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Funeral Poems for a Loved One

Funeral Poems for a Loved One. Be different from the rest.

We often struggle in our culture to come to terms with death, but it’s important to understand that it is a part of our life on this earth. Everything dies, and nothing is permanent. While we are busy living our lives, we often forget that everything is transient. Our human lives are but momentary and fleeting things in the long history of this planet, and the best thing we can do is to live in the moment and enjoy what life has to offer.


When a Loved One Dies


It is always a sad time when a beloved family member dies. It is a time to reflect not just upon the life of the deceased and the many cherished memories, but also upon what death means for each of us. How can we live our best lives? How can we experience this life so that we get the most out of it before we each pass into the great unknown?

These are all pertinent questions, but many people struggle with them. That’s perfectly understandable in a culture where we often prioritize the material over the immaterial. It is understandable in a culture where we are taught to fear death rather than accept it as a natural part of the journey of our lives.


The Symbolic Importance of Funeral Poems For A Loved One


Humans have always had funeral rites, and the surprising thing is that archaeologists have discovered that even our Neanderthal ancestors had burial rituals that were important to them. The fossil record shows that early humans used to bury their dead with jewelry and other things that were likely important to the deceased.

The ancient Egyptians, of course, had elaborate rituals for their dead. Indeed, they built giant pyramids to house the mummified bodies of the most important members of their sophisticated society. For ancient societies such as this the world over, death was part of the journey of our human lives, and a highly ritualized burial ceremony was an important way of sending them to the afterlife.


What Does It Mean to Us?


In essence, all of this really means that humans have long had a special relationship with death and the deceased. It reminds us of our fragility and the life-cycle. In this sense, we have developed special rituals around death, and many cultures around the world throughout history have looked upon burials and funerals as special and sacred events.

This reverence holds true whether we’re religious or not. The funeral is symbolic of who we are and where each of us will end our life’s journey. Whether we choose to celebrate it joyfully or in a more somber manner, the truth is that we have always had and will always have a special relationship with death and the dead.


Funeral Poems for a Loved One

How Can We Make a Funeral a Truly Special Experience?

Many people struggle with funerals. Indeed, the last thing that anyone wants to do is to organize a funeral. So, how can a funeral be made more special? How can a funeral be the kind of reflective and sacred experience that everyone can relate to? How can it touch us at the deepest of levels?


What About Using Poetry?


Since time immemorial, the best poetry has been able to dig deep into the human soul and reveal both the dark and the light. Poetry is unlike other writing in that it attempts to encapsulate the infinite within the finite. It vibrates with the energy of the universal human experience, and yet it remains an elusive art-form.

Whether Coleridge, Keats, or the Japanese masters of Haiku, the best poetry has an amazing capacity to delight, surprise, and enlighten us. It speaks about the human condition and our place within this reality, and it allows us to reflect. In this sense, reading funeral poems for a loved one can truly help to make the occasion sacred and special.


A Short History of the Poem at Funerals


The eulogy is a crucial part of any funeral and is an opportunity for the loved ones who have been left behind to say some very personal things about the deceased. The eulogy is a way to remember the deceased in front of friends and family.

Did you know that poems have been really important in eulogies for a long time? This goes right back in history to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who used poetry during their eulogies. There were even poets who specialized in writing poems for eulogies, and Callimachus wrote a famous one for his lover.

During the Romantic period, poets like Samuel Taylor Coleridge elevated the elegiac styled poem to lofty heights. For poets like Coleridge, encapsulating the mysteries of death and the universe in poetry was much like a moth to a flame, and these elegies have been used countless times since.


Why Is Poetry Used At Funerals


As mentioned previously, poetry is a written form that attempts to encapsulate universal themes within its structure. The best poems are relatable and include universal human themes that we all understand at a deeper level. Poetry plays by slightly different rules in this sense, and the best funeral poems for a loved one will tell of loss, grief, melancholy, and transience.


Should You Write Your Own Poetry?


If you really want to add your own touch to the funeral proceedings, writing your own poetry is always going to be tempting. That being said, it’s certainly not for everyone, and the truth is that badly written poetry is downright awful to listen to. Who really wants that at a eulogy? In this context, sometimes poetry is best left to the experts.

