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I have been asked to write this article on the subject “Funeral Poems for Mom From Daughter” because I found myself in the position of having to say a poem at my mum’s funeral.

Sitting down one day in front of my laptop I put in the words Funeral Poems for Mom From Daughter into a search engine. I, strangely found that almost every site offered me, completely free of charge, the same poems. I thought why are they all doing this? I quickly learned that these free poems are the most popular poems and the disturbing fact is that they are used by over 90% of the population of the world.

I found that quite distressing because I wanted to express the unique and individual relationship I had with Mum. I just didn’t want to be the same as everyone else. How can I find something different to say that would express how I felt and would be memorable?

By chance, I found this website that claimed that they had over 250 funeral poems, all of which were easily adaptable to meet every situation that people may find themselves in. If you emphasize my situation then you will know how I felt. With that in mind, I am asking you to take a minute of your time and have a look at what this download can do for you. I know there are no annoying pop-ups on here so you relax, go and have a look and download it now and say those special words. My thoughts are with you at this time.


Funeral Poems for Mom From Daughter. Using Memorable Words.


Your mother is one of the most important and prominent people in your life. She carried you for 9 months, and from the moment you were born, she was your primary care provider and protector. She did everything she could to make you safe, healthy, and happy.

Losing your mother is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person. Many people report feeling like they have lost a body part, and their best friend. They struggle with their emotions and wonder how they are going to go on without their mother by their side.


It can be hard to describe what you truly feel to those around you, and you may even be confused about what you feel yourself. You might feel numb, or you might feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of emotion from day today. Finding healthy ways to cope may feel impossible, but finding something that helps you is essential if you’re going to move through grief.


Funeral poems can be a helpful way to describe how you are feeling to those who matter. They can also be a useful way to remember your late mother, and let people know how you would like her to be remembered. Poems can be bought or written by you, and they can be comforting, soul-soothing, and beautiful.


Funeral Poems for Mom From Daughter

Funeral Poems For Mom From Daughter


When the day of the funeral arrives, you will likely struggle to hold it together, but many people want to let their friends and family know exactly what their mother meant to them and what her best qualities were. Preparing the right funeral poems for mom from daughter can help you to find the right words to get across what you are feeling and convey the weight of your loss. It may also help the people around you to understand how you plan on remembering your mother.  


Some funeral poems can help you to get across what you really feel, and may even be a source of comfort in this time of immense grief. Writing your own poems may even help you to express the extent of the emotions you are feeling. You may not be able to get every characteristic, memory, and anecdote into one poem, but they are still a useful and meaningful way of paying tribute to your beloved mother.


Healing is not linear, and it’s normal to feel like you’re coping one day and falling apart the next. It’s something we must all deal with when we lose a loved one. The right funeral poems can serve as a therapeutic tool to help you to deal with the loss of your mother as well as accept the circumstances.


Poems For Mom Can Be Used In A Variety Of Circumstances


400;”>Poems for mom don’t just have to be read out at their funeral service. You could read poems on special occasions, such as your mother’s birthday. Writing or purchasing a funeral poem to read with your loved ones for another special occasion as a way to commemorate your mother is a lovely gesture and something that will likely provide even more comfort for you and those around you.

You may also like to get together with friends and family to read a beautiful poem on the anniversary of your mother’s passing. There’s no limit to how you can use beautiful poems as a coping tool, and no limit to how they can help you to deal with this substantial loss.


There are hundreds of poems out there that will help you to convey your message and the things you would like people to remember about your mother’s character. Maybe you can reflect on your childhood memories before selecting the right poem, or you could discuss it with any siblings you have to decide what the poem should include. You may prefer to write your own poem, as you feel this is the only way to let people know how you really feel. Whatever you decide, a poem can be a lovely way to remember your mother.


Remember: Funeral Poems Do Not Have To Be Sad


One of the biggest misconceptions about funeral poems for mom from daughter is that they have to be sad. There are many themes for these poems, so you’re going to be stuck with nothing but doom and gloom.

There are poems that will help you to convey your mother’s warm and welcoming personality, and perhaps even poems that will give a nod to the way she raised you from childhood. You may feel like your world is falling apart without your mother, but a warm and uplifting poem could help you to remember the good times together and everything that she taught you.


Expressing The Way You Really Feel


Do bear in mind, however, that expressing the way you feel with these poems can still be emotional. It’s ok, and healthy, to express your emotions and let them out when selecting and reading funeral poems for your mother.

You don’t want to push these feelings away or feel guilty for feeling them. Your mother may have taught you to keep a stiff upper lip, or you may have developed the same stoic nature as her. Even so, it is not healthy or advisable to ignore your feelings at a time like this. Feeling vulnerable is tough, but being true to yourself is the most important thing at this time.


