Funeral Poems for Dad About Gardening. Use special words.

Funeral poems about gardens

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Funeral Poems for Dad About Gardening. The right words.


Funeral Poems for Dad About Gardening


There’s something about our imminent death that can make even the bravest person wonder about what comes next. Will anyone weep for us? Will our family remember us? What if it was all for nothing and we didn’t use our lives as we should have?


It does sound quite scary when you think about it. But, because death is unavoidable, most people try to live their lives to the fullest by actually using their time to the best of their ability. And, no matter how we look at it, hobbies make up a large chunk of that.


Yet, when it comes to funerals, hobbies don’t often make the cut in speeches. Most people cry or weep through their eulogies. The majority of others decide to focus on what that person meant to them. They talk about how great of a parent they were, and how they will be missed.


In the end, removing hobbies from a person’s life when they die is as if we’re eliminating one part of them. Thus, if your father has died and he was known as the “green thumb” next door, don’t hesitate. Opt for funeral poems for dad about gardening.


Celebrating our favorite plantsman


The very idea of including these poems might confuse some of you. Indeed, gardening isn’t really something that goes well with funerals. The only real connection between these two terms is the flowers!


Yet, gardening is so much more than just a hobby. Many can speak of its benefits and the fact that it has a positive effect on one’s psyche. Furthermore, gardening is not a competitive sport where we have to work on it day and night so that we could beat someone else. Oh, no. Gardening is a hobby that nurtures both the mind and the soul, as well as the body and overall life. In essence, it’s a simple thing to take up — but it comes with a variety of benefits.


Still, be that as it may, why would anyone want to read funeral poems for dad about gardening? How would these poems contribute to the overall celebration of one’s life?


Funeral Poems for Dad About Gardening

A plant lover’s legacy


Well, they won’t help much if your dad wasn’t that keen on gardening. However, as most of you already know, older people develop an interest in this hobby over time. It might have something to do with the fact that their children have all grown up. Thus, they have no one to take care of but the plants themselves.


And that’s the essence of gardening, right there. In order to be a good gardener, you have to know how to nurture plants. You need to educate yourself on things that may or may not harm them. What’s more, you ought to carefully study the plants so that you know to give them what they need.


It’s not as simple as it looks. And, if your dad was an avid gardener, you should try to seek solace in that fact. However, funeral poems for dad about gardening can help, and they can even serve as inspiration for the funeral flower arrangements, for example.


Reading these poems at the funeral is a fine idea too. You’ll get a chance to spread the word about your dad being a plant lover who took his time to nurture those who couldn’t nurture themselves. That is what made him a great man, wasn’t it?


Themes of funeral poems for dad about gardening


Now, gardening is a bit of a broad term. It covers everything we do in the garden, from taking care of the plants and taking out the weeds to finding a new place for flower beds we don’t want pets to find.


Thus, funeral poems for dad about gardening don’t have to stick to flowers only, for example. Of course, many of them use metaphors to compare different sorts of flowers and plants to how our life can extinguish just as quickly as a petal can fall onto the ground.


However, there are those that are even more abstract. Such poems only use the garden as a setting for a much greater purpose: the battle between life and death, for instance.


The list of subthemes goes on and on, and the variety of these poems is incredible. No matter if your dad was an amateur gardener or someone who repeatedly won awards for its roses — you will be able to find something suitable.


Gardening just might be the thing that made your dad a great parent.


Funeral Poems for Dad About Gardening


It’s essential to figure out what this hobby meant to the father in question. Was it a fleeting thing for him or something he looked forward to every day? Was it a necessity or perhaps something he took up in order to get over a trauma? All of this should be taken into account.


What did gardening mean to him?


For the most part, gardening is a hobby many people opt for purely because it has a soothing effect. There’s never a need to rush through the motions while we’re gardening — the plants will wait for us! Furthermore, gardening doesn’t require any complex skills. All we need is the will to cultivate herbs, vegetables, fruit, and other plants so that they might give us something to eat or use for other purposes.


