  1. Your memories with your mother

The truth is, this is a process that may hurt you the most, thinking about the memories you had with your mom but you will never have to spend time with her ever again. However, you can choose to celebrate and treasure those memories in a nice funeral poem for mum. There are a variety of funeral poems that you can choose from with beautiful memories to treasure.


Selecting Modern Funeral Poems


While choosing a funeral poem for your mom, you may experience a lot of grief but it is necessary to commemorate and honor your mother. It is also essential to make sure that your feelings are genuinely stated in the funeral poem.

A funeral poem will help you discover what you are really feeling and also help with accepting that your mom is gone but not forgotten. Think about that poem you know could have put a smile on your mom’s face. Think about what she loved to do before you choose the poem you want to use for her funeral.

Again, you could choose a poem to celebrate your mother where it highlights the things she used to do for you. Remember that you have only one chance to celebrate her life and so you have to do it well. Most funeral poems for mothers will highlight tender words and actions that mothers do for us.


Remembering Mum in Funeral Poems


You just have to choose the one that you relate to. Remember that you are also likely to read the poem out loud at the funeral, this is why it is important to choose something that may not break you down so much.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to break down and cry for your mother but it could bring a lot of tears in the audience which could not be the best thing to do. However, this depends on what you want the audience to feel at the funeral.

However, you will also need to consider if your mother was a religious person. This could also help you find the appropriate poem for her which will go hand in hand with what she believed in. For instance, if your mother was a Christian, you could choose from a library a poem to celebrate her in accordance with her faith, and also help you understand that there is no more suffering after death. Knowing that your mother has gone to heaven will make you have comfort in the fact that there is eternal life after death.


funeral poems for mother

Dealing With Grief


As much as we can talk about funeral poems for a mother’s funeral, but losing a mother is much too painful. Mothers are like the pillars of any family, and losing them is a painful experience. Most of us spend years trying to move on from the loss but it is not easy.

It is a depressing moment and you can sink in depression and grief for months. You are likely to undergo several stages of grief and some people even change completely. For instance, if you already have a family, it is going to make you even sadder seeing your children go through such amount of pain.

At first, you might be so shocked in disbelief. It takes some time for one to accept that their mother is indeed gone. However, those people that believe in God will find comfort in hoping that they shall reunite with the deceases in the afterlife. It is nor easy to take in the death of a mother even with this hope because at the end of the day we are human, prone to emotions and grief.

Take some time

This is why it could be quite helpful to have a poem to read during her funeral, cherishing all the memories you have of her. As much as grieving for your mother is painful, it also hurts to lose your grandma. Your Nan is probably the person who shows you, unconditional love, sometimes even when we are on the wrong. Eulogizing her is also as important.

In order to determine the mood you want to set when reading a poem, it is important to consider the feelings of those grieving with you, the personality of the deceased as well as your own feelings. You will want to show your emotional status and acknowledge your pain before you decide to move on. Remember that some of the most real memories you will hold onto forever are those of your mom, and grandma if they raised you together.

It is just impossible to forget the smallest details of the two. However, it will depend on how close you were to your grandma in order to determine the kind of funeral poem to use at her funeral. It is essential to stay true to your feelings and in the case at which you weren’t as close with your grandma, you can still find something to read out at her funeral from the libraries.

Read it out loud

Once you have decided on the theme of the funeral poem, it is time to move on to determining which exact poem you intend to a readout. It is important to keep the poem short without losing focus on the theme.

You want to create an emotion in every single person in the audience and so you have to make sure that you are composed enough to read your poem out loud without breaking down emotionally. Your poem could also be the last thing people will remember about your mother’s or grandma’s funeral and so it has to make an impact.

When all this is done, there is always the question of what next? Grief does not just end at a funeral. Reality actually kicks back in when everyone has gone back to their lives and now you’re left to deal with your pain all alone. Of course your friends and family might be there for you but this is usually something you do by yourself in order to go through the healing process.


Funeral Poems For Nan


Losing a mother will leave a permanent scar in your life as well and the healing process might also prove to be quite challenging. It is, however, faster to heal while you have already know what you feel and have already developed a healthy coping mechanism.

If you are a parent, the task might be even harder when you have to watch your children go through the process of grieving. You will have to be the stronger one to help them move on. This does not mean that you should keep all your emotions to yourself. It means that you will have to lead by example and talk to your children about how they could handle the loss of their grandma or Nana.

This, however, might prove to be a challenging task if you just lost your mother and your kids are depending on you to help them move on from their grandmother’s loss. Remember that you are also human and as a string, as you will want to be strong for them, you are also going through so much pain having to deal with the loss of your partner.

You can help them by making sure they choose an appropriate funeral poem since you must know a lot about your partner than they actually do. You could help them with details of what their mother would have wanted, her personality and character which might be a great starting point for them.

It gets harder watching them go through grieving after the loss. This is because most children are unaware of what they are feeling which is why some of them may end up developing unhealthy coping mechanisms like drugs and unprotected sex among others.


The symptoms of grief


When you lose your mother and probably after the burial, people expect you to be in a certain way but below are some of the things that might happen to you;

  1. You may find yourself crying randomly

This should not be a new thing to someone who just lost their mother. You may find yourself breaking down at the slightest trigger; it could be her favorite song playing on your stereo on your way to work, or it could be a sweet memory of her that crossed your mind.

However, you should know that there is nothing is wrong with you and you will be fine. The important thing you should do at that point is breathing and hope that it gets better because it actually does.

  1. You will feel like life will never be the same way

Speaking from my own experience, life changes drastically once you lose the one person you always knew you could count on. You feel like nothing is going to work anymore and the biggest question you may ask yourself every day is why they had to go and leave you all alone.

It doesn’t matter whether you are surrounded by other people but it hurts to know that you will never go back home and find her there as it used to be. However, like everything else in life, we learn to adjust to that fact even though it hurts a lot.

  1. People will expect you to be fine after a few weeks

This cannot be emphasized enough, do not let anyone tell you what you should be feeling or how to deal with your loss. People will be careful to not mention your mom’s name when you are around but they usually expect you to be back to yourself after two or three weeks. The truth is, you will have to collect yourself and get back to work. However, grief at your own pace, everybody deals with loss differently and for some people, it is faster than others.

  1. If you have kids, it might even be harder for you

Dealing with grief is not something we just do overnight. It takes some time to get back to life and if you have a family, it may seem to be a little more difficult seeing your kids struggle with the same loss you are going through. They will definitely need you to help them and seeing you broken could make it even worse. At this point, we pretend that we are fine and assist the little ones with acceptance and grieving while at the same time trying to move past the loss.


funeral poems for mother


Moving on from losing your mother


A lot has been said in regards to how you move on from losing a close relative, but it is important to know that everyone has a different way of grieving. However, .the process of grieving could take hours, days or months depending on the bereaved.

It is therefore to take note of how you feel and let yourself feel. It is not a pretty thing to say but in order to heal, you first have to feel the pain of knowing that you will never be with your mother in this world again.

It begins with the realization that we cannot change the fact that they are gone but we can take it all in and still find the strength to move on. It helps to remember your mother through the things she used to do or love.

During this time, you may find yourself changing your moods and having bad days simply for no reason but with time, supportive friends and family, it gets better and we heal those wounds. You will finally find peace even with her absence and learn how to live that way. One thing you should keep in mind is that it gets easier but you will never forget the loss.







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