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How to Honor Your Nana on Thanksgiving Day to Include Using Funeral Poems for Nan.

A person’s Nan is like their second mum. They will always love and care for you besides spoiling you with gifts, making this relationship very crucial. It is for this reason that one can’t easily overcome the death of their Nana.

As is the case with other forms of grieving caused by death, you will experience the following emotions and difficulty finding suitable Funeral Poems For Nan.

Shock- As much as they maybe are aged, we can never prepare for their death, be it as a result of old age or illness. The news of their death still comes as a shock and may take time to accept.

Anger- there is anger towards life and death for not letting us spend time with Nana until we are satisfied. All our plans are simply cut short.

Guilt- there is guilt especially if one lived far away from their Nana, making them feel perhaps this passing on was as a result of neglect. Suddenly so many windows open, of the things which would have been done in a different way to enable the Nana to stay a little longer yet they were not identified on time.

Sadness- when the reality of the situation starts sinking in, there is sadness in knowing that we will never be able to feel their warm love again, they are gone forever. The vacuum left is felt, and one only starts imagining how the future will be, more-so if one’s own mom is already deceased too.

Acceptance- with time, we realize that we have to be strong and go on living. This does not mean that we lock our emotions, once in a while, we may come across situations which make the pain a whole lot fresh, much later when we feel that we are healed of this pain, if that happens, just flow with the emotions.

Funeral poems for Nan can be applied to various aspects after the loss of a Nan as shown below,
 In funeral and death notices for the deceased Nan
 In funeral programs for Nana’s funeral service
 In Nana’s eulogy or funeral speech
 In Nana’s funeral or memorial service
 On sympathy and condolence notes for those who are mourning the death of their Nana
 On funeral flowers to be used on the deceased Nana’s grave and casket
 On thank, you note sent to those who supported an individual in laying the Nan to rest
 On Nan’s gravestone

Most families look forward to Thanksgiving Day, which is usually a form of family reunion, with most households traditionally coming together at the Nan’s house to offer thanks. The time spent is usually memorable and the grandchildren get a chance to hear awesome stories from their Nana.

But with the Nana no longer there, all those moments once shared become memories. How then do we ensure that we honour the deceased Nana on Thanksgiving Day?

Visiting their final resting place.

One of the best ways to feel the presence of the deceased Nana is gathering up at her final place of rest on Thanksgiving Day. While here, you can do several things to make the visit memorable.

 Putting up fresh flowers on the graves- you can buy the flowers the Nana used to like and replace the old ones on their graves. Get creative with the flowers by finding a funeral poem for Nan that matches the deceased Nan’s personality and attaching it. after laying the flowers, you can then read your deceased Nan the poem.

 Praying for the deceased Nan- we can further appreciate the Nan by praying for her like she would pray for us during the Thanksgiving Day. This ensures the family traditions are adhered to like would have been the wish of the deceased Nan.

 Singing a hymn. Most of Nan’s have songs which they adore. You can make use of this visit by singing them their favourite hymns or one selected by the family and which connects to the way the family feels about the deceased Nan.

Send them a message. By using a Funeral Poem.

For this, you will need to buy helium balloons and write messages for Nana on mini cards. An alternative to the message is funeral poem Nan which can still be printed on the small cards. Once the family is gathered for the Thanksgiving, you can all step out in the back or front yard and recite a nice funeral poem for nan.

Before realizing the balloons with the attached messages or funeral poems Nan, the family can start off by sharing stories and memories about the Nana, and go through photos, say a prayer, then release the balloon into the air.

Lighting up candles.

We can each light up candles and say prayers in turns for our deceased Nana, either at their home, in church, final place of rest or somewhere they loved. As the candle continues burning, the family can participate in a number of things to include sharing stories about the precious moments shared with the deceased Nan, going through her photos, singing, and offering thanks to God for the blessing of a loving Nan.

Indulging in activities they loved.

For starters, you can prepare her favourite Thanksgiving dish and have the whole family share it. Other activities include watching her favourite movies, visiting her favourite spot, listening to the music they loved, and reading bible verses that they liked among other fun things.

Scribbling in your journal.

It is important to write down how the whole Thanksgiving Day turned out at the end. You can include the things which you did and enjoyed and those which made you emotional. This is helpful for the next time a person has to plan for a Thanksgiving. This is also a chance to meditate and write things which you wouldn’t wish to freely share.

The reason we felt it necessary to share tips on how to honor your deceased Nan on Thanksgiving Day, is because this very important day is known to highly affect those left behind by their Nan’s passing on if not adequately prepared for The funeral poems for Nan at the Holy Bookshop will help ensure that the deceased Nan gets a special treatment even in their absence.

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