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Funeral Poems for elderly mother

 Special Funeral Poems for my elderly mother


Losing a mother is painful, regardless of how old she is. It is even sadder when you lose your elderly mother, your confidant and the person who probably loved you the most. However, no matter how much we would have loved to be with our mothers, death is inevitable.

The best thing we can do is celebrate the deceased’s life and grieve our loss. Funeral poems are one of the most preferred ways of expressing our feelings during these difficult times. In this article, we are going to look at the different aspects of a funeral poem for elderly mothers.

Once you receive the bad news, you are likely to be devastated and you may not know how to react at first. It is therefore important to take your time and process the news. This is not always easy as we are experiencing deep emotions. You will need to grieve and remember your elderly mother in the ways you prefer.


Funeral Poems for elderly mother. Take some time to get it right.


funeral poems serve as the best way to celebrate and commemorate the deceased. This is because the poem provides you with a chance to express your emotions. It is understandable that you may not have an immediate method of doing so.

You should take some time to reflect on the most treasured memories that you and your mother shared. These are going to give you an insight into how your mother would have wanted to be celebrated.

It is important to recognize that mothers play a large role in our lives. They do not have to be perfect, but we cannot forget the sacrifices that mothers make for us. So, what should be the content of the funeral poem?

There is no specific way of writing a funeral poem. However, you will have to decide on what message you want the audience to take with. The truth is, we all have different ways that we remember the deceased. If you have been entrusted with the task to write a funeral poem for your mother, you are going to need all the support and information you can get.

If you have siblings, it means that they also have to be involved in this difficult task. There are several aspects to consider when you are looking to write a funeral poem for elderly mother which include:

The message


Funeral Poems for elderly mother


This is the primary thing to look at whenever you are preparing a funeral poem. Once again, what do you want the audience to know about your mother? This is where you will have to consider who your mother really was and what she stood for.

However, if you shared a strained relationship with your mother, you should refrain from making the message of the poem negative whatsoever. In other words, focus on the positive traits and leave others. A funeral poem is supposed to honor the deceased and not embarrass and call them out.


The purpose of the funeral poem


You may confuse this with the message but there is a thin line between the two. The purpose of the poem depends on why you feel the need to write a funeral poem. It could be that you want to celebrate your mother or commemorate her. It is up to you and the family to decide why you need the poem. The purpose of the poem will definitely influence the message in it. More often than not, we write funeral poems because we want to express our feelings. It could be of grief, or even appreciation for the time we had with the deceased.

Well, this is the most common reason why most people write funeral poems. You want to let the audience know about the pain you are going through upon losing your mother. However, it is not always easy to say how we feel. In fact, upon losing my own mother, I did not know what to feel. It does not matter how old your mum was, it is going to hurt and leave a void in your heart when she is gone. Therefore, a funeral poem can serve as a medium to get grief off your chest. However, this does not mean that you will be okay, but it does help.

It is okay to feel the loss and the anger that comes with losing a loved one. At the same time, we cannot disregard the process of grief, even though it could be different for different people. Below are some of the stages of grief, varying from one person to another;

  • Denial and Isolation – this is the very first stage of grief. When you receive the news that your mother is no more, you may experience a difficult time trying to accept. In fact, most people want to be left alone and can hardly believe that it is true. Our brains tend to block the facts of passing away because we are numb for a moment. Understand that the grief process could be different for someone else.

In some cases, you might actually not find the meaning of life because you are in disbelief. Most people will want to be left alone for the news to sink in. This process may take minutes, hours, days or even months before you go on to the next step.

  • Anger – This is the second thing that comes to mind before actually accepting the death of a loved one. During this period, you are angry that you lost someone and there is nothing you could have done. You may be angry at the universe for taking away the one person you would give up anything for you. It is understandable that you are angry but this also means that you are starting to understand the reality that your beloved mother is no more. It may take some time when you are stuck at this stage but do take your time.
  • Bargaining – This is probably the worst stage of grief because you are negotiating with yourself. You are considering all the ways that you could have saved the deceased. You want to know why you had to lose her like that. This is a dangerous stage as you may find yourself blaming yourself, which is unhealthy. Understand that there is probably nothing you could have done to change the reality.
  • Depression – At this point, you already know that your beloved is gone for real. You could be depressing over the burial and the costs, which is practically normal. Another thing you may depress about is how you let go. The second kind of grief can be dangerous since you are getting ready to let go. This is usually the hardest part but you will pull through.
  • Acceptance – And the last stage of grieving is where you accept. Usually, this happens after you have learned to let go. Understand that in one way or another, you will have to let go and accept. Most people actually never reach this stage, especially if you were close to the deceased. You should, however, be careful not to sink in depression and thus seek help if you need it.

