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Losing a loved one is a devastating experience. You will experience feelings of hurt and grief immediately. In most cases, we do not know how to let go of them. We do not know how to accept that the deceased is really gone. However, there are several things that can help you let go of the loss.

As much as they are gone, it does not mean that we should actually forget them. Funeral poems are a good start when you are looking forward to letting go of a loved one. In most cases, these poems are usually in the voice of the deceased. We are going to look at some of the most important aspects of ‘funeral poems to let me go’.


Immediately you receive the devastating news of the death of a loved one, you do not know what to do. This is especially in the case where death came to them suddenly. You probably shared good moments recently but they are no longer there. Accepting this can be a little difficult for you.

The stages of grief immediately kick in. You are going to be faced with some difficult decisions to make thereafter. I mean, even though we all know that death is inevitable, no one is really prepared for that. However, chances are that your loved one would want you to let go and move on with life.

This is easier done than said done actually. However, since there is nothing we can do about it, we have to learn how to let go. Writing a ‘funeral poem to let me go’ will help you understand death and grief from the deceased’s perspective.


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Why write a let me go funeral poem


Funeral Poems Let Me Go


Writing a funeral poem is not always the first thing you are going to think about once you lose a loved one. The fact that you are considering writing one means that you were close. Or maybe you knew them well, to say the words they would have if they had a chance. It also means that you are struggling with the loss and want to help people get over the loss.

A funeral poem to let me go is going to not only help you with your grief but also other mourners. The fact that you have been entrusted to write such a poem means that you must have had a good relationship with the deceased. However, there are a few reasons why you might consider writing a let me go funeral poem.


To share your loss and grief

In most cases, a poem to let me go is mean to share grief with the mourners. Letting go of a loved one is particularly difficult. This is because you are hurting and finding it difficult to accept that they are really gone. The truth is, death is inevitable, and we all know that. However, no one is ever prepared when it happens.

A funeral poem to let me go is directed to share the loss and grief. You can express your feelings of how you will miss the deceased in the poem. In addition, you can also share something your loved one would have wanted. For instance, you can mention some of the things that will make you miss them now that they are gone.


To encourage mourners

When death comes knocking, it can leave you and your relatives physically broke. A funeral poem to let go of the deceased is a good way to encourage mourners during this difficult time. Well, most people will come and encourage people to move on and accept death. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. It is going to include some painful stages of grief.

You may write a funeral poem reliving the memories of the deceased. This will create a vivid image of the deceased in the audience’s mind. They are going to be encouraged that even though the deceased is gone, they are in a better place.


To acknowledge your loss

A funeral poem to let go of a loved one should help you acknowledge your loss. This is the first stage of grief that will help you through this difficult time. In the poem, you will be able to say it yourself that you have indeed lost someone. It is when you actually come to terms that the deceased had passed away.

Not only will this be of importance to you but also to other mourners. For instance, if you have recently lost your parent, it is normal to jump right into the denial stage of grief. You might not want to acknowledge your loss. However, you can be able to do so in a funeral poem to let them go, as you help your siblings and other relatives through it.


The theme of funeral poems to let me go


The theme of a funeral poem to let go will differ based on a few factors. For instance, if the deceased was a religious person, the theme could also represent the hope you have to meet them again in eternity. You can also choose to relive the memories of the deceased. You might have been involved in an activity together, for example, your dad teaching you how to fish.

In a good funeral poem, you can express how much they were important to your life. These are some of the memories that you should keep dear to your heart in order to get over the grief. Express some of the things that you are going to miss about the deceased.

Death is really confusing in reality. I mean, the person who is supposed to help you get through the difficult time is the person who has left. In fact, you can actually end up angry, trying to understand why they had to go. You will be angry at the universe, at God and sometimes at the deceased. However, you should understand that you do not have any control over death.


How to write funeral poems let me go


When you are looking to write a funeral poem to let go of a loved one, you may choose to go with their voice. This means that you will address the audience as the deceased would. If you got some time to spend with the deceased before they succumbed, you may have an idea of what they would have wanted. Not only are we going to look at the structure but also the content of a funeral poem to let me go.


Funeral Poems Let Me Go

Express love in the poem

It is important that you express love in the funeral poem to let a loved one go. Do not be afraid to mention the love you shared with the deceased. It is important to recognize that even in death, that connection does not die. The truth is, we feel hurt and sad when we lose a loved one because we loved them and they are no more.

Use the poem to let them go with nothing but so much love. As mentioned earlier, death is inevitable despite the sadness it brings to our lives. Remember that letting go does not mean that you no longer love the deceased. However, you need to let go in order to move on with your life, and so does the mourners and the bereaved. A funeral love expressing love and also allowing people to let go will do it for you, and for everyone else.

When you let go of a loved one with love, you open up for other experiences in life. You will also help people accept the loss but also remember the deceased in a loving way. Include some of the moments you shared that portrayed love between you and the deceased. Talking about it will also assist you to deal with your grief.


Celebrate their life

Instead of mourning your loss, you can also choose to celebrate the life of the deceased. Well, it is only fair to feel sad and all that, but you may celebrate the deceased. Share those memories that are full of life, showcasing how great the deceased was.

