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funeral poems for dad

Funeral Poems For Your Dad


Losing a loved one is perhaps the most difficult event in a person’s life, especially if that loved one is a parent. Most people can agree that fathers hold a special place in the family and when they’re gone, they leave a gaping hole that is impossible to fill.

It’s hard to let go but there are things that you can do to preserve the legacy of your dad while letting others know what he meant to you. A poem can be an excellent addition to a funeral or memorial service and can express some things that you can’t simply say with words.

Poems help us spread love, joy, and heartache in a way that is touching, meaningful, and artistic. It can provide a clearer picture of who our fathers were and how much they meant to us. Consider including a piece of poetry in your dad’s funeral service to commemorate his life and love.

There are several creative ways to incorporate a poem into the day even if you don’t consider yourself a poet or even an artistic person. Read on for some inspiration and ideas for honoring your dad in a way that is unique to you and your relationship with him. Remember that you’re not alone during this tough time and it’s important to lean on the support and love of friends and family as you grieve and process your loss.

Add Deeper Meaning

Keep in mind that funeral poems for Dad are not mandatory but they can add greater significance to the event. A funeral is a time to reflect on a loved one’s legacy and how he made a difference in your own life. There is no one right way to hold a funeral service and it can be as conventional or non-traditional as you want. The important thing to remember is that the memorial should respect your father and his wishes.

He might have left a will or final wishes about his final goodbye so be sure to check and follow along with his desired plans. Some people wish to have a religious service while others want something simple such as a reception without a full funeral. If you truly want to honor your father and respect his desires, then you will follow along with his plan for final goodbyes.

That being said, whatever you decide to do, be sure to make it personal to your father. Add more meaning to the event by including touches of your dad’s life throughout the day. Some common things to include in a funeral service include keepsakes and mementos from the deceased’s life as well as photos and projects that he may have completed.

If your dad was a handyman or liked to tinker with things, perhaps there are some little projects or creations you can share with guests. If he liked to sing, maybe show a video of him belting out a song. Or you and your guests could sing one of his favorite tunes together at the service. It’s the little details that add up to create a meaningful funeral that pays respects to your dad.

Your Dads Hobbies

Other aspects to add to the service are his hobbies and interests, important dates in his life, or accomplishments that he was proud of. A poem is a great way to incorporate all these factors of your dad’s life into a single piece of work.

Poems can allude to his hopes and dreams, the activities he did in his spare time, and any achievements that you would like to posthumously congratulate him on. A poem can use literary devices such as similes, metaphors, and beautiful imagery to bring back memories of your father and how he lived his life.

Poems are such an expressive way to paint a figurative portrait of your dad as you knew him as well as express what he meant to you. There are many pieces of poetry available online or you could use those examples to draft your own written piece.

Get Some Assistance

We know that it’s not easy writing something heartfelt and artistically fluid. Drafting a poem is already a hard task but adding the pressure of honoring a loved one takes to a whole new difficulty level. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and second-guess your work.

You start to wonder if your writing can do justice to your father’s place in your life and you might not feel confident in your spelling and grammar skills. This is why there are sites dedicated to funeral poems for Dad and these works cover a wide range of emotions, experiences, and creativity. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help to make your poem just right.

These sites exist because they want to bring you inspiration, support, and maybe an artistic muse to help you bring a poem to fruition. There are also dozens of examples online that you can peruse; just be sure to credit the author.

You might find a piece that captures the perfect essence of your dad, in which case, go ahead and use it. No one said that the poetry you use in the service has to be original or your own writing. There are so many beautiful poems out there and if they give you a feeling of comfort and peace, there is no shame in using them.

funeral poems for dad

Get help from your family

after all, the goal of these sites is to provide poetry so you don’t have to formulate your own work of art. You already have enough to deal with and process.

Another good idea is getting other people involved, particularly siblings or other family members. You don’t have to be the only one responsible for a funeral poem. Get siblings, grandchildren, aunts, and uncles, and your mother involved if possible.

They will each have their own stories of what Dad meant to them and the lasting impression he made on their lives. In fact, it’s a lovely thing to bring a variety of viewpoints into a piece of writing because it gives a clearer picture of how important your dad was. Relatives can also help jog your memory for examples of your dad’s ingenuity, kindness, or sense of humor. Your love for him will grow even more as you listen to what other family members have to say about your father.

