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Your mum without a doubt was the most important influence on your life. Guiding and influencing you in the ways of life. That is why  Funeral Poems For Mum has to be just that little bit special.

We are aware that you will find numerous free funeral poems for mum offered up to you. But think about this for a moment. Why are these poems offered to you for free? The reason is that they are used by 90% of the world’s population and are the most popular. Is that what you want?  To be the same as everyone else?

Well, I didn’t. I wanted to express some words that truly expressed that unique relationship I had with my mum. Our relationship was special just between the two of us therefore, I desired to say some words that expressed that relationship.

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funeral poems for mum

Funeral Poems For Mum


There are many features of Grosvenor Square in London which are as famous as they are eye-catching, from the historic homes to a massive statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. However, the most touching spot is a small memorial garden dedicated to the 67 British victims of the September 11th World Trade Center Attacks.

Within that memorial garden is a phrase, quoted by Queen Elizabeth II in remembrance of the occasion – “Grief is the price we pay for love.” It is the kind of quote chosen by a person who knows not only what it is to face tragedy as a ruler, but as a mother as well. For generations, Elizabeth of Windsor has been the only monarch British citizens have known, granting a degree of comforting stability and constancy which, on some level, we all want from our mothers.

Your mother may not have been a queen or head of state, but she was still your mother. Her passing still hurts – and yet, as Elizabeth’s quoted words well show, your grief is indeed both proof of and, thus, the price you pay for the love you had and will always have for her. Likewise, you may not be able to erect a memorial garden for your mother, but you can memorialize her nevertheless with poetically moving words of your own.

Poetry is and has long stood as one of the quintessential ways of memorializing a loved one. To write a poem in someone’s memory is to take the first steps towards keeping their memory alive for all of the time. We still remember Petrarch’s amour Laura, Dante’s beloved Beatrice, Shakespeare, and his Faith Youth, John Keats’ beloved Fanny Brawne, Pablo Neruda’s wives and lovers – and all thanks to the movingly memorializing power of poetry.

You, too, can likewise ensure that the memory of your mother remains alive with the perfect 400;”>funeral poems for mum, something that captures the best aspects of her being and allows you to pay your final respects in as respectful a fashion possible.



Your mum’s special traits


There are many different ways in which you can pay that final poetic remembrance, just as there are many different potential virtues your mother might have exemplified which you might wish to celebrate. after all, the celebration of virtues is as old of a topic for poetic and prosaic contemplation and celebration as is that aforementioned act of memorializing a loved one.

To take the two together, below are a list of classically-celebrated virtues that you can request to serve as the basis for commemorative funeral poems for mum.

Your Mother’s Wisdom


Few groups can boast a history and culture as long and rich as that of the Jewish people. That history has been kept alive by way of one of the oldest oral and written traditions, which in turn points to one of the most central of Jewish virtues – wisdom.

For thousands of years, the ability to read, debate, and gain wisdom from life experience, as well as scriptural and secular texts, has been at the core of Jewish identity. Wisdom, in this view, is not merely the acquisition of knowledge, but the usage of it for the good of the community.

That’s a virtue your mother may well have exemplified in several ways. Who served as your own first source for wisdom but your mother? Whose life experience did you have to use as guidance but hers?

Wisdom is one of the most wonderful traits to celebrate in a person. As such, a poem commemorating your mother’s timeless wisdom can be a wonderful choice. These poems can commemorate not just the wisdom of your mother, but the impact it had on everyone around her – including yourself. Certain aspects of a mother’s wisdom can, likewise, serve as a star to guide you when times are tough.

These poems can, likewise, celebrate aspects of your mother’s wisdom which she passed on to you. One of the most time-honored Jewish traditions is, indeed, the transmission of wisdom and knowledge from generation to generation. It is in this way that a society without a homeland and facing hostility for two millennia was able to keep its balance, dignity, and identity.

A poem commemorating your mother’s most enduring words of wisdom in psalm-worthy fashion can, thus, allow yourself, as well as future generations in your family, access to her timeless insight.


funeral funeral poems for mum

Your Mother’s Temperance

From Homer’s epic poems to Plato’s Republic to the plays of Sophocles and beyond, Classical Greek civilization centered its own concepts of what was virtuous upon four key attributes – temperance, courage, prudence, and justice.

