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Funeral Poems For Dad.


Funeral Poems form a great channel of communication between the poet and the outside world. The artistic nature and the unique rhythm of a poem make it stand out as a useful tool for communication. Similar to songs, poems are great for conveying emotions to the world audience.


Poems bring live moments to the brim will darkening the dull moments in the author’s life. For instance, poems are an ideal way to communicate love during special occasions like birthdays and funerals. For most people, writing a poem to usher the birthday of a loved one is seemingly easy than for funerals.

Birthdays happen numerous times since birth while death occurs only once in any individual. Therefore, making the situation even complex. The harder part of all is when the deceased is a relative and most importantly the father.


Funeral poems for dads are poems that are read during a fathers’ funerals. The children of the deceased man are responsible for choosing the poem. Most of the time the children grace the occasion by reciting it to the audience.

Funeral poems for your dad.

These present a unique challenge to most mourners. One is supposed to speak love to the head of the family in a fashion that is unique and appreciative.

The poem should convey a farewell message to the late father and prophesy good deeds in the other world. Although, most people know exactly what to say they lack a style to brief it in a poem and add more style. Nonetheless, here are some important themes adapted from best poets around the world.

funeral poems dad

Praise and Thanksgiving.

This is the main idea for funeral poems for dad. To speak in an appreciative and prestigious language to the one and only irreplaceable father. As a poet and mourner, one should strive best to communicate how the late father was significant in life.

There should be a concise and lengthy language to communicate honor and appreciation to the father.

In funeral poems for dad, the poem and mourner should bring the past memories and give light to the audience. The poem should bring focus to the roles that were played by your dad before their demise- without the father figure, reaching this particular point in life would be a night dream, further illustrating how much a father was willing to sacrifice, to see the children grow to become respected members of the society.

There are many things to thank the father for that range from one individual to another and from one family to another. For instance, a first-born child (‘father’s hero’) has a unique perspective of how the father was and will thank differently when compared to the last born (‘fathers pet’). In the same manner, a royal family will thank the father differently when matched with an average family.

Lost Friend.

A father is a personal friend to most kids, especially during the teenage period. The father gives a guard against any puzzling situations that might cause a headache to the child.

In funeral poems for dad, the poem selected should be able to tell the audience and the deceased about the friendship that was existing, appreciate the father for always being there when a listening ear was all that was needed, and say lots of thank you to dad for making sure the children got a life mentor freely.

The poem should remind the audience and late father about how the birthday party went on successfully after intervening and making sure that all the arrangements were in place. As a friend, most fathers will take their kids to play and trips and outings at the expense of losing a job and missing appointments.

Some will even play with the kids and make themselves children again just to bond with the children talk. The poems usually capture all these moments.
For those daughters or sons, whose fathers lived long enough to hold their hands and walk them down the aisle, such awesome moments can be found incorporated in some funeral poems for dads.

funeral poems dadIt is a beautiful sight to behold, seeing a father presenting the son or daughter for marriage and wishing the best for the couple.
Now that the father is dead, it would be a great idea to talk about how the man was responsible enough playing the role of both the father and friend at the same time to see the wedding through.

The father was a heroic friend to give away his daughter/son in marriage. The dad is one of the people whom one wishes could acknowledge the choice of the spouse. Similar to the expectation the father did not disappoint. These poems never fail to capture such acts of honor.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Life Lessons.

Most people like to take after their fathers, especially sons. The boy child, most of the time will try to live the life of the late father. In such a situation, the child tries to fulfill the legacy that the father left behind. Every father out here in any family setting had something to live for.

In most cases, the father will strive to instill the same spirit in the children. The father may teach children to be hard workers and believe anything is doable with effort and determination. As a child, one could see such effort in the daily life of the father.

The father will pass lessons through teaching, mentoring and character modification. The father took the responsibility of becoming the first teacher at before even formal schooling. The man modified character through discipline.

It would be disrespectful to the late father when one dismisses such a point when celebrating their father’s demise. funeral poems do not leave matters to chances, you will always find such useful points captured too.

