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What to Say at My Mums Funeral?

Funeral Poems For Mother.

Some time ago when I lost my Mum after a short illness it was obviously a distressing time. My Brother and I found ourselves, for the first time having to organise a funeral. We received lots of good advice from our local funeral director which was a massive help. There was all of the financial matters, Pensions, Bills etc it was a most daunting time. however, step by step we got through together with not one single argument. I know, that surprised me as well!


The final task that we had to complete was finding suitable words to say at Mums funeral and went to Google to help us. We Googled in Funeral Poems For Mother and came across a lot of funeral poems that were all the same.

Then one day, by pure luck I came across a website that was further down in the searches and was offering some 250 funeral poems all available on an instant download.

Having looked through the download I was astonished. There were lots of suitable funeral poems that were completely different, unique and truly memorable. Our quest was over, solved, and we picked a wonderful funeral poem for mother that expressed the love we had for our Mum in the most wonderful way.

after the funeral, I thought. Surely, I am not the only person that has experienced that dilemma? So I built this website and have made available that very same download, which as I said has 250 funeral poems contained therein. The download has funeral poems for every situation, no matter what, and all one has to do is Click Right Here.


How to remember your mum by using funeral poems for mother.

The family loses a big part of it by losing a mother. She is a very fundamental person who plays very key roles. She sacrificed herself to have you get a life, right from the 9 months period you spent in her womb.

She probably had to forgo her career to see you grow as opposed to leaving you under the care of a nanny. All those values she instilled in you may never be fully listed, but we owe our moms so much, we might probably never be able to pay back in full. We should therefore highly appreciate them.

Funeral poems for mother were made to help you appreciate the deceased mother in extraordinary ways. The poems take into consideration all those very important things you would wish to say about them so that you don’t forget any single bit.

Mothers’ love. The funeral poems for mother talk about this irreplaceable love in wonderful ways. The pain caused by losing a mother may hinder us from seeing this incredible love we will be blinded by imaginations of the gap left by their demise. No one grows old of their mothers love, not even in old age and they are now considered grandmas.

Mother’s caring nature. This comes alongside their love. They will take you to the hospital when you sick, always calling to find out how you are doing, buying you gifts even when it’s not a special day, and being there whether needed or not. All these things they do become a part of them that at times we forget that they go out of their way to make all these happen, or even forgo some things themselves so we can have the best.

Their forgiving self. No matter what you do, they will always have room to forgive you. Of course, they might be mad at you for a while, but they often end up forgiving you. Forgiving a person is an act not all too familiar to the random people you will meet in life, it is very difficult to do. But the mother’s love is big enough, to accommodate all the children and forgive them for all the wrongs they do while making sure they point out the mistakes so you won’t have to repeat them again. They will always be there even when the whole world walks out on you.

Mother as a direction giver. They tell us of the good things to do and the bad ones to avoid. This being one of the major things we miss in their demise. Their opinions somehow always turn out to be very helpful as they have been there for long enough to foresee where certain decisions might lead their young ones.

Their prayerful nature. You know, even at that moment when they feel their lowest or you have really wronged them, a mother will still remember you in prayers, asking God to bless and show you the way. Isn’t that incredible? Not only that, right from childhood, they tell and teach you the ways of God to ensure you grow on the right path.

The funeral poems for mother can be used to highlight these special motherly aspects during the passing on of a mother in several ways. They will make sure the people reading are able to grasp the gross nature of losing a mother.

In their obituaries and death notices- A mother deserves the best and so is using these poems to bring the news of their passing on to the public. It helps to draw the mourners’ attention to the fact that no one will ever take their place, and we still have that strong bond even in death.

Using funeral poems for mother in other ways.

In their funeral programs- Using funeral poems mother helps to communicate the words we wish to say, without us having to talk. The poem offers an honorary way of mourning them through a written means and can be read by the mourners even after the funeral ceremony is over.

In their eulogies and funeral speeches- These are basically meant to be used as a way of celebrating the deceased mom. The speech is meant to cover their life in a short manner, and still bring about the core values they taught us.

As is required, on is meant to pick up a theme that best bespeaks the deceased mom and expand on it, something you can do by picking a funeral poem for mother that befits their personality and work with it.

How to go about your mother’s memorial service to include the use of funeral poems mother.

Alongside funeral flowers- the flowers to be arranged on your deceased mom’s grave or casket can have funeral poems mother attached to them to illustrate the way we feel for those who will be viewing these flowers.

During the memorial service- some people prefer to hold this immediately upon the passing on of the mother while others will wait and do it days or probably months after their send off. Whichever way, the funeral poems for mother can be used to spice up the service, during which a close relative or friend can be assigned a poem to read to the deceased mom. This paints the picture of the vast nature of the love they had and to which we are highly obliged to do anything to do anything to show our appreciation.

On their gravestones or headstones- this leaves a permanent mark just like the permanent places they forever hold in our hearts. The poem for this usage can be further personalized to include the mother’s actual name.

As sympathy or condolence messages- sometimes it is someone you know who has gone through the loss, or one might just feel like uplifting the spirits of the other members of the family following the loss of a mother. With the funeral poems mother here, you no longer have to worry about the appropriate words to use to express the pain that this brings.

Other than the areas mentioned, the funeral poems for mother can also be sued during special days. These days need careful planning prior to their happening. The funeral poems mother are ideal for use in,
 Mother’s Day
 Thanksgiving Day
 The deceased mom’s birthday
 Christmas Day
Some of the activities which can be carried out, during which a funeral poem for mother is read, are shown below,

Visiting their final resting areas- this makes it feel like they are still together with us, it makes their presence so close even though they are long gone.
Sending the deceased mom a handwritten message- this can be a funeral poem for mother or some highly personal message which will be attached to a helium balloon and released into the air with hopes that they shall be able to read them once the balloons are high up in the sky.

Lighting up candles- candles are symbolic of their newly acquired angelic nature. They are still our mothers watching over our every move and guiding our every step spiritually. They say that once a mother, always a mother, even when they are deceased. Candles can be lit at their memorial places, graves, homes, favourite spots, church, or a place the family finds ideal.

Doing activities which they loved- was it cooking, and if so which dish did they love most? Was it knitting, do you have a favourite piece she made, or can you learn to do if just for the fun of keeping her memories alive? Was it singing o doing laundry in a certain way? Or could it be the daily fresh floral arrangements she routinely did on the dining table? Come on, something got to give, something she was passionate about.

Sharing her memories- it is time to dig the family album, perhaps right from the time she was born. Have a look at the things you enjoyed doing together captured in these photos. Take a dive into the things the pictures remind you about your deceased mom and talk about them.

Getting involved in a charitable work. It is a mother’s natural thing. You will always find them busy helping the less fortunate in one way or another. Their serving nature usually goes beyond the family unit. You could make a visit to the children’s home, clean up the church compound, donate clothes to street children and give them some food. Just something that manifests service to others.

Funeral poems for mother play very many important roles which can help us to show appreciation for the many things they did to us while they were still alive. The Holy Bookshop has a collection of the best funeral poems mother which you can trust to fully deliver this role. But all the same, we feel this might not be enough for the immeasurable love our mother’s shower on u right from the time of conception. Cheers to them, for even in death they are still sure watching over us.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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