These would later be co-opted by Ancient and Medieval Christianity as the Cardinal Virtues. Among these ideals, temperance was commonly seen as the most basic – and yet, at the same time, one of the hardest to embody. Self-control is, after all, something that’s easy in theory, but difficult in practice.

Temperance and self-control might not be the first things you think of when considering topics for funeral poems for your mother. That being said, these virtues are at the core of one of the most time-honored of ideals – sacrifice.

Your mother gave you so much, worked tirelessly on your behalf, gave things up so you could have a better life – and this, naturally, took a great deal of self-control and temperance. As such, poems about these virtues can be a fantastic way of giving back and giving thanks.


Your Mother’s Courage

You can probably already think of several examples of courage to have sprung from the pages of Greek literature and philosophy. The deeds of Greek heroes and the guardians in Plato’s imagined Republic are meant to exemplify an idealized form of courage, which itself may be seen as a form of striving towards that most central of Greek values – “eudaimonia.”

As Aristotle argues in his Nicomachean Ethics, eudaimonia is a state of “excellence” or “flourishing” – in short, a constant striving to be the best possible version of yourself.

That takes an incredible amount of courage and is a great virtue to pay tribute to in funeral poems for mum. Better still, courage today can take all kinds of different forms. It takes courage to work long hours at a job that’s physically taxing or mentally draining to provide for one’s family.



Special funeral poems for mum


It takes courage to struggle as an immigrant to make the journey to a new country in hopes that your children will be able to enjoy a better, safer, more prosperous life there. It can take a great deal of courage to raise a child single-handedly. Your mother might well be one of the bravest, most courageous people you know, and that courage deserves to be commemorated in poetic fashion.

When Homer set down the courageous actions of Greek heroes in poetic fashion, he focused not only on their actions but on what personality traits made them heroes in the first place. This can be another great source of inspiration for a funeral poem about your mother’s courage. What traits about her did you most admire? What made her the courageous person that she was?

The heroism of the Greek heroes was meant to serve as examples to their society – and so too can a funeral poem immortalizing your mother’s dauntless courage serve as a timeless example and inspiration to your family.


Your Mother’s Prudence


Of course, many of those Greek heroes were led astray by their own personal faults and vices. For all of their heroism, poor judgment too often got in the way. Plato doesn’t make warriors the leaders in his Republic, after all, but rather philosopher kings who possess prudence and discernment in spades.

Good judgment is a virtue that can seem so basic as to be a difficult topic for poetry. At the same time, however, the prudence and judgment of your mother have likely had a huge influence on not just what life was like for you growing up, but where you are today and who you are as a person.

Your mother’s ability to exercise prudence harkens back to the importance of wisdom and can make for surprisingly moving funeral poetry. Your mother’s ability to sift out right from wrong in a troubled and ever-changing world was no small feat, and it’s certainly worth capturing in a poem.

Moreover, that prudence might have taken many forms. Maybe your mother was a keen judge of character, and as a result, provided you valuable advice about others when you needed it most. Perhaps your mother’s prudence allowed her to see something within you which you could not, and it was with her encouragement that you got to where you are today.

Your mother’s prudence may well have helped set her apart as a philosopher queen in her own right – and that incredible judgment of life and character can be incredibly moving when transmuted into poetry.


Your Mother’s Justice


In Plato’s Republic, workers exemplify temperance, guardians courage, and philosopher kings prudence – but justice is something which exists in and of itself, a Platonically-perfect ideal if ever there were one. A Platonic view of justice is not a petty, retributive “eye for an eye” view of things, or a highly legalistic one, but rather an idea of perfect justice and, indeed, justice as a kind of perfection.

That concept of perfect justice is universal, with Western and Eastern religions and philosophies touching upon it in some form or another. As such, few virtues are nobler, or more fitting for poetic memorialization.

You can most likely thank your mother for your sense of justice, and there is something incredibly humanist in honoring someone for teaching you that fundamental sense of right and wrong. Pragmatism, for however useful it may be in the moment, rarely inspires over the long term.

Those who stand by their values and, moreover, pass them onto their children play a pivotal role in helping make society a better place. Your mother likely gave you a lot during your life, but few are likely to be more enduringly valuable than your moral compass.

Moreover, your mother’s sense of justice can provide the perfect poetic platform to explore other virtues mentioned above as well. Maybe your mother heeded her sense of justice and harnessed it to fight for the rights and freedoms of others. Maybe your mother taught you justice and prudence side by side, helping you along on the path to wisdom.

