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We are fully aware that finding funeral poems for mum is always a difficult task. We also know that when searching you will find sites that will provide free funeral poems for mother.

However, we sincerely believe that one shouldn’t use these funeral poems as they tend to be used by the majority of people. Our take on this is simple. And from our personal experience, we wanted to find funeral poems for mum that was completely different from the norm.

We wanted to express words that were completely new, different and expressed our feelings of what we felt to our mother. Due to luck, one day, when searching for funeral poems for mum we stumbled across a site that offered over 250 funeral poems from which to choose from and besides that offered so much more. Therefore, we managed to offer that very same download and is available for you right now. Simply click here.

9 Key Themes To Look For In Funeral Poems For Mother.


In most families around the globe, the death of the mother ushers in yet another episode of pain and grief to the family. It is a difficult time that most of the people never wish to remember.

The mother is the family neck that supports the head of the family, the father, who cannot run the family without the wife. The need to grief and cry for the mother while at the same time saying goodbye stimulates the children of the family to select poems for their mothers. Poems are one of the wonderful and articulate ways that one can utilize to say goodbye to the dead and mourn for the life of the deceased.

Funeral poems for the mother. 

These seem quite easy to choose for most people. It is rare to find someone becoming adamant when it comes to matters concerning the mother. The mother plays a major role in the life of a child from the time the child is born to the time the child begins to become independent.

Nonetheless, funeral poems for mother still make some people panic and sweat for lacking the idea of going about it from the first stanza all the way to the last. However, by perusing the numerous funeral poems for the mother from professional poets one can come up with an idea with a subject to look out for in the poem. Below are some of the items that most of the poems for the late mom may include.

funeral poems mother

Talk about the love.

It is a mere fact that one may forget to mention anything else concerning the mother except the motherly love. In the world, there is no love that is greater than that of the biological mother. It is love that is unconditional. The motherly love has no ending and no bounds at the same time. In foolishness and in wisdom the mother will love the child at all times.

While dedicating a poem to the late mother the poem should to at least include the crude details about the motherly love. When talking about love there is never a reason to feel shameful even if the acts of love may one feel like hiding the face. It is true that some mothers go to a larger extent and do crazy things for the kids just in the name of motherly love. You can individualize the poem by including such acts.

A good way to remember the love is to recall the number of times one called the word “mummy” since childhood and the number of times the mother was responding to the calls.

Praise for mum.

One of the ways that successful poems use a description for the mother is by praising the one and only childhood nurse. It is a great thing to talk about the good deeds of the late mother. Praise the deceased for being there all the time that one required the motherly care and love.

They talk about how the mum struggled to make the family stable in matters pertaining to the basic needs of the family. The poems further touch on the things and the support that mom gave dad thereby making her a force to reckon with in the family set up.

It is a sure bet, that almost all individuals out there will have lack a multitude of words to use to praise their moms, so much it would be confusing, thus necessitating the need for the poems. The mother plays a major role in ensuring the life of the child becomes stable. In fact, praise should be of the highest sort if the child grew up in a single parent (mother) family.

Speak of the good old days.

This is yet another brilliant way of remembering the deeds of the mother. The ability to make the olden days live again and highlighting each detail of the past makes the poems stand out. It is a wise move to remind the late mother of the good old days when life was simple and straightforward.

Remind the audience and the late mother how the stories in the past created some weird imaginations in the mind. The poems talk about how the motivation in the olden days has caused the transformation in life as now. It is the good olden day that makes the mother stand out as the best mother of all times.

In funeral poems for the mother, any poem that causes the audience to see the love and feel sorry for the loss should have achieved a key role. The poem is not to be a fairy tale but rather a factual piece of art adapted from real life experience.

funeral poems mum

A lost ally.

In normal situations, the mother is a personal ally to most kids, especially their daughters. In most families, the kids find it easy to reveal almost all the childhood secrets to the mother. The mother becomes the listening hear to most of the problems and challenges that one encounters during childhood.

Most funeral poems for mothers will give a vivid description of how the mother was a friend that one did not afford to lose at the stage. One should at least mimic this act from professional poets and talk about the friendship that existed between the mother and the children of the family.

A good poem usually puts emphasis on the things that show love and friendship between the mother and children. For instance, one can talk about all the sacrifices that the mother took in the name of love for the kids. Most mothers will find time to take the children out for play and even join the play to make the kid happy.