Should you really want to add your own touch to the eulogy and if you think you have a bit of a talent for writing, you might find some benefit in trying to pen it yourself. Why would you want to do that? You’d want to do it because writing your own poem can express the unique and very personal feelings you had about the deceased.


Advice for Your Own Poetry


The good news is that you can source poetry from a variety of places nowadays. If you’re struggling to come up with your own poem, you can get in touch with someone who has the talent to write some poetry for you, while still expressing the emotions that you wish to express.

If you really want to give it a try, here’s some sage advice.


Funeral Poems for a Loved One

Use Your Heart

Even if you don’t think that you’re great at writing poetry, the real key to it is to make sure that you give it your own personal touch. To do this, you really need to ensure that you’re writing from the heart. There are rules to some poetry, of course, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to rhyme everything, for example. The best funeral poems for a loved one in these situations always need to be personal and completely honest and from the heart.




Before you even begin your poem, you should take some time to reflect and think about the person you loved. What was your relationship like with them? What kind of person were they? How much will you miss them? What does life mean for you? What kind of memories do you have of this person? It’s a good idea to jot down some rough dot points so that you can refer to them later.




If you’re stuck on what to say, think about the sorts of things the deceased used to say and talk about. Did they have a favorite sporting team? Did they have a common and funny saying? These are the sorts of things that can be incorporated into your poem. This also means that everyone at the funeral will easily relate to the poem.


Highlight the Memories


In the end, memories are all we really have of those who have passed on from this earth. This is how they will be remembered and how they will be kept alive by those who knew them best. Everything is transient, even our own planet, but poetry can be used to communicate deeper feelings and memories. In this sense, try to include some of the best memories that you have of your loved one. What did they do in life? How did they impact the world and other people around them? The best 400;”>funeral poems for a loved one include a lot of good memories.


Talk to Other People


Of course, your relationship with the deceased is not all that there was to their life. Try talking to other members of your family and the friends of the deceased so that you can get a better idea of who they were in life. Doing this often turns up some surprising memories. Even though your poem is personal, including others in it will tell a more rounded story about the deceased and place them in a wider community context.


Funeral Poems for a Loved One

Throw out the Rules If You Have To

Many people think that all poetry should rhyme, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of poetic forms and structures, and they all work well within their context. While some poetry does indeed rhyme, your poem doesn’t have to. In fact, unless you have a gift for it, writing a rhyming poem can feel very limiting and also limit what you have to say.


Read It to Others


It’s also a good idea to make sure that you read the poem aloud to yourself and others before delivering the eulogy on the day of the funeral. This will allow you to hear it back for the first time and also allow others to provide constructive feedback.

It will also give you a chance to hear it in your own voice so that you can make changes if you really need to. Just don’t get caught up in editing the poem. A poem that is raw and heartfelt is always going to be better than one that has been drafted a hundred times over.


Simpler Is Better


Many people are scared of using poetry at a eulogy. Maybe they had a bad experience at school, or perhaps they simply feel that poetry has fallen out of fashion these days.

The truth is that poetry is a special medium and can encompass a wide range of feelings better than just about anything else. However, it doesn’t actually have to be complex to be good. It doesn’t need to be high-minded or intellectual to be emotive. It just needs to reflect true and honest feelings. In this sense, simpler is better.


What If You Can’t Write Your Own?


Not everyone has a skill for writing poetry, and sometimes it just makes more sense to use one of the many great poems that are already available. There are even people out there who will help to compose a poem so that it says what you want it to.

Even if you have doubts, just remember that the poem is merely the vehicle for saying how you and others feel. It doesn’t matter whether you wrote it yourself, found it online, or hired a poet to write it for you. If it says everything that you want it to say and honors the deceased, it will be just fine.


It’s All About the Memories


The best 400;”>funeral poems for a loved one are always highly personal. They allow others to relate, and they also speak about your relationship with the deceased. Though everything fades eventually, people can live on in memories in some sense. A good poem allows us to access these memories and find out more about a loved one who has passed away.

Our ancient ancestors may have seen the true value in poetry because they weren’t distracted by all of the things we have today, but this doesn’t mean that poetry has no relevance today. Whether you have a knack for writing or you hire someone else, a poem can say a lot more than people realize.


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