The poems talk about how the father made a good teacher, police officer, accountant, pilot, and engineer. The type of inspirations one got from the career of the dad is always included in the poems. The day to day motivations one received after seeing the father go to work each morning and coming back each evening.

The poems also speak about how the father influenced the career path of their children, illustrating a father led the family, never giving up even in hard financial moments. This might have given the children a sense of guard and a good chance to see the determination present in the father.

The poems always bring out the life lessons learned from the father in a systematic way.

 funeral poems for dad


Imaginations form another great theme that one can be communicated to a late father through poems. In funeral poems for dad, bringing imaginations may help to show how one is missing a significant father figure in life. Imaginations should bring the then to now and reinvent the wheel as far as the late father’s life is concerned.

For instance, it is through imaginations that one may speak some things as “if father was still alive…” or “father if only could live a little longer to see…” these are moments when one wishes the father was still alive. It usually paints the picture that all this is happening because a father has goon too soon.

The question of what will go on now that father has joined the ancestry world.

It is through the imaginations that regret the loss is evident. To communicate this point clearly, there are funeral poems for dads with perceived messages about what people will miss about the deceased.

You can also do a little customization to personalize the message, for instance, if your father was a preacher, you could include phrases suggesting how the world will miss the preaching. One can still speak how people are acting since the dad last preached and before dying in a eulogy. The main idea behind imaginations in such poems is to make the gap visible to the world and the deceased.

Capture the olden days.

It is in funeral poems for the dad that the one can easily capture the memories of the olden days. Reminding the late father and the audience how the days created a reason for laughter and how much they enjoyed his company.

Such poems talk about how the fairy tales that the father told during those days influenced their characters. They usually add content to the theme by saying how the stories made one reimagine things that do not actually exist.

Another vital point that they add under this is how the father would ensure that each child had equal size of anything. To become a father is a transformation just like childhood. One goes through various stages with the kids before qualifying as a good dad.

There are poems capable of vividly creating these images in the eyes of the mourner and audience, giving the memories of the late dad and thanking them for behaving in such a manner.

To qualify to be a good dad the man must have sacrificed enough for the family. A good poem will never fail to highlight such moments, the purpose, and the significance of each sacrifice.

Bring some humor.

This is another important theme that lightens up a somber mood. Funeral poems for dads can communicate how the early appearance of the father was the best of the best.

For instance, dad was the best cook, the best tutor, the strongest, the tallest, the wisest, the richest and most importantly the best dad. They humorously communicate to the late father and the audience how each of the above points faded with time. Give a precise picture of how the truth made love even strong.

Humour is a good sense to give the dark side of the late father, many a time the audience will not be aware of the weakness and would rather flow with the style.

The choice of humor in poems is another way to ensure that the poem does not cause irritation on the day of burial. One good thing to remember is that people want to hear more good deeds about the late father than bad deeds.

Furthermore, the deceased children are the least people that the audience expects to talk about the bad deeds of the deceased.

funeral poems for dad

Concentrate on life, not death.

If one is thinking about selecting a poem for a late father, one key idea to look out for is a poem that focuses on the life they lived and not the death.

If it is possible, you could avoid those that talk about the things that caused death and the events that could have avoided the death. This creates a certain mood of revenge and guilt at the same time. It will not be a good style to say goodbye to the father.

A good funeral poem makes an effort to talk about the past, the memories and the imaginations. It is not wise to talk about death at this particular point and time.

There are many things to revolve around apart from the cause of the death. For instance, a poem about a soldier father would impose guilt on the commander, as it is clear the order was from above.

Poems are a good way to say goodbye to the dead. However, one should check the choice of words and the style that is used in the poem.

The audience should see some art in the poem through the choice of words and creativity as well as the flow, even though it is a time for mourning. Consider the well researched and carefully selected funeral poems for dads at the Holy Bible.

You can also break some rules amidst reciting the poem, by throwing your own words here and there, to bring the taste and emotions to life. Just words of encouragement, not all mourners are professional poets, and pressure from the audience will not be of the highest pedigree, so go and recite your poem with ease.

After all, the audience will be lenient with art from a fellow mourner and a child of the deceased.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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