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When searching for funeral poems for your mother you will find the usual and most used poems that will be offered to you for FREE. What’s wrong with that I hear you say? Well, I will tell you. These free poems are used by over 80% of the population around the world. I find it sad that people immediately opt to use these poems.

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 funeral poems for mum

My rule of thumb when using poems within a eulogy.

As you only have the one chance to get it right when delivering a eulogy it has to be memorable and reflect your mum’s life in a careful and well thought out way.

I believe that a funeral poem for mum should be used at the start, middle and end of the eulogy to give it substance and flow. Follow this link to help you with this task.


How Can You Choose Some Special Funeral Poems for Mum?

It is an unfortunate fact of life that people will eventually end their lives. However, many people can hope that the passing is peaceful after a long and fulfilling life. With that being said, funerals can still be incredibly painful to go to, especially when they are being held for someone who you loved and cared for deeply.

For instance, many people will attend the funerals of their parents at some point in their lives. Because parents play such an integral role in your life, going to the funeral can be especially painful and difficult.

When faced with such an emotional situation as this, you might feel at a loss for words when it is your turn to speak. Thankfully, there are ways that you can open or close your funeral speech. Whether you are giving a eulogy or planning to give a speech to your friends and family, funeral poems for mum are a great and heartfelt way to either open or close a statement.

For thousands of years, poems have been one of the most sincere and heartfelt ways that a person can express his or her emotions. After all, poems themselves demand that readers confront the emotions that are being put into the words they read or hear from the poem.

From the very first epic poems that detailed a story in a way that no other form of writing could replicate to the iconic poetry by Shakespeare. Poems have been around for as long as people have been able to write. This adds another layer of emotion to choosing to read out a funeral poem.

Poems for mum’s memory

In addition to this, poems have also had an interesting connection to the idea of death. Whenever you walk through a cemetery, there’s a good chance that several of the headstones will have poems on them.

By choosing to express yourself in a way that people have honored for thousands of years, you can express yourself in one of the sincerest ways possible. In fact, there are countless different types of funeral poems that you can choose from. For instance, you could focus on a certain topic that relates to your mum. Other people will choose religion as a basis for their funeral poems.

What Type of Poem Should You Consider?

The type of poem you choose should have some sort of connection between you and your mum. Some people will choose a poem that focuses on a common interest that they shared with their mums. If you and your mum enjoyed nature together, a funeral poem that connects itself to nature could be a fitting topic.

If you and your mum were in the same religious group, a poem that is centered around that group could be a good idea. In some unfortunate circumstances, you might not have a good idea about what topics your mum enjoyed.

In these cases, you might be able to benefit from choosing a poem that focuses on the connection that you had with your mum. This is because you are the person who she dedicated a good portion of her life to raising. The choices for funeral poems for mum are nearly endless with each variety having countless results to choose from.

Long or short poems?

You should also think about the audience that you will be reading the poem to. Some audiences will respond differently to certain types of poems. Some people will prefer to think and reflect on the loss of someone close to them. However, others want to rejoice and celebrate everything that the deceased has done throughout her life.

Some people prefer deeper, longer, and more somber poems whereas others would rather have something short and heartfelt. Choosing the right funeral poem might not be as easy as it appears. At first but with a good eye and some time, you will surely be able to find the perfect funeral poem that suits the memory of your mum best.

It might also help you to consider what was important to your mum and not just how you are connected to her. Some people will choose to focus their funeral poems on the deceased and will choose a poem that describes there mum rather than their emotions on her passing. One of the best examples of this is if your mum already has a favorite poem of her own.

Religious or non-religious?

It would probably mean something very special to everyone at the funeral to hear the words that she loved throughout her life. If she never had a favorite poem, you should consider choosing a poem that relates to who she was and how she lived her life. There are numerous funeral poems for mum that are written for this purpose.

Depending on whether or not your mother was religious, you will want to consider what a religious poem could do. If your mother enjoyed religion and found peace in it, then choosing a religious funeral poem is one of the best ways that you can celebrate her memory.

In fact, you will also have a lot more to choose from as well as you might know her favorite Bible passage that you can base the poem on. However, if your mother was not religious, you shouldn’t stress about finding a poem. There are countless poems out there for you to choose from, both modern and old, that can honor the memories of your mother.

 funeral poems for mum

What Type of Tone Should You Look for?

The tone for your poem is incredibly important to think about. After all, the tone that your poem sets will set the mood for the rest of your speech. If you choose to put the poem in the program of the funeral, it could very well set the mood for the entire funeral.