A poem dedicated to your mother’s strong moral compass can, thus, be a great way to do her justice.


funeral poems for mum

Your Mother’s Patience

Like Jewish and Grecian systems of ethics before them, Christianity has traditionally had its own set of virtue. Christianity’s Seven Heavenly Virtues served as a source of inspiration for poets ranging from Dante to Milton, and remain one of the benchmarks for Christian morality, with Patience being among the most poetically beautiful and pertinent where parenthood is concerned.

Patience is one of those virtues that can seem simple but is, in reality, one of the most difficult to maintain. Ask any parent how easy it is to remain patient with their children day in and day out, through fatigue and missteps. Anyone can appear to be a paragon of patience when things are going well, but it takes a special and often seemingly superhuman kind of love to remain patient when things go poorly.

Chances are you tested your mother’s patience every now and again – who hasn’t? It is far easier to lose one’s patience than keep it, as do the villains in the works of Dante, Spenser, and Milton. By contrast, those with patience on their side enjoy a heavenly future. That said, the path there isn’t easy.

Patience requires persistence, making it one of the hardest manifestations of love to maintain and, thus, one of the most moving of love imaginable. As a parental virtue you probably felt quite personally, it can make for excellent inspiration in a funeral poem celebrating your ever-patient, always-loving mother.


Your Mother’s Humility


As a recognition that there’s a world outside oneself, and that we must, thus, carry ourselves accordingly, humility is a truly universal concept. It is especially prominent in Medieval and Renaissance texts, especially when placed in opposition to its corresponding deadly sin – Pride. It isn’t the proud Lancelot who attains the Holy Grail in the Vulgate Cycle, but his humble son Galahad.

The Pearl Poet’s chivalrous Sir Gawain finds the humility to be a literal saving grace in his contest with the Green Knight, and Edmund Spenser’s many heroines, from Una to Britomart to the Faerie Queene herself, serve as symbolic exemplars.

What does it really mean in a modern context? One way humility can manifest today is by putting the team before oneself, and in that respect, your mother is always the MVP. We’ve already talked about how much your mother sacrificed and worked for you and your family, but how often did you ever hear her talk about it?

So many of the greatest heroes in our lives to put in an incredible amount of work on a daily basis to make our lives better, all without saying a word. They knew how to keep things in perspective and what it meant to carry themselves with a sense of humble dignity. That’s more impressive than slaying any monster and can make funeral poems for mum commemorating those efforts in poetic fashion all the more fitting.


Your Mother’s Charity


We’ve already mentioned how much your mother gave to you and your family. Charity takes that sense of giving and universalizes it to an extent that’s truly beautiful. Being a charitable and gracious host was considered a key virtue in Greece. It is a central part of Jewish ethics, another Heavenly Virtue in classical conceptions of Christianity, and one of the Pillars of Islam.

One of the most beautiful aspects of charity and a reason it can make for the substance of an especially touching poem for your mother is the fact that it is an especially moving manifestation of sacrifice. It is one thing to talk about wishing other people had it better. To give up one’s own wealth or possessions and give them to someone more in need is a classic example of the power of compassion, and a true case of putting your money where your mouth is.

What’s more, there is a heavily instructive moral component implicit in the action as well. Seeing your mother donate to causes about which she cared deeply, likely had a profound impact on your life. It taught you not just what it meant to give things up and give back, but why that was important in the first place.

Seeing the difference your mother made in other people’s lives with her charity may well have helped you become more charitable, and in turn, pass that virtue down to your children. Charity really is a gift that keeps on giving, and is, thus, well worth giving attention to when composing funeral poems for mum highlighting her most compassionate traits.


funeral poems for mum

Your Mother’s Kindness

Of course, compassion and kindness are a virtue unto themselves. It is the foundation upon which rests “The Golden Rule” – the idea that we should treat others the way we ourselves would like to be treated, namely, with kindness. Iterations of that ideal can be found in the religious writings of Rabbi Hillel, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and Noble Eightfold Path in the teachings of Buddha.

It can likewise be found in the secularist and humanist writings to come out of the Enlightenment, with edicts against war and for equality coming back to that same simple truth of kindness and compassion towards others.


