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Finding Funeral Poems and  Funeral Verses are really easy to find, right?

Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. On your initial search, you will find maybe six or so of the most common funeral poems that are always used. Is that what you really want? I know I wouldn’t. Personally, I think that on such an important event I would like to offer words that are original, unique, and also will impress the congregation. We have selected 250 funeral poems and funeral verses to pick from and all are available on an instant download.


Funeral Poems for the death of a loved one.


When we are faced with the loss of a loved one, we may wonder how to commemorate them and honor their life. Most people will go for funeral poems that are accompanied by the funeral eulogy on the deceased’s funeral.

These poems vary depending on the purpose you want it to serve. For instance, it could be a happy funeral poem, memorial or even a sad poem based on the theme of the funeral. So, what are some f the factors that you should consider while choosing a funeral poem?

1. The theme of the funeral

Just like any other form of a poem, it is important to keeping mind what the funerals going to be like. The normal mood of a funeral is sadness but some people, especially the Christians prefer celebrating the life of the deceased. It is essential to consider what you want people to feel from the poem.

2. Reassurance and comfort

While choosing a funeral poem to read, keep in mind that you will be dealing with a grieving audience. Even if the crowd seems to be celebrating a life well lived, there is a very big chance that close relatives and friends are grieving. Let your poem provide reassurance and comfort to these people. For instance, if you are going for a religious funeral poem, you may consider reminding people that there is comfort in the Lord and hope to meet with the deceased again.

3. Commemoration of the deceased

If you have been given a chance to choose a funeral poem, this means that you must have been close to the deceased which also means that you knew them quite well. It is advisable to get a poem that contains tender words of commemoration. For instance, did the deceased have kindness and a good heart? If yes, you could choose from thousands of funeral poems and funeral verses that could relate to this character.

4. Express a deep love and affection held for the deceased

When we lose a loved one, it is common to want to express the love we still have for the deceased. They might not be a part of our earthly lives but they are always a part of us. We carry their memories in our minds and still love them the same if not more. A great poem inspires strong emotions and you could move the crowd by using simple but strong words that may define the love and affection you still hold for the deceased.

Funeral Verses for a Christian Service.


Even though traditional burial ceremonies are still held, many people are considering cremation in modern-day life. This is a little different when it comes to the funeral as the body is not present, instead, the deceased’s ashes are presented before the audience and a funeral ceremony is held.

In a Christian funeral service, the church leader may read some funeral verses from the bible that are meant to bring about acceptance, hope, and comfort in the Lord. The Bible promises us that there is life after death and that we shall all unite in the kingdom of heaven.

However, God understands that we are all human and thus He comforts us in bible verses for funerals that offer hope and reassurance that we are safe in the Lord and death is just but the start of eternal life. This means that the deceased has completed their journey and we are on the same road just that our time has not yet come.

However, this should only be considered for Christian funerals. There are also non-religious funeral poems for people who often come with kind words of remembrance and grieving.

While choosing a poem for a non-religious funeral, you may want to keep in mind what the deceased was like, get a poem that very much relates to their life. However, you may want to stay away from long funeral poems if you don’t want to lose your audience’s attention.

Funeral verses from the scriptures offer comfort in the Lord, with encouragement that as Christians we should always remember eternity. When we die, it is more like a home going rather than actually leaving. We are welcomed into the throne of the Lord where we find everlasting joy and peace.

This being said, a Christian funeral may feature funeral readings from the bible for the purposes of comforting the bereaved and reminding the audience that the deceased has gone to be with the Lord. Just like funeral poems, funeral verses carry a great amount of capacity to inspire strong emotions. They reassure hope that we shall meet again with the deceased in our next eternal life.


Non-Religious Funeral Poems.


However, non-religious funeral poems may come in sub-categories among them funny funeral poems that could help lighten up the mood during the funerals. Remember that a funeral doesn’t have to be as sad as we assume it should.

You can decide to be a little different and go with a happy mood. For instance, if the deceased had been sick and in hospital, you may view their death as a relief from pain and suffering which is a good thing in one way or the other. This way, you could choose a funny funeral poem or reading that will take away all the grieving for a moment and make the audience feel a little happier.

In the modern era, we tend to view funerals as a way to commemorate the memories of the deceased as well as tell the world what a great person the world has lost. This goes for both Christian and non-religious funerals. Often the funeral coordinator will touch on the good deeds of the deceased in order to bring out a great image in our minds.

