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Funeral Poems for Dad Will Soothe Our Soul


400;”>Funeral poems for dad are a perfect way of saying goodbye to our loved one. What’s more, you can talk about their lives and celebrate and remind us of all the good things that they’ve left behind. Such poems cherish their deeds and keep the memory of them alive.

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Funeral Poems for Dad


Fathers are probably the most important role models even at the earliest stages of our lives. The connection that we had with our fathers shapes our life path and defines who we are today.


Therefore, when we lose such a figure, no matter at what age, we suddenly feel a profound emptiness in the very core of our being. It is exactly that emptiness that makes us yearn to pay our respects to our parents in some special way that will emphasize our relationship and how we feel about them.


 funeral poems for dad


Funeral Poems for Dad: Their Purpose and Where to Use Them


400;”>funeral poems for dad are a special type of funeral poems that celebrate the life and mourn the death of our fathers.


There are various types of funeral poems that will serve for different circumstances. Therefore, when we’re talking about funeral poems for dad, it’s vital to understand that they are so convenient because there is a wide variety of them. Each poem usually tells its own story, and each poem can leave a different impact on those who are in grief.


Some poems exist to celebrate everything that our dad was to us. They serve as an unsaid Thank You for everything that he did to help us become who we are. On the other hand, others are more in line with our current feelings of grief and sorrow. Their purpose is to help us say how sorry we are for losing someone such as our father. While reciting them, we let out all those built-up emotions in us and feel relieved.


Therefore, funeral poems for dad have an important place in funerals and memorial services. What’s more, we can use these poems for obituaries, condolence letters or sympathy cards.


Using Funeral Poems for Dad in Eulogies


We know that eulogies are a form of writing or speech that serves as praise for dear people who have recently passed away. They are usually a part of funeral services, and we can hear them in funeral homes during or after the wake.


Eulogies are delivered by close family friends or family members of the deceased. A good eulogy is important because it provides comfort and brings peace to everyone who is in grief. However, when someone is hit with a great loss, it can be hard to find the right words and deliver a successful eulogy.


Losing a parent or a father, in particular, is such a loss. Moreover, if our dad passes away suddenly, we’ll have a hard time finding the right words to express our grief, gratitude, disappointment, and a myriad of different emotions that are boiling deep down in us. No matter how much time we have before the service or the wake, it won’t be enough to put everything into a coherent eulogy.


Therefore, funeral poems for dad are lifesavers in such hard times. Most of them have been around for years and even centuries and were written by the greatest poets and minds of humankind.


They are a perfect choice for giving a proper eulogy for our dad. Why? Simply because we can easily find a poem that will describe our feelings the best. They will console both us and all who are present at the service, and deep down, we’ll know that our dad will be proud too.


So, if we need to give a eulogy for our dad, we should consider finding the right funeral poem. It can save us a lot of time and pain, as well as provide us with comfort in times of need.


Using Funeral Poems for Dad in Obituaries


Simply put, obituaries are news articles that report that a person has passed away recently. They usually include information about the upcoming funeral, the names those in grief, and sometimes, an account of the person’s life.


Obituaries can differ from town to town, country to country, and they usually have different formats. Some big newspapers will only publish obituaries for important people. In small towns and communities, this isn’t the case.


Therefore, if our or someone else’s dad passes away, we might find it hard to put up an obituary that will suit the circumstances and the format proposed by the newspaper.


Obituary for Dad


Nevertheless, obituary funeral poems for dad will usually fit in any newspaper, simply because some of them are short and can perfectly describe our emotions. They might be even better for memorial obituaries, as they can praise the life and personality of the deceased.


On the other hand, if we live in a culture where street obituaries are common, placing a funeral poem for dad in the obituary instead of a few words can make it stand out from the rest. It will show everyone how much we loved and cherished the deceased.


If someone important passes away, in this case, a father, choosing a funeral poem for an obituary will only emphasize the importance of that person. The verses will subconsciously present to the reader how much that person and his deeds impacted the lives of others.