This makes it incredibly important to consider the tone that your poem has. While many people think of funerals as having a dark, somber, and generally heavy atmosphere. Not all funerals are this way on the inside. Of course, people are mourning the loss of a loved one but many people choose to face the funeral with optimism.

If you are reading for a funeral that chooses to face the loss of a loved one with optimism and a focus on celebrating the time that the loved one was with you. Then you probably do not want to choose a dark and sorrowful poem.

Instead, you should look at poems that have a more optimistic tone to them. These will typically not be as long and might even carry some humor with them. For instance, if your mother was someone who brought joy and humor everywhere she went, a joyful, humorous poem would be a wonderful way to celebrate her memory and everything she did throughout her life.

At the same time, you should keep your audience in mind when you choose to go for a more light-hearted poem as some people might not appreciate the sentiment.

Happy and funny?

If you are reading for a funeral that chooses to hold a more serious and sentimental mood, you should look at poems that face loss and remembrance. These poems often focus on acknowledging that there is a hole left in everyone’s hearts due to the loss of someone close while still honoring the memory of your mother.

In some cases, these poems can be good for situations when you were very close to your mother and would prefer to take the funeral as a way to fully acknowledge and accept the fact that she is gone and take the time to remember what she did in life.

There are sometimes when a funeral is dedicated to mourning the loss of someone close and accepting the grief that comes with that loss. During funerals such as this, it might be appropriate to read a poem that is deep, heartfelt, and grieving.

Choosing to read such a poem is a great way to acknowledge that this funeral is a time where everyone can come together through their grief and mourning to remember everything that your mother did throughout her life.

Of course, as you decide on which tone you want your poem to set for the funeral, you will still want to remember the audience and respect how they feel about your mother as well. Choosing the tone of your poem is an incredibly important process that you should put a lot of thought into before you choose a specific poem.

What Should You Consider About the Poem Itself?

As many people know, funeral poems for mum can come in all sorts of versions. Some poems will be long and written in a medieval style of English. Other poems will be relatively short and use contemporary English.

Ultimately, you should choose a poem that you feel comfortable reading. Having to sit and listen to someone struggle to read a heartfelt poem is something that can really kill the mood in any situation, especially ones as serious as funerals. With that being said, it is important to take the content of the poem into consideration including the length of the poem, the way it is written, and the way it is worded.

Some people choose to go for poems that are lengthy and detailed. Though these poems can sustain the attention of your audience for a longer period of time, you should also consider that not everyone wants to listen to extremely long poems.

Modern poems?

If the poem itself is written in an older style of English, you might also have a harder time getting through a few of the phrases and words used. While this can be prevented by practicing reading your poem aloud, it is always a good idea to choose a poem that you don’t have to spend a long time practicing how to read as this can build up unnecessary stress.

Other people will choose to go for poems that are relatively short. While this might not keep everyone’s attention sustained for as long, it can be a good way to open up your speech. Shorter poems often have very powerful phrases and words in them that convey a significant amount of emotion in a short period of time as well.

funeral poems for mum

Traditional poems

If you are not the best at reading aloud to an audience, especially in a tense and emotional situation such as your mother’s funeral, you might want to consider choosing a poem that is on the shorter side of things and uses phrasing that you are familiar with.

All of these aspects contribute to the way that people will hear the poem and take it in. Some people will enjoy listening to a long, complex poem that honors the memories of your mother whereas other people would rather hear a shorter poem that says everything neatly and concisely.

Knowing your audience and knowing the tone you want to set for the funeral play a large role in choosing which poem you will want to read as well as the content of the poem itself. However, when you take the time to consider all of these aspects of funeral poems, you will be able to choose the perfect funeral poem for your mum.

What Topics Suit a Funeral Poem for Mum?

Motherhood is a topic that has many connecting ideas and metaphors that can help you choose the poem that suits the passing of your mother best. Often, mothers are symbolized in poetry as a variety of things.

In more religious-centered poetry, mothers can be seen as angels who are meant to guide children down the path of both life and God. While teaching the child everything he or she needs to know along the way. In other poems, mothers are often heavily connected to nature.

After all, people refer to nature as “Mother Nature” for a reason. Choosing a topic that suits your mother is an important part of choosing a funeral poem for your mum. The right topic can bring out emotions and memories within you and the audience at your mother’s funeral.

When it comes to religious poems, aside from choosing a favorite passage in the Bible, many people will choose to read a poem that focuses on angels and angelic imagery. Mothers are often seen as a guiding hand in a word that is unfamiliar and occasionally cruel.