No one wants to remember the deceased as bad people since it is not our place to judge, instead, we want to bring an effect of their best to the audience. This ensures that the crowd remembers the deceased in a positive way, throughout their life. As mentioned earlier, these readings and poems inspire strong emotions and it is up to you to choose what emotions you want to bring out at the funeral.

Another way of choosing the right poem is to focus on the interests and personality of the deceased. This will bring vivid memories of them and also give you a chance to celebrate their life the way they would have wanted you to.

It is important to be true to your feelings when choosing a funeral poem or verses. You may want to express what you feel as it will help you and others begin the process of healing. Even if a Christian funeral may require us to maybe use the bible verses to express hope and reassurance, it is okay to be human. You are allowed to express your emotions and a nice poem would do that for you.

Another approach you could use while deciding on a funeral reading or poem is to tell their story while at the same time express your emotions. This is a great way of letting go of the anger that may come with losing a loved one. Often, you may think that God wants us to suffer and that death is cruel but if you think about it, it is a little selfish to want the deceased to live longer while their time has come.


A guide to the type of funeral poems.


A great poem may teach you and the audience to accept the will of the Lord while at the same time offering the sense of hope and reassurance that the deceased is in a better place, with the Lord and finally resting for eternity.

Even though most funeral verses seem to encourage us to let go, there is some intensity that comes with the fact that God is going to provide comfort to us. Most bible verses emphasize the life after death promise that suggests when we die there is no more suffering but we join the Lord in heaven.

That is the greatest comfort we can find in the Lord that the deceased is in a better place as much as it hurts to live without them here on earth.

In other cases, there could be something the deceased loved saying or a poem that they loved and you could also use it to commemorate their life. As long as the poem brings out strong emotions, be it of happiness or sadness, it will have served its purpose.

Some of these funeral poems are not only included in the funeral eulogy but some people may prefer putting them on the gravestones after burial. This may also serve as a memorial poem every time you visit the grave, the poem will bring back memories and the deeply held love we had for them.

Other people prefer to put powerful bible verses on these gravestones to inspire hope and acceptance as well as longing and remembrance.

For those that believe in God, eternal life is a form of reassurance where we are promised that we will one day unite in eternal life where we shall never part. Even after Jesus’ death, the disciples were left with the hope that they would reunite with Him in eternity and that they shouldn’t be sad about it.

Instead of grieving, some Christians rejoice in thankfulness that we got to see the deceased and got to spend time with them. In this light, you will find several bible verses insisting on Thanksgiving rather than sorrowfulness after death. We are delivered from earthly sufferings and delivered into the joyfulness of eternal life.

Examples of Funeral Verses.


Some of the funeral poems that you will find may also feature the expression of an empty gap that the deceased left in our life. For instance, if you lose one of your parents, you may want to express the love you had and the gap they have left in your heart.

Once you go through such sorrow and pain, you may want to let it out through a nice poem. It could help you get all the anger out even after knowing the fact that they are at a better place. The intensity of emotions expressed in the funeral poems highly depends on the kind of relationship you shared with the deceased.

While God offers comfort and promise of eternal life, He still allows us to grieve as He knows the pain we are going through. However, we find healing in acceptance and feel better knowing that they are at peace now. Simple funeral verses could offer us hope and give us the strength to move on even when it seems impossible to do so. However, with time we accept and try to heal the pain with God offering us the gift of hope that we shall meet again.

However, there are thousands of funeral poems and verses you can choose from while commemorating a loved one at their funeral. The important thing is to keep it in mind that you are going to bring an effect on your audience.

It is important that you get a poem that speaks your true emotions, whether you are expressing the sorrow of you are thankful for having spent time with them. Keeping mind that it is your job to set the tone and theme of the poem and thus be cautious about the poem you choose. As mentioned earlier, a funeral doesn’t always have to be sad.

In conclusion.

it is important to pay attention to the theme of the funeral, religious beliefs of the deceased and also the memories you intend to honor of them. This will guide you in choosing a perfect funeral poem for the funeral service.

For people who want to put their funeral or memorial poems on the gravestones, it is essential that you choose something you will be comfortable to present to the people at the funeral. This also goes to the people who are looking to read the prepared funeral poems ours aloud during the funeral service. It should be something you are comfortable with and expressing your true feelings.

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