Structure and content


A well-structured funeral poem, whatever theme, will help you to stay on track and ensure you are saying what you really want to say. Delivering a good funeral poem is both honorable and challenging. You should know the theme, structure, and content of the funeral poem well before you begin, as this will help you to deliver it effectively whatever emotions may come up.

It’s also worth noting the length of the funeral poem. You probably have hundreds of things you could say, but they won’t all fit into one poem. You want to find one or write one that is just the right length and describes your mother, as well as how you feel.


Funeral Poems for Mom From Daughter

Writing Your Own Funeral Poem


Writing your own funeral poem can be a meaningful and memorable way of celebrating your mother’s life. However, you are unlikely to be able to fit every single memory and attribute into one poem, if only for the fact that funerals usually have an allocated time slot. Below, you’ll find some useful tips on writing your own funeral poem.


  • Come up with a theme – funeral poems can have a variety of themes. You could talk about the character of your late mother, celebrate her life by talking about her achievements or focus on the way you feel. Coming up with a theme before you begin is a good idea.
  • Consider your tone – the poem will likely be remembered by members of the audience long after the funeral is over. Making it simple and easy to remember is a good idea if you’d like it to stick in their minds. Your poem and tone can also influence the mood of the audience. If you want to focus on the good times and make this a true celebration of her life, make sure your poem reflects that.
  • Using metaphors – metaphors enable you to help the audience understand where you are coming from. They can help you to deliver the exact message you want to convey, and help the audience to put themselves into your shoes.
  • Clearly define what the deceased meant to you – a mother can mean many things to a daughter, but trying to clearly define what yours meant to you will help you to write the perfect poem.
  • Comforting the bereaved – there’s no relationship quite like a mother and daughter, but other people will grieve for your mother and need to be comforted, too. Having a wonderful poem to read can help. Sharing happy memories, for this reason, is a good idea.
  • Incorporating religion – if your mother was religious, then it might be a nice idea to incorporate some of her beliefs into the poem, and relate those to how she lived her life. This will also comfort other religious family members and friends that attend the funeral.


It’s important to express what you feel, whether your poem is a happy poem or a sad poem. Remaining genuine and authentic throughout the composure of your poem will make it all the more memorable and help you to continue moving through grief and processing your feelings. You may not think you are capable of writing a great poem, but the truth is, anybody can write a poem providing they are true to how they really feel. Poems do not have to rhyme, or even look like a poem you have seen before.


Purchasing Funeral Poems For Mom From Daughter


Alternatively, if you do not wish to write your own poem, you can purchase many lovely funeral poems for mom from daughter. Writing a poem can take up a lot of your time, and you may get frustrated with your inability to convey the right message, or how you really feel. Purchasing funeral poems eliminates this struggle, and allows you to choose from a selection of suitable poems.


By purchasing a collection of funeral poems, such as Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep, you’ll have a huge selection of quotations and readings which will help you find the words to express your sorrow.


This is a simple way to pay tribute to your loved one without struggling with your own emotions in an attempt to write your own. Collections like this ensure that you never feel lost for words, which is something many people experience when dealing with the loss of their mother.


In Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep there are more than 250 funeral poems and quotations, many of which could suit your situation. Whether you are writing a eulogy, crafting an obituary, or something else, a book like this can help. You may use something straight out of the book, or use the pieces as inspiration to craft your own from scratch.


Even if you are simply trying to make sense of everything that has happened, you may find the right words in a book like this. The right words have a special ability to soothe your soul.


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

More About Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


This book is an eclectic mix, put together with love. Hundreds of authors’ pieces are showcased in this collection, so there is bound to be something that describes how you feel perfectly. Just some of the authors include:


  • Rudyard Kipling
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Homer
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Kirsti A. Dyer,
  • George Eliot
  • T.S. Eliot
  • Anne and Emily Brontë
  • Buddha
  • E.B. White
  • Hugh Robert Orr
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Henry Scott Holland
  • Walt Whitman
  • Helen Keller
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Mark Twain
  • Christina Rossetti
  • Seneca
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • William Shakespeare
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Dorothy Parker
  • Edith Wharton
  • William Wordsworth


You will find all the classic poems as well as many lesser-known pieces. In total, the book has over 180 authors and over 250 poems and readings. All copyright fees have been paid. A book like Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep could be just what you need to find words that help console yourself and others.


There are enough poems and styles here to always find what you’re looking to say, and the words to express how you really feel when you’re struggling to come to terms with what is going on yourself. Many of these pieces are bound to resonate with you.

You’ll likely resonate with some earlier on in the grief process, and others later on down the line. Some may be more suited to different times and occasions than others. This is why having a book such as this for all occasions, whether funeral or celebrating a deceased loved one’s birthday, is a good idea.


Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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