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There are many types of funeral poems. In most cases, these are determined by several factors that we are going to look at in the next section of this article. However, when a Christian loved one pass on, it is only fair to commemorate them in accordance with their faith. There are several Christian teachings that you will need to adhere to when composing funeral poems for a believer. We are going to look at some of the things that you should consider when you are trying to get perfect funeral poems for a Christian believer. Before then, let us look at the three main types of funeral poems Christians:

·         Thanksgiving funeral poems

·         Celebratory funeral poems

·         Bereavement funeral poems


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Thanksgiving funeral poems


As much as losing a loved one is sad, we cannot disregard the time we had with them. You can use a funeral poem to give thanks to the Lord when a believer passes on. It is okay to grieve your loss but it can also mean that the deceased has been delivered by the Lord. In the Christian faith, we believe that we all have been given time in this world. However, once our time is gone, it is time for God to reap his harvest. We believe that the deceased has gone to a better place, far away from the troubles and sufferings of this world.

If you are considering getting a funeral poem for a loved one, you may consider giving thanks to the Lord for his deliverance. You may offer your gratitude for the time you spent together with the beloved.


 Funeral poems Christian

Celebratory poem


This may sound ironical. However, it is not unusual for Christians to celebrate a loved one’s life. As mentioned above, death is not always a sad thing. We can celebrate the fact that the deceased is no longer going to face the worldly suffering. In addition, death is just but a way of delivering the souls of our loved ones into eternal peace. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with considering a celebratory funeral poem for the deceased.

This takes us a little back to the Christian beliefs. We believe that when we die, we begin a new life in paradise. For instance, if you had an ailing relative who has recently succumbed to the illness, you may feel saddened. However, you can also look at it as a way of deliverance from suffering. They are no longer in pain and somehow you have a reason to rejoice.


Bereavement funeral poems


As much as you are celebrating the deliverance of a loved one, there is no harm in grieving your loss. Therefore, you can also write a bereavement funeral poem for your Christian relative. Express your feelings of sadness and grieve in the poem. This will not only console you but also the audience you will be reading the funeral poem to.

You can choose to use either of the above-listed poems to commemorate a Christian.


Factors to consider when choosing funeral poems for a Christian


When you are writing a funeral poem for a Christian loved one, there are a few factors that you may want to consider. They may include:

Relationship with the deceased

Taking up the role to write a funeral poem for a loved one is not an easy task. However, when we lose someone, we have the obligation to celebrate and honor their memories. Well, to be able to compose a funeral poem, you must have shared a good relationship with the deceased. You will have to go through the painful process of remembering the memories you shared.

The relationship you shared with the deceased is going to play a large role while writing a funeral poem. I mean, it can be extremely difficult to write a funeral poem for your mother or father. However, focus on the positive and happy memories instead of the sad ones. If you were really close to the deceased, you should not have any problems trying to commemorate them.

In the case you had a rocky relationship with the deceased, you may opt to go for a simple poem to simply commemorate them. You should not focus or write a poem, featuring any negative characteristics of the deceased. It is neither the time nor place to lay out your problems with the deceased. Instead, commemorate and honor them for who they were to you. Ask other people about their relationships with the deceased and pick a few points from there.

The theme of the funeral poem

There are plenty of funeral poems you can use to commemorate a Christian loved one. However, before you get to choose or write one, you have to look at the theme you would like to feature. I mean, there are so many themes to focus on. For instance, you may want to give thanks, celebrate or simply encourage the bereaved. It will be up to you to decide what theme you want to go with.

Well, this will highly depend on the character of the deceased. What were they like when they were alive? What are some of the strong beliefs did they have? These are some of the questions that may help you determine your preferred theme.

Whatever the theme you choose, it is important to respect and honor the faith of the deceased. You can even include one of their favorite verses or even quote. Understand that it is all about the deceased, even though you have the freedom to include whatever you want.

The tone of the funeral poem

This is another factor you should consider before settling on a funeral poem. The tone of a funeral poem will depend on the theme of the poem. For instance, if you are going to celebrate the life of the deceased, it would not make sense to use a sad tone or mood. Without disregarding your loss, ensure that you have the right tone of the funeral poem in regards to the content.

For instance, if you are going to share a few memories of the deceased, then set the tone to be happy. You want to brighten people’s faces at the funeral, rather than move them to tears. However, this does not mean that you should start masking your feelings. Instead, focus on what you want people to feel as you read the poem during the funeral service.


 Funeral poems Christian

Importance to funeral poems for Christian


We have been talking about funeral poems for a Christian in the first two sections. However, we need to understand why you might want to write a funeral poem for a loved one. Well, there are various reasons why funeral poems for a Christian are important. They may include:

To provide comfort

When you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, you need comfort. And so do all the people at the funeral. Most funeral poems for a Christian loved one are mostly tailored to offer comfort for the bereaved. We find hope and perseverance in the Lord. In fact, Christianity teaches us to depend on God during difficult times. We believe that he will give us strength and endurance as we grieve our loved ones.

A funeral poem may contain words of sympathy and hope. We have to learn to let go and accept that their death is just but God’s will. This offers comfort to the family and other mourners at the funeral in that we cannot change His will. However, we have the hope that God is there for us and when we lean on him we shall find healing and acceptance. This is important Christian teaching about death.