Choose a Focus

As you and your family members work on drafting funeral poems for Dad, try to hone in on one particular focus. Of course, there will be plenty of things that you all remember about your father and you’ll be excited to share those memories with the guests at the funeral.

They too will want to reminisce but for the actual service, it’s better to keep things short and sweet. Funerals can be a tough time for some people because there are several strong emotions bouncing around such as grief, gratitude, sadness, and maybe even shock or denial. A long memorial service can test their stability and patience and a drawn-out poem can turn into a sloppy saga about your dad’s life.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t recall fond memories or share personal stories but a good rule of thumb is to keep it concise. A funeral poem is not supposed to be a biography of your father’s life; that’s what an obituary is for. Instead, be respectful of time, feelings, and your dad’s true legacy and combine the best aspects of his life into an artful piece of writing.

Again, prewritten or authored works are great for people who don’t have the gift of poetry. They can look through some existing examples and they just might find the perfect poem. Most of these examples have a primary focus such as a father’s love for his children, his compassion and tenderness, or a hopeful feeling that he’s in Heaven now.

Stick to a topic

Try to stick to one of these topics or a specific feeling such as hope, gratitude, or love. You can make your poem unique to your father while still focusing on an overarching theme. Maybe your dad was a kind-hearted man who helped out in his community.

Your poem could focus on his compassion and your gratitude for his unwavering loyalty to others. If your dad was a man of faith, focusing on God’s love and the promise of Heaven could bring a specific tone to the poem. Perhaps your father was a family man and had a deep love for his children and spouse. Describe that love and how meaningful it was to you as you were growing up as well as how you’ll carry that adoration with you forever.

Get Creative

There is no hard and fast rule about how to go about this. Funeral poems for Dad can take on many forms, such as songs or presentations. They don’t have to be formal written pieces that you read out loud for the service guests. Instead, try thinking outside the box and take your dad’s personality into consideration.

Was he an artistic or creative man? Did he have a passion for music or was he always following you around with a video recorder? Think about the little things that made him the dad you always remember. Even the annoying things that bothered you as a kid could be endearing now.

A bit of creativity can transform a typical, overused poem into something completely new. Songs often feature rhymes and flowery language; they are poems set to music. You could do the same thing with your funeral poem and set some musical accompaniment to it.

When you deliver the poem to the funeral guests, you might want some soft melody in the background. It would be a recording that you play over the speakers or someone playing an instrument alongside you. It’s a different way to deliver a eulogy and it could be a moving testimony to your beloved dad.

funeral poems for dad

Use imagination

Perhaps songs and music don’t fit well into your dad’s memorial service. That’s okay because there is a world of possibilities that you can explore instead. Presentations or slideshows make great use of the photographs, video clips, and keepsakes from your father’s life. You might want to put together a PowerPoint presentation or short video to do the talking for you.

A slideshow allows you to pick a suitable color scheme and ambient music or sounds to create an intimate journey through your dad’s life. You can add quotes, Bible verses, and poetry to round out the presentation. Try to keep it to five minutes or less as anything longer tends to get cumbersome, especially with a complete funeral service taking place.

Practice Reading the Poem

There are a lot of emotions surrounding funeral poems for Dad style=”font-weight: 400;”> but it’s important to get comfortable with the work so you can deliver it as seamlessly as possible. If you are delivering the poem at the funeral, be prepared to speak in front of a crowd of people. There might even be guests there that you don’t know, such as work colleagues or old childhood friends of your father.

Rehearse the poem several times, both alone and in front of a friend or family member, and make sure that there aren’t any words or phrases that you will stumble over. If you find yourself getting too emotional, maybe someone else can read the piece for you.

When choosing someone else to read the funeral poem, opt for someone who had a close relationship with your father. This could be a sibling, one of your uncles or aunts, or your dad’s spouse. These are most likely to be the people who were closest to your dad so they’re all prime candidates for delivering the eulogy.

Maybe you and a few other people want to take turns reading the poem. For example, each of you could recite a stanza so you’re reading the poem as a group. Just be sure to rehearse this plenty of times beforehand so that there aren’t any awkward silences or breaks.

Get critical

People sometimes choose to have a grandchild read the poem to give an air of innocence and pure love. Other people prefer a spouse to read it because she had a one-of-a-kind relationship with Dad.