Funeral poems for mum. use special words


All societies have their own version of “The Golden Rule,” and in nearly all cases, our mothers are the first people from whom we learn that abiding truth of life. From the instant we are born, our mothers treat us with a degree of kindness and compassion we quite literally could not live without. What’s more, kindness is yet another quality that’s both a Heavenly Virtue and difficult to maintain.

That’s due in no small part to the fact that kindness’ great feats are often tied back into other, equally-difficult virtues. Being kind requires, thus, patience, wisdom, temperance, and even a little bit of courage, sometimes. After all, being kind is easy when you receive it back, but what about when you don’t?

In the same way, there is an infinite number of ways in which kindness can manifest, so too are there any number of different ways funeral poems for mum can capture this idea. It can be a list of some of her greatest examples of kindness. It can describe your mother’s kindness more abstractly or cover how she embodied the concept as a whole. It can detail how your mother was kind even when it was anything but easy to remain so.

In short, a funeral poem commemorating your mother’s boundless and enduring kindness is always bound to be golden.


Your Mother’s Devotion


If devotion seems simple, chances are you’ve never been a parent. Indeed, much like patience, devotion is an idea that might seem simple in theory but is incredibly difficult in practice. It involves a special combination of kindness towards and faith in one’s family. Far too often familial devotion is overshadowed.

For as much attention as the princes and kings of Shakespeare’s Histories receive, for example, it is his maternal figures – queens and ladies caught between family and politics – who paint some of his most sympathetic figures.

Your mother’s devotion to yourself and your family is yet another example of a great chance to list some of your mother’s achievements in poem form. That said, the poetic topic of motherly devotion also offers a unique opportunity to consider your mother and her relationship with you and your family as a whole. Devotion is more than a personality trait – it’s something we “do,” day in and day out. A poem covering your mother’s devotion can, thus, give a portrait of your mother’s daily effort to keep your family happy and together.


funeral poems for mum

Your Mother’s Selflessness

We’ve already covered the concept of sacrifice above. The concept of selflessness takes that to a whole new level. The Sufi poet Rumi saw it as arguably the most important virtue one could have, casting it as the ability to strip one’s differences away to see, join, and act in the name of something greater.

A poem covering your mother’s selfless sense of sacrifice can follow a similar pattern. Your mother didn’t get lost in trivial differences. She knew the importance of seeing past all the trivial differences that can cloud our judgment, create biases, and cause discord. Your mother knew what the important things in life were and how to connect to that “something greater,” whatever she believed it to be.

That selflessness is certainly a virtue worth commemorating in a funeral poem for your mother.


Your Mother’s Humor


Let’s end on a more light-hearted note. All of the material above has been geared towards a more serious examination of your mother’s virtues – but what about her vices? For as odd as it may sound, a poem ribbing and roasting your mother a little bit can be quite cathartic.

Death is as heavy a topic as there is, and in dealing with it, a little bit of levity can go a long way. There’s a reason Monty Python’s raunchy yet life-affirming “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is one of the most popular funeral songs today.

Moreover, a funeral poem about your mother which features a bit of a roast isn’t without poetic precedent. Funeral wakes are a core component of the Celtic tradition, and can often feature a roast-like attitude towards the deceased.

While “sitting shiva” is a key component of Jewish approaches to death, so too is it a perfect stage for flashing a bit of that famed Jewish sense of humor. A sense of community is a vital part of most group funeral rites, helping the grieving members through this period, and few things can solidify that feeling of solidarity faster than everyone being “in on the joke.”

The first poetic topic for a funeral poem for your mother which we covered was wisdom. Wit can go hand in hand with that. What’s more, just as we said, a funeral poem capturing your mother’s wisdom can be a great way to pass it on to future generations, the same may be said for your mother’s wittiness as well.


In conclusion

When asked to choose her own epitaph, the great Jazz Age poet Dorothy Parker famously quipped “Excuse my dust.” If your mother knew how to spin a phrase or was a regular bon mot, that’s something well worth capturing for all of the time in poem form.

If “Grief is the price we pay for love,” we owe it to ourselves to act in accordance with the latter more than the former. Grief is a natural part of life and an inescapable part of the mourning process. However you wish to commemorate your mother, – as a woman of wisdom, wit, kindness, devotion, prudence, patience, or all of the above – it must always come from a place of love. “In Loving Memory” should mean just that.

A memory of love which will last for all-time,

Eternal and perfect as poetry’s rhyme.


Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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