Therefore, if we need to write an obituary for our dad but we cannot express our grief in words, we should look for a funeral poem that will say everything instead of us.


funeral poems for dad

Using Funeral Poems for Dad in Condolence Letters


Condolence letters are an expression of our sympathy for all those who are experiencing pain that arises from death.


These letters can vary both in content and format. Therefore, we can express our sympathies through them in multiple ways. If someone’s father has passed away recently, then we should consider including a funeral poem for dad in one of these letters. Why? Simply because the format allows us to express ourselves perfectly.


Choosing a funeral poem for dad will also help us to express our deepest sympathies even if we didn’t know the deceased person. Most of them can work in many circumstances and are probably the best way to say goodbye.


Using Funeral Poems for Dad in Sympathy Cards


Sympathy cards are quite similar to condolence letters. They are a perfect way of showing sympathy to someone who has lost their loved one. The main difference between these cards and the aforementioned letters is usually in the size and format.


Some sympathy cards can be bought at funeral homes. Some of them already have verses on them. However, if we’re looking to express our condolences in verse to someone who has lost a father, we should choose funeral poems for dad.


Many of these poems are actually short and will fit perfectly on a sympathy card. What’s more, poems sometimes provide better comfort than prose. Therefore, not only will we be able to pay our respects that way, but we’ll also console those in need.



History of Funeral Poems for Dad


For centuries, people have been using poetry to express their feelings and desires. Therefore, we can say that poetry is a form of communication. It communicates our deepest thoughts that we can’t express in any other way.


At some point in history, humankind saw that poetry could provide comfort in times of need. Thus, people started to use it in funeral rituals. These verses became standard texts that ministers and other religious patrons included in their service. The assimilation of poetry with other religious texts was seamless, and nowadays, it would be hard for us to separate them and deduce the difference.




We can see the first examples of funeral poems for dad in the earliest forms of elegies. Elegy is a type of poem that is usually a lament for the dead.


Early Greek and Roman literature brought us these poems. We even used a Greek term elegies, which means lament, in order to name them. They were written in a special poetic form called elegiac couplets, and they originally dealt with multiple themes like war, love, and of course, death.


Greeks usually used elegies for epitaphs. However, there were some occasions when they wrote poems for mourning in elegiac couplets. It is exactly among these poems where we can find the first examples of funeral poems for dad.


The elegy entered the English literature in the XVI century and later expanded in the XVII century. Still, unlike Greeks, the English poets used elegies only as a lament for deceased beloved or a tragic event.


John Donne and Thomas Grey were some of the most famous early representatives of poets who wrote elegies. We can find some hints of funeral poems for dad in their work too.


XIX Century


Later periods in human history, especially the XIX century, saw the rise of poems that explicitly dealt with themes such as death. We can look for the main reason in the circumstances of that period.  


People died a lot from various conditions, and death was a part of everyday life. However, the XIX century can also be considered as the golden age of poetry, and poets wrote about things that surrounded them. In this particular case, it was death itself.


However, these particular poems were not a part of funeral rituals. As a matter of fact, they were personal. They served as an expression of the poets’ deepest feelings. Since death was surrounded by different circumstances, the poets saw the need to adjust their poetry because they were motivated by various things. Hence the emergence of what we now know as funeral poems for dads.


XIX and XX Centuries


XIX and XX centuries were full of wars that destroyed many families. People who gave lives on the fronts were not just mere soldiers; they were also fathers. Stricken by grief, their families didn’t know how to cope with such loss. Therefore, they couldn’t regard them as soldiers on their funerals, but as fathers, husbands, and sons. The eulogies that they gave became more personal and dealt with the lives and deeds of the deceased.


Exactly in that period, we can see the introduction of funeral poems for dads in the upper class. The reason is that they had access to literature and many poets were also highborn or rich people. Furthermore, nobility and other members of the upper class sometimes competed in who will have a better eulogy.


