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Few things can be more difficult than having to grapple with the death of a loved one especially a grandad. So, let’s have a look at Funeral Poems for Grandad

On the one hand, it is something that inevitably happens to all of us. In that way, however somber and heartrending, our capacity for compassion in shared grief is our most important, ennobling, and utterly human traits.

On the other hand, however, it always feels different when it is someone you love who has passed on. This is a person whom you cared for, of whom you have vital, life-defining memories, who have inextricably and eternally woven themselves into the fabric of your life – and now, they’re gone. But never forgotten.

From Homer to Virgil, Rumi to Dante, Shakespeare to Dickinson to Borges and beyond, poets have long commemorated and consecrated the passing of loved ones, transmuting that hurt into some of the most enduring human expressions of compassion and goodness.

funeral poems for grandad can touch on a wide range of topics, keeping different aspects of the person’s life and livelihood alive.


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Remembering Their Friendships


Poems commemorating your grandfather’s friendships can help you remember them in a different light as well. So much of what defines us as people is the company we keep. funeral poems touching on your grandfather’s friendships can help preserve who he was as a friend, and what his friends meant to and thought of him. Funeral poems that include references to your grandfather’s friendships can be a great way to commemorate some of their closest bonds while being a comfort to those they loved best.


Remembering Their Marriage


Funeral Poems for Grandad


Of course, there is no bond that is closer or more beloved than that between your grandfather and grandmother. If your grandmother is still alive, the loss of her life’s most cherished companion can leave her devastated, as might anyone who has lost such an enormous part of their life, livelihood, and very being. A funeral poem can give her one more memento by which to remember your grandfather.

If your grandmother has already passed on, a poem can ensure they are united in verse forever. A funeral poem commemorating both of them can help ensure that their legacies and memories live on. Our grandparents fought battles on the grandest and most intimate of stages so we could have a better life. The least we can do is remember and appreciate their lives and what they have meant to our own.


Remembering Their Family


There is no connection that matters more than that between oneself and their family. Your grandfather’s connection to your family is many-layered and multigenerational. He has likely meant different things to different members of your family. Asking them what he meant to them and putting those answers into a poem can be a great way of sharing all of your thoughts about him, which can be a vital part of the healing process.


Remembering Their Hobbies


For as wholesome and healing as those aforementioned family, friends, and relationship-centric poems can be, they can also be on the heavier side. No one is serious all of the time. Remembering the hobbies that gave your grandfather joy can be a way of remembering him with a sense of joy. What’s more, remembering your grandfather in happy moments can help you better come to peace with his passing.

What’s more, hobbies can say something about us as a person. Maybe your grandfather was a hardy outdoorsman, and his love of camping, gardening, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities is a reflection of that.

Maybe he was a great lover of culture, as exemplified by his passion for the arts or life as a world traveler. Maybe he was a sportsman, and his love for baseball, football, golf, or any number of other sports are a perfect example of that.

Maybe your grandfather shared some of his hobbies and passions with you – and a poem can be a great way of commemorating and remembering your time together.

They say that golf is “a good walk wasted” – but there’s nothing wasted about remembering those times together in verse that can keep the memories alive forever.


Remembering Their Work


Work is about as universal as it gets. We all need to work, and what we do can have an enormous impact on our lives. Your grandfather may have been defined by his work and, indeed, may have helped define and shape his workplace in turn. That is something of which everyone can be proud, and is thus something you may wish to have commemorated in poems.

One of the best things about these types of 400;”>funeral poems for grandad is the fact that it allows you to reflect on their past as well as their present. It lets you take into account their work in their youth as well as age, stringing together a narrative of a life spent as a dedicated worker hard at work – just the way they’d want to be remembered.


Remembering Their Beliefs


Funeral Poems for Grandad


We as people are more than a mere collection of status symbols or days spent at the office. We are the parts of something greater. Whether for you that “something greater” is something religious, a more spiritual connection, or the secular march of human progress, our beliefs are some of the most worthwhile and enduring parts of ourselves. They are the kind of thing we would want to pass on to future generations.

In short, they are the perfect material for a funeral poem commemorating the ideas and values we cared about most. Our grandfathers fought against tyranny and bigotry, worked to build a better life for us here, and did it all while guided by their values and beliefs.

These are the things which inflamed their passions and sparked them to action – it is left to you to keep that light aflame, and funeral poems for grandad commemorating their beliefs and values can be a great way to do just that.


Remembering Their Causes


The same holds true for any causes with which your grandfather may have been closely associated.

Maybe they were a soldier in the Second World War or wars afterward and dedicated themselves to the cause of liberty. Maybe they were an immigrant and dedicated themselves to forward the fortunes of your family and your group as a whole. Maybe there were political, religious, scientific, or artistic causes that filled their imagination and which they considered one of the great centerpieces of their lives.

Whatever it may be, a funeral poem commemorating that cause and what made it so meaningful to your grandfather can be a great way to keep that cause and their dedication to it alive.


Remembering Their Culture


Our family’s background and culture can have a huge impact on our values and identity. If your grandfather was particularly proud of their identity and culture, commemorating it as part of a funeral poem for them can be a tremendous way of paying respect to both them and your own background. Indeed, this can be a chance for you to reconnect with your own cultural roots as you explore what made your grandfather care about it so much.

What’s more, different cultures have different ways of mourning, from Celtic traditions with their wakes to the Jewish tradition of sitting shiva after a funeral.