Special words to say goodbye

This guiding hand seeks to protect children as they grow and mature into adults. In addition to this, the idea of referring to a mother as an angel can be fitting for a funeral setting, making it a perfect topic to choose when you want to read a funeral poem for your mum. Choosing a poem such as this can also give respect to the memory of your mother as it honors her religious beliefs.

Many people will choose variations of nature as the topic for their funeral poems. Nature is something that is beautiful and nurturing, just as many mothers are. Some nature-focused poems will talk about flowers blooming in a garden as imagery for life given to you by your mother.

Others will talk about trees as they are sturdy, steadfast parts of nature that many people adore. A lot of poems will talk about gardens as nurturing a garden so that a gardener can see the flowers blooming is a metaphor that people find suitable for motherhood.

Get it right the first time

There are countless other topics out there when it comes to funeral poems for mum but these are just a few of the most commonly used topics that you can find. Choosing the right topic is another aspect of funeral poems that can take a lot of time and thought as it is no small task to put all of your memories into one single poem.

However, with the time to focus on how exactly you want to portray your memories of your mother. One can set the mood of the funeral as well as honor the memories of your mother when you choose the topic of your poem.

With this being said, there is no “right” topic that you can choose. Each and every person at the funeral will have his or her own thoughts about your mother. The topic that you choose should honor the way that you feel about your mother as this is something incredibly personal to you and your life experience.

 funeral poems for mum

What Goes Into the Perfect Funeral Poem?

As you begin to look at your options for your funeral poem for mum, it can be overwhelming to think about all these things at once. But as you get down into the details of each aspect of funeral poems. You will slowly realize that choosing the best funeral poem is something that takes time and thought.

Sometimes people will get lucky and they will find one particular poem that immediately clicks with them. Other people have the writing talent to create funeral poems on their own. However, not everyone is this lucky. The largest things that you have to consider for your poem are the tone, who the audience is, what the topic of the poem is, and how well you can read the poem.

Use some unique words

Knowing your audience is important as this will help you choose the proper tone for your poem. Some people will be more than willing to celebrate the memory of your mother through celebration. On the other hand, some people might see this as an insult to a serious and somber occasion.

Choosing the right funeral poem will involve getting to know both the audience and considering how your mother would want to be remembered. Some mothers don’t want to be remembered through grief and mourning whereas others wouldn’t enjoy a celebration on an occasion such as a funeral. Once you know your audience, you will be able to choose the tone and the topic of the poem.

Use something special

The tone of your poem plays a large role in determining what the topic will be. Funeral poems that are meant to be joyous and celebratory will often have bright, colorful imagery that suits a garden or a nature-themed poem.

Funeral poems that are meant to be serious and sentimental are often best suited to topics such as waiting to see your mother again or something similar to that. The tone of the funeral is one of the base blocks that you will need to choose the best funeral poem for your mum. After you have the funeral’s tone figured out, it will be much easier to choose the topic of the poem.

Think about the content

Lastly, it is also crucial to consider the contents of the poem itself. Reading the poem will be an emotional task that you have to bear, meaning that you shouldn’t make it more difficult for yourself by choosing a poem that you cannot read smoothly.

If you are not well versed in older English phrases and terminology, a long poem written in older English might not be the best choice to make in terms of funeral poems.

Likewise, you should make sure that you do not choose a poem that is too short or too long for your audience to listen to. You should look at poems that you can read comfortably and are not immensely long or too short.

Considering all these things will take time but the end result will be a funeral poem for mum that honors her memory in the best way possible.

Why Should You Consider a Funeral Poem?

Poems have been one of the most sincere ways of expressing emotions for thousands of years. While Shakespeare did influence much of the more romantic and emotional pieces of poetry, it has been around for ages as a unique way to express yourself.

Poems are often considered to be one of the rawest forms of expression, often being able to express ideas and thoughts that cannot be put easily into words.

In conclusion

Some people consider poems to be a type of puzzle, full of metaphors that can convey images as vivid as paintings. Choosing to read a poem is one of the best ways that you can honor the memory of someone who has passed.

In fact, funeral poems are often one of the best ways to go because they can be incredibly versatile. There are poems both long and short that describe nearly every feeling and situation that people encounter, including loss and grief.

If you are looking for a way to honor the memory of your mother, funeral poems for mum can provide you with the perfect way to express how you feel as long as you know what to look for. Thankfully, there are experts who can help you out.


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