A crucial reminder is to avoid technical problems as much as you can. While this goes for the entire service, the eulogy needs to be respectful and preferably without interruption. Someone should do a mic check prior to the start of the service and be sure to inspect any other technical equipment.

Audio and visual tools include speakers, electronic music players, and projectors. You don’t want a mic cutting out or an image projection that is out of focus. Ideally, this won’t be your job since you’re grieving for your father and don’t need to be burdened with superfluous responsibilities. Have a reliable person check on the technical side of things to ensure that the service goes off without a hitch.

Follow Your Heart

The final piece of advice to keep in mind is that you should do what feels right. Remember that you are not obligated to read the poem and neither is anyone else. If you want to include one, you can print the piece and publish it in the service pamphlet or program. That way, guests can read the poem to themselves and keep it in a safe place in memory of your father.

If you are delivering a poem, remember that it doesn’t have to rhyme or take on the traditional poetry format. Funeral poems for Dad can be free verse or they can be songs set to any type of music. You don’t need a poem at all and you don’t need to deliver a eulogy yourself if that doesn’t feel right to you. A pastor, priest, family member, or anyone you deem fit to deliver a eulogy can do so.

The memorial service is about honoring your father and his end-of-life wishes. Don’t let other people bully you into doing something you don’t want to do or disagree with.

Stand firm in what your father wanted and try to emphasize that this is about him, not what you or your family members want. Some people are quite simple and prefer not to have a full, traditional funeral service and that’s fine! There is an unbelievable amount of ways to commemorate your dad and all of them are right.

funeral poems for dad

The funeral service

Sometimes families opt for just a reception; other times, they have a private viewing with relatives only. There may be a Mass held in the deceased’s honor and there are other examples of having a ceremonial scattering of ashes.

Whether your father is being buried or cremated, there can still be a memorial event for him. On the other hand, maybe your family members live all across the country or even the world. It might not be possible for all of you to meet in one place for the funeral.

There could be circumstances such as illness that keep some family members homebound. This can be a crushing realization but it doesn’t mean that final arrangements go on hold. Try to find a way to include everyone with tools such as Skype and live streaming.

Let the Memory Live on

Funeral poems aren’t reserved for the service only; they can live on for the rest of your days. Poems are great for memorial services and eulogies but you can also use them beyond that event. For example, some people like to include quotes, verses, or poetry to memorial cards and hand them to funeral guests.

These cards typically include a photo of the deceased as well as some information about him or her. You can add beautiful imagery and visuals to round out a wonderful keepsake that people can treasure forever. While the funeral is a final send-off, something physical such as a memorial card or funeral program helps some people hold on to the memories.

You might want to consider this option as an additional piece of your dad’s service. After hearing the funeral poem, a lot of people will want their own copies of it. Bypass all the questions and requests and print it out for them to take home.

As for yourself, you might prefer to print the poetry out on larger paper and frame it. You could also make it part of a eulogy dedicated to your dad. Yet another idea is to take a phrase or verse that stood out to you and have it etched into your dad’s casket or cremation urn. There are quite a few possibilities for those who are creatively inclined! It’s obvious that there isn’t a rule about funeral poems nor is there one way to hold a funeral or memorial service.

Remembering your dad

Remember who your dad was and keep that at the heart of what you do for his final arrangements. Even if he was a man of few words, odds are that he would greatly appreciate a heartfelt poem whether it was penned by you or not. When it comes to fathers, they hold a special place in the heart.

They are symbols of strength and perseverance as well as tenderness, love, and generosity. You might think of your dad and picture success, togetherness, leadership, courage, self-sacrifice, wisdom, or knowledge. You might also think of his hobbies such as sports, cars, cooking, nature, or reading. Whatever comes to mind is fodder for your poem to come to life!


Here is a quick recap of the main points to consider when writing or finding a funeral poem for your dad. The work is meant to honor him — his life, his legacy, and what he means to you. What words or phrases come to mind when you think of your father?

Poems are hard to write and it’s fine if you don’t author it yourself. Ask for help from family members and friends or look up some sources online. It does not have to be a complex and verbose piece; sometimes simple is best (especially if that reflects your dad’s style).

Get creative and remind yourself that funeral poems are not a requirement for holding a significant and inspiring memorial service. If you want a special eulogy for your dad, a poem might not be the best choice. Songs and slideshows are other popular ways to express your love as well as other pieces of art such as collages.


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