Remembering Their Youth 


It is one thing to know a grandfather in old age – it is quite another to gain insight into who they were as a young man. Funeral poems about your grandfather’s youth can preserve a fuller image of who they were as a person while giving you new insight into their life story. It is in learning and sharing such details, generation to generation, that we keep our family’s stories alive.

It is that act of storytelling and family remembrance which is at the heart of our wish to craft funeral poems for the departed. Every family has a story, and your grandfather played a leading role in yours. Remembering their youth via a funeral poem can help ensure the full extent of their story is told and remembered.


Remembering Their Era


What’s more, a funeral poem touching on your grandfather’s youth can help keep that era alive. Family history is a patchwork of eras and moments woven together by individuals. Keeping the era of your grandfather’s youth alive can keep a vital part of his memory alive, and a funeral poem focusing in part on who he was as a young man and how that era shaped him can be heartwarming.

This can also be a great way of tying together a few of the other themes listed above. In commemorating his era, you can also remember the friendships that he shared during that time, and what he and his friends did. The era can serve as the backdrop to the story of how your grandfather and grandmother met.


Remembering Their Home


Funeral Poems for Grandad


Few things can define us more than our homes, and that’s bound to have been true of your grandfather as well. In their case, there’s the added wrinkle of knowing that the place they called home for decades as also the place where your mother or father was raised.

Their home was bound to have been a place that meant something to them, in part because of the work they put in to afford it and raise a family there. It is those memories that help transform a house into a home and makes it a subject worth commemorating in a memorial poem for your grandfather.

“If these walls could speak…”

You can give voice to those walls and the stories they have seen with a commemorative poem.


Remembering Their Humor


Few things illuminate a person’s personality and make it come alive quite like their sense of humor. When we laugh at someone’s joke, we are in partly showing that we are “in on the joke” and thus share a bond with the joke teller.

Your grandfather’s sense of humor, thus, wasn’t just a series of jokes, but a shining aspect of his personality. Remembering him via his sense of humor can be a great way of showing the bond he shared with you in a lighthearted and heartwarming fashion.

Humor can also help take some of the sting and seriousness out of a funeral poem for your grandfather. If you find a solemn poem hard to grapple with from an emotional standpoint. A more humorous touch tapping into your grandfather’s sense of humor can make the process easier on you while allowing you to commemorate your grandfather’s memory with something as human as his sense of humor.


Remembering Their Wisdom


Your grandfather is bound to have said some things over the course of his time with you which inspired you or really made you think. They are thoughts that you have taken to heart, and that you would like to keep with you for the rest of your life and pass on to your sons and daughters. Commemorating those words in a funeral poem can be a great way of keeping your grandfather’s wisdom alive.


Remembering Their Compassion


The greatest wisdom of all is the ability to be compassionate to others. Caring about others isn’t just something you do, but something you are. Being compassionate and caring is one of the best things you can remember about a person, and certainly, a trait of your grandfather’s that merits remembrance in a funeral poem.

Moreover, this can be another great opportunity to pull together some of the disparate threads talked about here and weave a more complex picture of your grandfather. To whom were they most compassionate?

Are there any special stories you remember which exemplified the commitment to compassion? What do you feel made them such a compassionate person in the first place?

All of these factors can help ensure that you remember your grandfather in the best light with a compassionate poem that perfectly captures their commitment to and compassion for others.


Remembering Their Courage



Our grandfathers faced some of the greatest trials in the history of mankind. They stormed the beaches of Normandy and came to the protection of liberty and democracy in their darkest hour. They marched for freedom and civil rights to make that battle for liberty and democracy mean as much at home as it did abroad.

They showed bravery on the biggest of stages and exemplified what courage meant in their everyday lives as they fought to give us a better life.

Your grandfather’s courage is well worth remembering, and a funeral poem that captures the depth and breadth of their bravery can be a fantastic way of doing just that. Not only can this be a great way of remembering some of the greatest feats of your grandfather’s life, but it can be a fantastic way of tying in those aforementioned beliefs, values, and cultural identities to give a fuller picture of what your grandfather was fighting for.

To honor courage is to remember the causes for which it served.

A funeral poem for your grandfather can ensure that the roots of their courage and the things for which they battled so bravely will stand the test of time.


Remembering Their Humanity


One of the reasons funeral poems and poetry commemorating those who have passed on has been so enduringly popular is because it is something that hits at the very core of our shared humanity.

We must all grapple with our own mortality. The question of how to do so has fired the imaginations and stirred the thoughts of countless poets, thinkers, theologians, scientists, and everyday people throughout the ages. No matter how much life changes and how varied our journeys may be, that “final destination” remains a shared point with which we must all come to terms.

One of the most important ways of doing that for your grandfather and, indeed, anyone else faced with the finality of their own mortality is to reach back and remember their humanity. This is broad enough to encapsulate much of their being, and that’s by design. In finding something so universal, we find a sense that, even when those we love to pass on, something of them remains, which eases the pain of loss.


To remember your grandfather’s humanity is to get in touch with your own.

Whatever else it may contain, funeral poems for grandad should put you in touch with your grandfather’s humanity. What made them the kind of person they were? How has that shaped the kind of person you are? What contributions have they made to the human story, and how have they impacted your own?

Funerals are never easy, nor are funeral poems. That being said, they have the potential to unlock some of our most moving traits. Funeral poems for grandad can help ensure that you keep their memory alive and link them with your own humanity and the ongoing saga of human experience.

And in that way, no one is ever fully gone.


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