Celebrate life

Christianity teaches us that there is life after death. This means that death is just but a gateway from the earthly living and onto the heavens. This calls for celebration in that the deceased has gone to be with the Lord. Funeral poems for a Christian loved one might actually seem way more celebratory than sad.

I will take you a little bit back to the Bible. God has promised us eternal life after death. This means that he has offered us time with the deceased in the world. Each one of us has been given the chance to live and it does not stop at death.

It is okay to write a poem celebrating the fact that the deceased is in heaven. Well, this is especially when you have lost a loved one who had been ill for quite some time. In addition to being delivered to eternal life, they have also rested from suffering and pain that comes with an illness. Despite your grief, you may celebrate the fact that the deceased is no longer suffering.

Express gratitude

As mentioned above, it is completely okay to grieve once you lose a loved one. But then again, we had the chance to meet and spend time with the loved ones. Therefore, you can focus on the thanksgiving funeral poems for a Christian rather than be sad. For instance, you may give thanks to the lord even when you have lost your mother or even any other relatives. Instead of focussing on your loss, focus on the happy memories you shared with the deceased. What made you so fond of them so that you are hurting this much now that they are gone?

There are funeral poems for a Christian that focus on expressing gratitude. For instance, if you have recently lost your grandma due to old age, you may choose to offer thanks for the years you spent together. You may thank god for giving you all this time to be with her. This will also show your appreciation.

To encourage the bereaved

You can also tailor a funeral poem to encourage the bereaved. Well, it is not always easy to get over the loss of a loved one. However, we have to understand that it is God’s will that they are no longer with us. In addition, you can use a funeral poem to give a word of encouragement, and hope. After all, life on earth is going to come to an end at some point for all of us. However, the Christian teachings about life and death encourage us to hope for the deliverance and afterlife.

Encourage the bereaved in the hope that you shall all unite in heaven. Living with the belief that our loved ones are watching over us from heaven will give us the courage to face everyday life. Jesus is a sympathizer and he will help you to get through it all. Therefore, funeral poems for a Christian loved one should offer encouragement to keep moving on despite our grief.


Christian teachings of life after death


As opposed to the life we are currently living, when we pass on, we are delivered into eternity. In Christianity, we live by the hope that we shall finally meet our Lord once we die. However, eternity means that we will have a life without death in it thereafter. Now, when eulogizing a Christian using funeral poems, you should have this in mind. Look at it in a way that you have not lost, rather, the deceased has been delivered to the heavens.

The belief that life does not end at death provides so much hope for the bereaved. I mean, we are all on a journey within which our Lord shall deliver us from the world. We shall reunite with those before us, which is a reason to have hope even as you grieve.

This takes us back to the scriptures where God selflessly gave his son up. This was meant to wash away all the sins of man so that we shall be able to see the kingdom of heaven. We abide by Christianity teachings in order for us to be able to get to heaven. In a funeral poem, encourage, sympathize and give hope to the bereaved.


Dealing with the loss of a loved one as a Christian



Losing a relative, parent or even a friend is a hard hit. We immediately enter the stages of grief, which we are going to look at a little later in this article. Now, dealing with the loss of a loved one as a Christian is not going to be easy for you. I mean, despite the Christian teachings about life and death, we are still human beings. And God understands that we are hurting and thus offers us comfort. You should understand that is completely okay to grieve in your own way. There is nothing sinful with letting yourself fell and hurt after losing a loved one. However, how exactly do Christians grieve?

Grieve with hope

Hope is actually the epitome of strong faith in Christianity. Well, it will hurt you the same way as the non-believers when you lose someone. However, you have the privilege to grieve with the hope that those before us are not gone for good. We have the hope of reuniting in eternal life as Jesus provides to us. This is why most funeral poems for a Christian who has departed should contain words of hope for the bereaved. In other words, we are urged to grieve without despair. It is sorrowful and sad that you have lost someone but then again, there is hope to see them happy in eternity.

Feel the pain

Just like the non-believers will, you are going to experience pain when you are grieving. It is only fair to let yourself feel without feeling guilty. Well, this can prove to be a bitter pill to swallow, given that we should have hope, rejoice in the Lord even when we are facing difficult times. However, we will only have to grieve temporarily since God will take the pain away. The truth is, there is absolutely no way around grief. You will have to feel the pain but then allow God to be your comforter. Seek comfort in the hope of reuniting with your loved ones in eternal life.

When we are grieving, it is natural to go through all the stages of grief. The first stage being denial, disbelief that the deceased has really left the earth. Well, you will also be tempted to question God for taking them away from you. However, we should remember that God always has a plan for us all, and thus it will only be for a limited period of time. Therefore, we should not dwell on the pain, rather we should focus on moving forward.

Seek acceptance

This is usually the most difficult part of grieving as a Christian. Well, once again, we have the hope of reuniting but it is going to take some time before you come to terms with the death of a loved one. You are going to feel the pain, and probably go through the painful process of grieving before you accept that it is God’s will. However, once again you have to remember that God has a purpose for each one of us. Therefore, take as much time to grieve as you can and eventually you will find acceptance of God’s will.




Lastly, it is not going to be easy to grieve. You might find yourself questioning God why he had to take away the person you loved. We should be encouraged and have hope that the deceased is now with the Lord rejoicing. This does not mean that you shouldn’t grief. Quite the opposite actually as we should find comfort in the Lord. It is okay to feel the pain but also have the hope in the lord that the deceased is in a better place.

And lastly, funeral poems for a Christians will offer the comfort and courage the bereaved need to move on.



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