To be able to celebrate the deceased, include some of the things they used to enjoy. For instance, you may celebrate the deceased’s participation in community development activities. Use the funeral poem to celebrate their life rather than mourning them.

Understand that life does not end in death. In fact, most people prefer to see death as the beginning of something new and better. I mean, if the deceased was ill before passing on, they have been released from their pain. In addition, we presume that they are in a better place and free of pain.

Therefore, it is completely okay to want to celebrate a loved one who had gone to be with the Lord. They have finally rested and thus we need to honor the difference they made in the world. A funeral poem gives you a chance to actually express your gratitude.


Acknowledge that the deceased is in a better place

You need to understand that life does not stop at death. A funeral poem showcasing that the deceased is in a better place will definitely help you let go of the deceased. In addition, reading the poem at a funeral or memorial service will extend the same idea to the mourners.

Based on Christianity, we tend to view death as a rebirth. We believe that our loved ones are resting and have finally completed their journey in the world. Thinking that they are in a better place is actually good for you and your process of grief.


The deceased’s spirit lives on

It is quite natural for you to feel heartbroken and alone once you lose someone you loved. Unfortunately, we do not know when this is likely to happen. However, when it does, we feel the need to keep holding on to the loss and the anger. This can be quite draining, especially when you are trying to understand why it happened.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. One of the most common stages of grief is bargaining. You wish that you could bring the person back to life. Since this is impossible, you can tailor a funeral poem that encourages people of the presence of the deceased’s spirit. I mean, we all want to feel like they are somewhere watching over us, which will help you move on.

A let me go funeral poem can assure the mourners of the presence of their spirit. This will not only offer strength to move on but also offer reassurance that there is life after death.


Funeral Poems Let Me Go

Share your most treasured memories in a let me go funeral poem

A funeral poem is a good platform for you to share your feelings, but also the most treasured memories with the deceased. What made them so important to your life? This is one of the questions that should guide you when you are writing the poem. You need to showcase some of the things that you learned from the deceased.

This is not usually a smooth ride. I mean, you will have to go back and remember some of the best memories you shared. A let me go funeral should focus on the positive aspects of the deceased’s life. The goal is to celebrate the deceased’s existence. In addition, you can mention some of the characteristics of the deceased to showcase their personality.

Always remember to remain authentic and genuine throughout the entire poem.


Include a message of encouragement and hope

A funeral poem to let me go should also include a message of encouragement and hope. Remember that this is not your poem but also the audiences. Therefore, you have an obligation to comfort the mourners during the tough period.

Words of encouragement could be the deceased’s favorite quote or even a verse from The Bible. However, you should only include a religious quote if the deceased was also religious. The poem can feature words to remind the audience that the deceased is gone but never forgotten.

You can also reflect on the pain that your loved one was going through all this time. If they had been ill or involved in an accident leading to their unfortunate death, you can describe the relief they got from passing away. Encourage the audience by letting them know that the deceased is no longer suffering.

Furthermore, you can restore their hope in eternal life. Most often, when a loved one passes away, we often tend to find blame in God and the universe at large. We do not understand why they had to go and also your audience, especially close relatives are going through the same issue. A funeral poem that offers a message of hope will definitely help them endure the difficult moments upon losing a loved one.


Structure of funeral poems to let me go


There is no specific structure for funeral poems to let me go. You can choose one from the several structures including a narrative poem. In such a poem, you will be able to include some of the memories without much struggle. Take some time to brainstorm and come up with the things you want to share with the audience. For instance, look for those happy memories that also portrayed the character of the deceased. You do not have to concentrate on the rhyme scheme of the poem at this point.

However, you will have to decide on the length of the poem. Ensure that you have spoken to the funeral coordinator about the time and the funeral program. This way, you will be able to write a let me go funeral poem with the perfect length.

While choosing the ideas to include and the ones to leave out, ensure that you already have a theme. In this case, the theme should be to help the bereaved overcome the sadness that comes with losing a loved one. Therefore, choose some of the best memories that will bring out the personality of the deceased. As mentioned earlier, you can pick some of the deceased’s favorite quotes and include them in the funeral poem.


The tone of funeral poems to let me go

The tone of funeral poems to let me go should be calm. You are trying to demonstrate some of those things that the deceased did to impact your life and others’. Therefore, you don’t particularly to be sad in the funeral poem.

As much as you are grieving, the tone and the mood of the poem does not have to be sad. It can be celebratory, of gratitude and even of remembrance. Choose the tone of your poem in accordance with your feelings.



Writing a funeral poem is not an easy task. Given that you are going through a tough time as well. However, if you are looking to write funeral poems to let me go, concentrate on the deceased’s character. What were they like and what are you going to remember most about? In addition to this, this poem is going to help you get through your grief.

It is important to grief in your own way. But it is also important to restore the lost hope in the mourners. Therefore, use the funeral poem to highlight your treasured memories of the deceased. Showcase that to the mourners and especially the other relatives of the deceased.

Encourage them by letting them know that the deceased lived their life well. Assure them that they are in a better place and that it is okay to miss them but also let go of them. Remain respectful to the dead as well as the living while reading the funeral poem.



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