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Losing a parent or partner is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. Unfortunately, death could come knocking at any time, and without warning. It can leave you devastated and griefing. Often, we struggle to find the right words to say when a loved one departs. Below, we are going to discuss tips for choosing funeral poems for a husband and dad. 

Before we go on, we cannot ignore the role of a male parent in a child’s life. We value our fathers and believe in them. We learn important lessons from our fathers when they are alive. These are some of the life lessons we use every day. When you lose a father, it is usually a hard hit, especially if you were close to him. 

However, when you lose your dad, you may choose to commemorate, celebrate, and grieve your dad in a funeral poem. There are so many funeral poems that you can choose from on the internet. It is difficult to choose a poem that will work for you. Do not worry as we are going to help you choose the right words to say on your father’s or husband’s funeral, memorial or commemorating them on father’s day. 


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Choosing the perfect funeral poems for a husband or dad


Funeral Poems for Husband and Dad


As we have mentioned above, it can be devastating when you lose a dad or husband. However, a funeral poem is going to help you in the following ways: 

Express your feelings

While you want to celebrate, commemorate or generally talk about your father, it is not always easy. During this time, you have lost a confidant and the first man in your life. You can use a funeral poem to express your feelings of grief. 

Find a funeral poem that relates to what you are currently feeling. However, always keep it short and positive. It is not the time to talk ill about your father, even if you were not close. 

When you express your feelings, it is easier to accept them. after the death of a loved one, we often get stuck in denial and regret. Poetry can help you express your grief as you move a step closer to healing. 


Commemorate the deceased’s life

It can be difficult to think of your dad’s or husband’s achievements while they just died. We often get caught up with grief and at the same time planning the funeral. A funeral poem can help you commemorate your beloved in short and simple words. 

You should bring out the deceased’s personality in the poem that you choose to use. So be careful and get a funeral poem that the audience relates to. 

If you are writing the funeral poem yourself, you can celebrate his legacy. Was he an active member of the community? Relate to their achievements and honor them when they are gone. 


Find Comfort

You can also use a funeral poem comfort to seek comfort. It is saddening to lose a father or life partner. We tend to remember all the good times we shared with the deceased. It is heartbreaking to go through a loss like that.

Some funeral poems are tailored to provide comfort for when we are heartbroken and grieving. You can use these funeral poems During a funeral service, memorial or to commemorate your father on Fathers’ day. 

Choosing the correct words to commemorate a loved one is not always an easy task. However, you must choose a poem with powerful words to express your feelings at the current moment. What do you remember most about the deceased? Assuming that you had a close relationship with the deceased, what is one thing that would describe him? 


Funeral Poems for a husband


Funeral Poems for Husband and Dad


Losing a husband means that you have lost a life partner, lover, advisor, and many other things. Therefore, it is probably going to be the worst time of your life. However, you must ensure that people remember him exactly as he was. 

While you may have the opportunity to tell the world about your loss, you can only say less. Therefore, a funeral poem will be helpful, especially when you want to share memories and share his personality with your audience. 

How do you want people to remember about your husband? Well, since you found love in him, only you can share his personality with the world. Choose a funeral poem that matches his existence. For instance, if he was a happy and friendly man, find a poem than matches that. 


Tips for choosing a funeral poem for a husband


Once again, dealing with grief is difficult. If you choose to use a funeral poem, the following tips should help you:

Focus on your activities together

We normally remember our departed ones through the memories that we shared with them. While choosing the perfect funeral poem for your husband, focus on the memories and activities you did together. 

It is difficult to start going over the things you miss about a departed one, especially if they just died. Well, for a funeral poem to be a little personalized, you will have to go through your memories at some point. What do those things make you feel? Happy? Angry? Or do you feel grateful for having spent time with him? 

These memories will help you navigate your thoughts and figure out them for the funeral poem.


Consider our husband’s legacy

It is difficult to think about your husband’s achievements and legacy when you are grieving. We are often caught up in sorrow and the gap they have left behind. 

However, you may focus on his legacy. What do people remember your husband? What did he achieve at work, in the community or for the country? 

For instance, if your dad was in the army, you may commemorate his achievements including the wars he survived. All the same, if he was an active member of the community, you may choose a funeral poem that showcases him as a hero. 

His legacy will also guide you in choosing a good and relatable funeral poem. 


Remain positive

When a loved one passes on, we are devastated and angry. We get angry because it hurts and we had not seen it coming. While we want to remain calm, you might be tempted to choose a poem to express anger and other negative emotions. 

However, refrain from using a negative funeral poem for your husband. In other cases, you may have not seen eye to eye with the deceased, or might have passed away when you weren’t on good terms. When choosing the funeral poem for a husband, remain positive and speak highly of him. 

During a funeral service, only go for positive things.


Express your love

It is difficult to have the courage to talk about your departed husband, especially right after the unfortunate demise. However, you can still choose to talk about the love you shared. Choose a poem that features the intensity of your love for your husband.

We need to constantly remember that those who have already departed are gone but never forgotten. 

To be able to choose a funeral poem that exhibits the love you had for your husband, think about the things he liked. What was he like outside of work and social environments? It would not only bring out the hidden personalities of your husband.

Also, you will have to go down your memory lane. Identify the things that made him smile and the things he valued most. Using these traits you will commemorate your husband but you will also tell the world about him. 

Also, express how your husband will be missed. 


Think about your audience

We cannot forget to emphasize this tip whether you are looking for funeral poems for a husband or dad. Even as you use the funeral poem for the above-discussed functions, you must keep your audience in mind.

What do you want them to know or feel? It is the reason you will need to define a theme, tone, and mood of a funeral poem. Poetry offers an opportunity to talk about the most difficult things in nice metaphors. 

Use this opportunity to bring in your audience. Ensure that the way you read the poem, present the poem in such a way that they can feel you. They should be able to feel exactly as you are while reading the poem. 


Funeral Poems for Husband and Dad


How to deliver a funeral poem successfully


funeral poems for a husband or dad are never easy to choose or even deliver. In most cases, the funeral poem will be featured in the eulogy. How do you successfully deliver a funeral poem?


Talk to a funeral moderator

Once you have settled on the poem you are going to use, talk to the funeral moderator. Find out the length and time allocated for the eulogy. Also, ensure that your funeral poem is featured in the eulogy. 

Based on the time allocated, you might need to keep the poem short. Ensure that you practice before you can deliver it to your audience. 


Learn and understand the metaphor

 Poetry uses metaphors. You will need to study these metaphors to understand each one of them. It is vital as you need to know exactly what you are saying. After all, it is hard to show emotion towards things you do not understand. 

Read slowly


Once you are sure about your choice of funeral poem to use, it is time to read it to your audience. You will get their attention but you will need to keep it that way. 

Read out the poem slowly, while pausing at the end of each line. You should deliver the poem with excellent articulation. By pausing at the end of each line or stanza, you have a few seconds to pull yourself together. Besides, it also allows the audience to understand each line. 

Lastly, remain composed as you read a funeral poem for a departed soul.




Funeral poems for a husband or dad have so much to offer. It takes you down the memory late with the departed. You have to figure out exactly what you want to tell people. 

Therefore, you must think about the mood, theme, and tone of your chosen piece of poetry. It could be a sad, celebratory or remembrance funeral poem. It is up to you to decide which one to go for. 

Lastly, it is heartbreaking to lose a dad or a husband. These men play a huge role in our growing up and life in general. Given that you have spent time with the departed, you should not struggle to bring out their personalities. 

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