Funeral Poems for my Husband. Use Special Words

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Funeral Poems for my Husband. Use Memorable Words


Upon losing a loved one, and particularly your life partner is devastating. Often most people do not know how to react. Well, it can be both shocking and saddening. Unfortunately, death is irreversible and so the only thing we can do is remember our beloved. You can remember your beloved husband in a funeral poem. Below we are going to outline some of the important factors to look at when you looking for funeral poems for my husband.


Funeral Poems for my Husband

Functions of a funeral poem for my Husband


Once you have settled to use funeral poems for your husband, you must be particular in your choices. These poems will perform different functions. For instance, you may want to celebrate his life or simply share the moments you shared together.

Funeral poems for a husband will contain a hidden meaning. It is up to you to choose the best metaphors that bring out your message clearly. Below are some of the functions of funeral poems.


To remember the deceased

funeral poems are meant to be read at funeral services. You probably want to remember your beloved husband’s life. Now, there are multiple choices of funeral poems that you may use to remember him. You do not have to compose your own poem as you can get them on the internet.

If you are looking to use a remembrance poem for your husband, then you have to go down the memory lane. What was he like when he was alive? Given that he was your life partner, what are some of the things that you loved about him?

Note that the goal is to commemorate his memories. For instance, you can use a narrative poem narrating of how you fell in love with him. Bring his character to life in the remembrance poem. Remembrance funeral poems should tell the audience about him. They should have an idea of who your husband was to you from the poem.

Think about the things you miss him for. Is it his sense of humor? Or is it how good he was at conflict resolution? Well, you have the opportunity to talk about him and let the world know what you have lost all the same.


Express our feelings

Funerals are usually sad and depressing. I mean, you are there to say goodbye to the person you probably love most in the world. However, if you want to express your feelings, you may use a funeral poem.

They could be feelings of hurt or grief. Also, you may choose to talk about the love and the relationship you shared with your husband. An expressive funeral poem will talk about our innermost feelings. For example, you can use a sad funeral poem to express your sorrow.

The most important thing to do is to remain honest with yourself. It is okay to express those feelings of grief, regret, lost love and whatever else you feel. By expressing your grief, you are opening a path to help you endure the pain of losing your husband.

You can also choose a poem to express how much you miss him. What are those qualities or actions that you will miss in him? A funeral poem will allow you to be vulnerable and also strong at the same time. It will allow you to mourn your late husband. The death of a spouse is among the most distressing moments of your life.


Pay tribute


Funeral Poems for my Husband


You can also go for a funeral poem to honor and pay tribute to your late husband. By paying tribute to him you are honoring his legacy and achievements. Once again, you must bring out his personality in the funeral poem you choose to include.

When you are paying tribute to your beloved husbands, it is key to consider his traits. You should not have any problem deciding on the traits to show respect to. I mean, you did spend a considerable amount of time with the deceased. For instance, you can choose a funeral poem that expresses how kind, loving and humble he was.

However, you must be honest, especially when paying tribute. You can also choose to mention how he changed your life and how he made you feel. Use narrative funeral poems for a husband if you have to. Now, a funeral poem to pay tribute must be a little personalized. Therefore, you may need to do more than just choose a poem from the internet.

Ensure that you remain original and positive in your funeral poem for your late husband.


Celebrate the life of the deceased


Alternatively, you may also choose a poem to celebrate his life. Well, some people choose celebratory funeral poems for a husband rather than wallow in grief. To celebrate his life, you must recognize how he led his life and what he believed in.

To be universal you may ask a few people, his friends probably, about him. They will give you more insight into choosing a perfect poem to celebrate the life of your husband. You can also look at your past memories, perhaps videos, and photos.

Understand that your mind might be foggy. This means that you may not know what to celebrate and what to leave out. In that case, going through your photos of him or videos participating in activities is going to help.




Alternatively, you can choose to use a funeral poem for thanksgiving or to offer gratitude. This is usually ironic given that you have just lost your spouse. You can choose to offer your gratitude for having spent time with your husband.

When we lose a loved one, we are often blinded by the grief that comes with the loss. You may express your feelings of grief and at the same time offer your thanksgiving. Instead of focusing on what you have lost, you can opt to be thankful for the time and the love you shared.

Funeral Poems for my Husband


To find and give comfort


Lastly, you can also go for an encouraging poem. Once again, you are grieving and so are other members of the family. While it is perfectly okay to feel hurt by the death of your husband, you can also seek strength and comfort in a funeral poem. Not only will it help you but also the other mourners.

You can use a religious funeral poem to offer comfort to the bereaved. Only opt for this if you and your husband were religious. For instance, Christian funeral poems offer comfort in that we shall reunite in eternity. On this note, you will be giving the mourners the hope to go on living knowing that we shall reunite in eternity.


Things to remember when choosing a funeral poem


Now that we have identifies the major functions of funeral poems for a husband, how do you get to choose? Well, as we have outlined above, it is up to you to decide what to share with the world. Below are some of the elements you must keep in mind while choosing a funeral poem.


When choosing a funeral poem to use, you must think of the theme. What is the essence and message of the poem? Is there a particular message that you want to pass across to the audience? It could be a poem about hope, death, grief, love or whatever topic you choose.

It is important to think of the message before you settle on a poem to commemorate your husband. If you are not quite sure of what to say, you may consult other family members. The way people talk about your spouse will help you identify the theme to go with.

Mood and tone

Once you have settled on the theme of the funeral poem, think about the atmosphere. What do you want people to feel? Even though it is saddening to lose a loved one, the mood and tone of the poem do not necessarily have to be sad.

Some people use celebratory, happy, or humorous tones in funeral poems. You will be the one to decide which one to go with. Note that the tone and mood of the poem will also depend on the vocabulary of the poem.

Length of the poem

Talk to the funeral moderator about the time allocated for eulogy reading. You need to choose a poem that you will be able to deliver within the allocated time. Note that a funeral poem should be read slowly, putting in a few pauses to allow the audience to understand and feel the latter. Therefore, choose a poem in accordance to the time allocated for delivering it.


How to survive the loss of a spouse


As we mentioned above, losing a spouse is one of the most difficult moments in life. Unfortunately, one spouse will have to witness the demise of their beloved. This can be diminishing and quite distressing. You may not feel the need to live without your spouse. However, before it gets there, we are going to highlight a few tips to survive the loss of your spouse:


Tips to survive the loss of your spouse

  • Do not make major decisions. The death of a spouse can cause emotional and mental distress. If you have recently suffered a loss, it is advisable to not make major and quick decisions at once. For instance, do not sell the house or move to a new state immediately. You are probably not in a position to make completely rational decisions.
  • You may give away the deceased’s personal items. People who have lost their loved ones to death find it helpful to give away personal items such as clothes. You can donate them to charity. It is a step closer to letting go and accepting that your beloved is no more. I mean you would rather look at a picture of them than stare at his closet full of their clothes and other personal items. Besides, generosity can be comforting.
  • Allow yourself to grieve and feel every pain that comes with your loss. While most people choose to go on with their daily activities, pretending not to feel hurt or grief is actually harmful. You may never learn to let it go as you hold on to the pain inwardly.
  • Seek comfort from friends or family. It is okay to talk about your late husband with those who you trust. You may talk about your feelings as well as your daily life rather than live a secluded life. You can also opt to seek a support group where you can comfortably express yourself when you need to.



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