Yet, some people also see gardening as therapeutic. Indeed, many veterans, as well as regular people who have PTSD rely on this nurturing part of the hobby in order to relieve the stress they feel on a daily basis. How so? There’s something about gardening that can easily relax the mind. The mix of colors, scents and simple tasks — it all has a therapeutic effect.


Thus, if you’re wondering which funeral poems for dad about gardening you should pick, there’s a good chance you’re searching for these because your dad was an enthusiastic gardener. However, remember to look for poems that talk about what gardening did for him. It changed him, didn’t it? He probably took it up because he was looking for a hobby that wouldn’t wear him out too much. Still, over time, gardening left a mark on him — a positive effect that made him a better man.


So, mention that. All those who want to pay their last respects to a green thumb father should try to incorporate gardening during the funeral as much as possible. That includes picking out the best poems, of course. But we don’t have to stop there. There’s nothing such fathers would love more than be surrounded by flowers and various plants they helped grow.


Are funeral poems for dad about gardening appropriate?


One of the things that might be a problem at our dad’s funeral is the fact that some people may not understand why we have chosen funeral poems about gardening. Indeed, cultivating and growing plants isn’t really in the realm of grief and mourning. In fact, it is a relaxing process that could even insult some people — after all, we’re talking about breathing life into things, not about death.


Yet, that is what’s glorious about these poems. There aren’t any rules when it comes to funeral poems you may choose to read at your dad’s funeral. Everything and anything works, as long as it comes from the heart. If our dad loved hip-hop, who could say we shouldn’t play it at the funeral if that’s what he would have wanted?


So, if you’re wondering whether funeral poems for dad about gardening are actually appropriate, don’t worry. These poems, as we have mentioned, often don’t rely on the gardening theme as much as we expect. Thus, a great majority of them are suitable for funerals purely because they connect two wonderful concepts: the idea of giving life to plants and crossing over into the beyond.


Funeral Poems for Dad About Gardening

These poems can inspire and heal too.


Another thing we ought to consider is that funeral poems are often read out loud so that the attendees can feel some sort of relief. If someone close to them has just died, they are going through various emotions. Grief, pain, and the loss of a loved one — these feelings can certainly make someone feel as if they’re breaking in half.


But, one thing that may help, especially if the deceased was a plant-loving father, are funeral poems for dad about gardening. Since these connect the wonderful world of all sorts of herbs, flowers and other plantings with imminent death, they are bound to provide the grieving with some solace. Furthermore, these poems are rarely truly sad. Instead, knowing full well that the family and friends of the deceased shouldn’t lose hope, the authors often mix in positive thoughts.


That way, even though they represent a fine way to say goodbye to someone, everyone who comes to the funeral won’t leave it feeling absolutely distraught. In fact, these can even inspire them to perhaps take up gardening, or help them heal themselves from within. Often, these funeral poems even inspire others to give poetry another chance too!


How to choose the best funeral poems for dad about gardening


Some would say that you should pick the poem that speaks to you. And, this is a good method to go about it. However, we mustn’t forget that funeral poems should also give a glimpse into the life of the deceased. They should talk about how good of a dad he was, that’s certain — but the gardening aspect has to be there.


It doesn’t matter if the gardening theme is used literally or figuratively. The important thing is that it’s there, hidden somewhere in the verses, just like flowers know how to hide in tall grass.


Therefore, the only way to choose these poems would be to go through the life of the deceased. If it is our father, it won’t be easy. Thinking of him so much would probably start to consume us slowly. However, the result will be a collection of the best possible funeral poems that talk about what he loved the most — gardening.


Additionally, it’s important to take into account the length of the poem, as well as the metaphors it contains. We have to strike the right balance between sad and hopeful; between grieving over a loss and being happy that our dad is free from all the pain.


Final thoughts


Funeral poems for dad about gardening are not the quintessential choice when it comes to funeral poetry. However, they can be a source of relief for the grieving and a chance for us to recall all the good things our father was capable of.


Of course, he had other skills besides gardening. But, since it was probably his favorite hobby, it meant a lot to him. It woke him up, transformed him and shaped him into the man we want to remember. Thus, it also deserves for us to give it the right tribute — and what better way to do that than through poetry?


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