The mother may decide to sacrifice for the happiness of the kid without thinking about losing a job, missing appointments, feeling the shame and losing customers in business. By the way, true motherhood lies behind the sacrifices that one takes on behalf of the children, therefore, funeral poems for the mother which touches on such aspects are of many delights.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


Legacy parades itself as yet another great item to talk about in funeral poems for the mother. Every mother and modern woman per say had something to live and die for. This may be visible in the career path of the mother or just life in general. A great poem dedicated to a late mother talks about her legacy. Nonetheless, the legacy may also refer to the life lessons that one may learn from the mother on a day-to-day basis.

It is natural to see the daughters working hard to live the life of the mother and the sons doing likewise on the life of the father. In most families, the mother is the centre of inspiration for most kids. This is the reason why most famous poems never fail to mention the motivation and the inspiration from the mother.

For the poem to flow, it should at least opt to say something about the daily motivation from the mother. For instance, if the poem is directed to a mother who was a teacher, it should at least speak something about how the career made the children stand out in life.
It is an assumption that any stable family out there must be having a hardworking mom. The mother plays an important role in the family and that is why some kids may suffer from lacking a mother.

Create the unseen.

The artistic nature of the poems should create the unseen scenario, it is expected to reveal to the audience and the late mother the imaginations that lie in the mind.
Imaginations being talked about in funeral poems for the mother seeks to make the gap left much more visible. The gap, in this case, refers to the place the mother was filling, that now demands her presence, but unfortunately, death came early.

Imaginations are great to speak about, especially in a eulogy where one has had to live at least several years with their mothers present. By the virtue of imaginations being captured in the poem, it makes the audience and the late mother feel sorry about the situation.

It is the idea of making the audience feel that if the mother was present so and so would not have been happening. For instance, if the mother was a politician, it may make the audience feel that, would the mom be still alive today, the citizens would have been happier because mommy’s leadership was the best.

Assure her safety.

Winsome funeral poems for the mother will most definitely talk about eternity in the poem. This is normally to give an assurance of the deceased’s safety that is present in the other world. This captures the pain attributed to losing her, while at the same time causing liberation for the mother.

Although most people fear death, the act of entering a world free of pressure, pain, grief and sorrow ignites the desire for wanting to get into it. The poems serve to highlight how a mother deserves a rest from the dangerous and ever confusing worldly affairs. When speaking about the safety of eternity one should at least try to encompass about meeting with the creator and how that is a 100% guarantee of safety for the late mother.

From a religious point of view, dying is a form of rest and not the ordinary snatch from the worldly pleasures as perceived by many. Life in itself is a journey that commences on the day of birth and ends when somebody dies. This is the reason as to why no human being can claim to be resting while still full of heath. According to religious knowledge, death brings an automatic rest of the soul.
Talk about character.

Talking about the character of the late mother in funeral poems for the mother is vital. This is because it gives the audience and the late mother the chance to see how her character influenced the children to become respected members of the society. A closer look at most of the funeral poems for the mother, one cannot fail to notice how the personas of the poem set aside some lines just to inform people about the mother’s character.

The character of the mother whether kind, generous, loving, hardworking, decisive, determined and emotionally strong can provide a good background for anyone. In most cases, the character of the mother inspires one to see the mother as a role model and a person whose life is worth living. Now that the mother has passed on, it will be great to remind the audience of the whole story.

Create humour.

Another kind but funny way of saying goodbye to the late mother is by using humour. In fact, most poems will utilize this style to bring taste to the life story of a mother. The good thing about poetry is that as a poem writer, one can use any style that one fancies as long as the poet successfully conveys the message to the audience.

Coming with some sense of humour in a poem is usually a wonderful way of revealing the weak side of a mother without irritating the audience. For instance, a poem can illustrate how in childhood, one fantasized what true motherhood is all about. This may refer to how one saw the mother as the best of the best in comparison to all the mothers in the neighbourhood.

When considering funeral poems for the mother, it is rare for one to conclude that all is well covered. This is because words and pages are never sufficient to discuss the roles that a late mother played in one’s life. Furthermore, the style and rules of poetry do not condone lengthy sentences that provide a vivid description.

Anyone out to look for a poem for their late mother should at least learn to select words and phrases that provide a wider view of the matter without necessarily using lengthy sentences. That’s why you can trust the carefully considered poems list provided by us, at the Holy Bookshop.

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