Funeral Poems for elderly mother

  • To pay tribute

As painful as it can be, losing your mother at an elderly age means that you spent a lot of time together. You got to know who she is and learn from her too. Therefore, if you are looking to pay tribute to your deceased mother, a funeral poem is definitely going to allow you to do so.

You can simply tell people about how amazing she was. I mean we do share strong emotions with our mothers. In most cases, you want to bid her goodbye in a nice way. You can, therefore, take it to a poem and tell people about how amazing she was and probably some of the things that you learned from her.

When you are paying tribute to your mother, you will be able to tell the world about how great she was. If your mother was active in community development, you can mention all her good deeds.

  • For Thanksgiving

This might sound ironical but it really isn’t. As much as losing a mother can be devastating, you can also choose to give thanks from the time you spent together. This can actually be perfect for a funeral poem for an elderly mother. Not so many people get to see their mothers get older and older as time goes by. Therefore, it is completely understandable if you want to appreciate the years you had with her, even if losing her is difficult.

In most cases, when an elderly person passes on, a thanksgiving funeral poem can be appropriate. For instance, maybe your mother was sick and elderly. Even though death is cruel, it can also be a way to relieve the pain your mother was going through. A thanksgiving funeral poem will most often focus on how grateful you are to have had so many years with your mother.

  • To celebrate her

It is devastating to lose your own mother at whatever age. It does not hurt less because she was old and therefore you are allowed to mourn her. However, you can also take up the opportunity to celebrate her in a funeral poem. This may feature some of the memories that you hold dear to your heart.

It does not always have to be a sad funeral, especially for an elderly parent. You may celebrate what she stood for and the things that she did when she was alive. I am sure you do have several things she taught you when she was alive. You can pick some of those things and come up with a great way to celebrate her.

When you are writing to celebrate your mother, you will need to come up with one thing that he stood for, that defined her. This is actually the hardest part because you will have to go back and refresh your memory. You will have to remember her for who she was and what she did for you and the entire society.

You may also need to ask your siblings as well as other relatives for more information. Understand that just because you have been asked to do a funeral poem for your mother, you do not have to do it alone. Your relatives are going to share with you how they remember your deceased mother. This way, you are definitely going to find a common thing that you can use to base the poem on.

  • Her beliefs

Your deceased mother’s beliefs are quite vital when you are writing a funeral poem for her. Remember that you are going to remember her the way she would have wanted you to. Therefore, put what she believe in into consideration before you start writing the poem.

For instance, if your elderly mother was religious, it would be dishonorable to ignore her beliefs. In this case, you may base the funeral poem on her religious belief. If she was not religious at all, then it would also not make sense to write a religious funeral poem. Do not let your beliefs affect the way you remember your deceased mother.

  • To honor her memories

This is probably one of the common reasons why people end up writing funeral poems for their loved ones. It is usually not about praising them but to honor their memories. These include the things your mother taught you when she was alive and the things you did together.

To successfully write a funeral poem to honor your elderly mother’s memories, you will need to go through all of them. This might end up being a very painful process but in the end, it is going to help you find closure. Do not push yourself so much, if you cannot be able to do it alone, you can ask your siblings to help you.

Once you decide what the purpose of your poem is, it is time to look at the structure of the poem. You do not have to be a professional poet for you to come up with a great piece. However, you will need to come up with a way to make the poem look and also sound good. You want the audience to get something from the poem, don’t you? Then you have to make it really good in order to capture their attention when you finally deliver the poem.

In conclusion

Make sure that the funeral poem for your elderly mother commemorates her honorably. Let the audience know that you have lost a treasure in her as well as show them how to remember your beloved mother. You may wish to use Funeral Poems within a eulogy and my advice is to use a poem at the start, middle and conclusion of the eulogy. 




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