When a patron of a certain family died, it was a matter of prestige to have someone read a deep and meaningful funeral poem for dad during the ceremony or the wake.


On some occasions, the sons and daughters even went so far as to actually hire the poets to write such verses. They thought that funeral poems for dad, as we call them now, could show others how much they cared about the deceased.


funeral poems for dad

Modern Age


As the decades went by and literature became widely available to everyone, funeral poems for dads gradually entered the modern understanding of funeral rituals. People found great comfort in them because such poems helped them accept the death of their fathers.


Therefore, we can now consider funeral poems for dads as an inevitable part of funeral eulogies and other forms of paying last respects to the deceased patron of a family.


Types of Funeral Poems for Dad


There are various types of funeral poems that we can use to mourn the death of our fathers. They differ in writing style, tone, and themes. However, we may notice that they always deal with coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.


Not all funeral poems for dad will suit every circumstance. On some occasions, we can consider some of them to be more appropriate than others. Therefore, we should always make sure to take some time and choose the right poem that everyone will cherish and that will provide comfort both to us and others who are grieving.


We can classify funeral poems for dads into multiple categories:


  • Poems that celebrate life
  • Poems that mourn the loss
  • Poems that provide comfort
  • Poems that express gratitude


We can easily recognize the different characteristics of funeral poems for dads. Therefore, when we’re looking for the right poem, we’ll be able to sort them into these categories. The aforementioned categories are important, simply because they will help us choose a poem that is appropriate for our circumstances.


Poems that Celebrate Life


We can discern poems that celebrate life easily. The tone of these poems is usually more lighthearted and bright. They focus on the life of the deceased and talk about his deeds and achievements.


In these poems, death usually isn’t regarded as a definitive end of someone’s existence. What’s more, they celebrate all the glorious things that life is about. They regard life as a circle; an amazing journey that must come to an end in order for the next one to begin.


These poems also tell us about the mark that the deceased father left on this world; a mark that is also a heritage for his children, family, and descendants. Above all, poems in this category will make us feel proud that we were a part of our dad’s life story.


Poems that Mourn the Loss of Dad


When the grief is so strong that we can barely cope, we can find comfort in poems that mourn the loss of a loved one. Such poems will help us to let out all the built-up trauma and emotions. These poems go right to the core of the sorrow that we feel when we lose our father.


At first, these poems may hit us harder than we think they will, but they are actually beneficial because they help us say all those things that are usually left unsaid. They allow us to express our fears, our devastation, and our deep disappointment in life. They can also help to express anger towards things that are beyond our reach, like death itself.


All of this can be good both for us and those present because it releases built-up tension. Yet, we must understand that these poems aren’t negative in nature. Yes, maybe they don’t celebrate the life of the deceased. However, they celebrate the emotions that we still feel towards them. And our emotions can tell a lot about what kind of a person our dad was.


funeral poems for dad

Poems that Provide Comfort


Funeral poems for dads that provide comfort are probably suitable for most circumstances. They don’t go too much into detail about the life of the deceased or the feelings of those who are grieving.


As the name of the category says, these poems are written to console all those who are feeling a tremendous amount of sorrow. Sometimes they can be of religious nature, and they often deal with the afterlife.


Furthermore, these poems can talk about coming to terms with the fact that our dad won’t be around anymore. However, they will usually point out the positive things that await us. They console us by telling us to continue our lives and do things that will make our dad proud.


Poems that provide comfort come from a place of care, mutual understanding, and patience. Therefore, they are perfect for devoting them to the closest family and relatives of the deceased.


Poems that Express Gratitude


We can sometimes mistake poems that express gratitude for poems that celebrate life. However, the main difference is that these poems are actually a beautiful way to say thanks for everything that our dad did for us. They are perfect for paying last respects and saying goodbye.


Poems that express gratitude mention all those little but significant things that made us who we are today. They also give us the strength to continue after such a great loss. They’re not telling us to forget, but instead to remember and cherish all the moments that we shared with our dad. They make us feel lucky for having a chance to be the daughter or a son of such a wonderful person.


Positive Effects of Funeral Poems for Dad


We highly recommend using funeral poems for dad in eulogies, obituaries, and condolence letters. Why? Simply because they leave many positive effects. They can console both us and those who are present at the service or during the wake. They also help to keep the memory of the deceased alive, and above all, they give us strength during one of the most devastating moments of our life.


After reciting such a poem, everyone will feel a bit relieved. A poem can’t take away the pain, but it can soothe the soul. Furthermore, poems can also leave a sense of hope that one day we’ll be reunited with our fathers. More importantly, they can help us come to terms with the fact that we’ll simply have to continue our lives without them.


Why We Should Use Funeral Poems for Dad


General speeches and eulogies are fine. However, writing something for a funeral service can be hard, simply because words can be stuck in our heads.  


When we’re burdened by our loss, we don’t have the strength to come up with a speech that will say everything about how we feel and what our dad meant to us. After all, it is our dad, and it can be hard to convey a whole life worth of memories and emotions.


It is almost impossible to be creative in devastating moments like these. Therefore, writing a proper speech that will do justice to our loved one is probably the last thing we want to think about.


However, we will want to say something that will reflect on our relationship with him; something that is deep, meaningful, and that will serve as a decent and suitable goodbye. So, we should consider reading or reciting one of the funeral poems for dads. With them, we will never be lost for words again. Such poems will help us feel like we are making amends to the deceased and expressing everything that he meant to us.


7 Reasons Why We Should Use Funeral Poems for Dad


We should use these poems in order to:


  1. Console our loved ones
  2. Say goodbye to the deceased if we can’t find the right words
  3. Provide comfort to our soul
  4. Keep the memory of our father alive
  5. Remember his life
  6. Praise his deeds
  7. Help ourselves to move on

When to Use Funeral Poems for Dad


We should use them:


  • Before or after a funeral service
  • During wakes
  • During memorial services
  • When we feel grief and sorrow

Where to use Funeral Poems for Dad


We can use these poems in:


  • Eulogies
  • Obituaries
  • Condolence letters
  • Sympathy cards.

How to Choose a Suitable Funeral Poem for Dad


Choosing funeral poems that we will recite during a funeral service may seem hard at first because there’s a wide variety of them. However, since we’ve already divided these poems into categories, the process of finding the right one should be easy.


Furthermore, it’s not about spending hours reading different poems until we find one that will suit the circumstances. We can also find a perfect poem by following our gut feeling; as if someone up there is trying to show us the best way to say what we want.


Once we read a couple of verses and feel the tone, the voice, the style, and the theme, we will know whether the poem is right. Sometimes, it’s not as much about the content as it is about how the verses flow. If a poem is soothing and calming, or if it helps us get out all those piled-up emotions, and above all, if it feels true to our heart, we should choose it.


Talking with other family members on which poem we should choose can also be a good place to start. They can help us pick between two similar choices, and maybe they’ll even decide to recite the funeral poem.


Therefore, it can be beneficial to ask others for opinions. We just need to remember to always reach the decision by ourselves. Why? The funeral poem that we choose will reflect our personal emotional state, and it should be true to how we feel.


Final Thoughts


Funeral poems for dad have been around for many years. People use them in times of need to say goodbye to their beloved parent, keep the memory of him alive and console themselves and their loved ones.


These poems are perfect if we need to give a eulogy simply because they will save us the trouble of finding the right words in times of grief. What’s more, they can be a perfect substitute for the text in obituaries.


We should also consider using them when we’re writing condolence letters and sympathy cards for someone who has lost a father. A poem will definitely provide more comfort than simple words.


Finally, the aforementioned poem categories can help us find the right poem for our circumstances. However, the final decision should always be based on whether the verses feel true to our hearts.

All of the advice given in this conclusion and the answers to them can be found by following this link.

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