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It is always a sad moment for the family and the entire country when a military soldier passes on. It is not only the loss of the family but also for the country and the military at large. Therefore, there is a need to commemorate and honor their service to our country. It gets sadder when you receive the bad news of a fallen soldier.

However, they might be gone but we never really forget them, and their commitment to our country. In this article, we are going to look at the process of writing funeral poems for military officers.


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Funeral poems, as we have discussed before, are used to honor and commemorate our departed loved ones. Before you can proceed to write a good funeral poem for a fallen soldier, you might have to brainstorm and figure out your main theme. This is not always an easy task, especially if you had been close to the deceased. Below are some of the reasons why you might consider writing a funeral poem for a fallen soldier:


funeral poems military

To celebrate their life

When we lose a loved one, we feel compelled to celebrate their lives. In most cases, you may not be able to figure out how to do this at first. Funeral poems for the military are therefore a great way to celebrate their lives. Understand that these are the people who sacrifice their time and lives for our countries. They are the ambassadors of peace for our countries. This means that we have to respectfully lay them to rest.

In the case you have been entrusted with the task of writing a funeral poem for a fallen soldier, you may choose to celebrate their lives. In this poem, you will have to brainstorm and mention some of the things they achieved while alive. If you were lucky enough to spend some quality time with the deceased, this should not be a problem. If not, then you may consult his military friends about his achievements in the army. This will give you an insight into what to celebrate and include in the funeral poem.

To express gratitude

This is actually something we most often forget to do. I mean, it is quite rare to have someone thank these soldiers personally, when they are alive. However, some funeral poems for the military are themed to express gratitude to the deceased. Remember that these are people who give up their lives for the peace of our nations. We owe them more than simple gratitude.

Unfortunately, we cannot be able to do that when they are already gone. In a funeral poem, you can express your gratitude on behalf of the family and the nation as well. If you are writing a funeral poem to express your feelings of gratitude, focus on the achievements and the sacrifices the deceased made. Let the audience know that you appreciate the deceased for their service and sacrifice. Ask around members of his squad about his achievements in the army. Use them to express your gratitude.

Offer encouragement to the family of the deceased

You can also use a funeral poem to offer encouragement to the bereaved. The family and friends of the deceased are definitely going through a rough time. However, you can be able to include words of hope and encouragement in the funeral poem for the bereaved.

During this period, the family and friends of the deceased are definitely hurting. In efforts to console them, you can write a funeral poem and include words of sympathy. This way, the family and friends of the deceased will be able to find the strength to go on.

In order to encourage people who are grieving, it is important to acknowledge their loss. Include the characteristics that you are all going to miss about them. In most cases, you are the one writing a funeral poem because you were close to the deceased. You definitely have a good idea of their contribution to society, and also their most difficult times while they were alive. Share the fondest memories of the deceased with the audience.


funeral poems military

To honor their service and sacrifice to the country


When our soldiers go to war, they are doing it for our sake. Whether you are looking for funeral poems for a military officer who passed on in the line of duty or a retired one, put an honor in mind. Recognize their service to our country. I mean, these people leave their families and loved ones to go and protect us. They deserve nothing but honor and praise.

Express honor and respect for their sacrifice. Funeral poems should highlight the positive things about the deceased. It does not matter what differences you had with them. You will have to put them behind you and honor a departed soul in a respectful manner.

You can mention the latest achievement in the line of duty in the funeral poem. For instance, if unfortunately the deceased passed on at war, this is the biggest sacrifice anyone can make. Therefore, it is up to you to include their sacrifice in the funeral poem.


Celebrate bravery and patriotism

Our soldiers demonstrate bravery and patriotism until the end. However, as we all know, death is inevitable. When it comes knocking on our doors, we have nothing left but to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the deceased. It takes a lot of bravery and love for the country for one to give up their life. Therefore, we have an obligation to ensure that all these lives on, even after their souls have departed.

In a funeral poem for a fallen soldier, you should indicate the ways in which they demonstrated bravery. It is sad to accept your loss at that very moment. Celebrate and honor their bravery by keeping their memories alive.


To pay tribute to the deceased

You can also tailor the funeral poem for a military officer to commemorate them and also pay tribute to their lives. Well, the truth is, we all want people to remember us when we pass away. This is why we all strive to make something out of ourselves. We want to create a legacy, something that people are going to associate with us when we are gone.

This is especially important to pay tribute to the deceased. In addition, all this will help the family of the deceased remember their loved one in a great way. For instance, if a soldier has recently passed on, brainstorm the ideas and memories you shared. Is there something you specifically learned from the deceased? That is how you are going to always remember them.

These are some of the things that are going to assure the bereaved that their loved one lived a good life. It is all about the difference we make when we are alive that makes people remember us. We cannot ignore this fact when it comes to the lives of military soldiers. I mean, were it not for them, our countries would be shattered, probably burned to the ground.

Therefore, the theme of funeral poems for the military can also be to pay tribute to the deceased and their sacrifice for our country.


The process of writing funeral poems for military


Once you take up the task of commemorating a fallen soldier in a funeral poem, you have to think about the process. There are various types of funeral poems for the military online. However, most people want to write an original and authentic poem for their loved ones. Whether worked together or had an amazing relationship with the deceased, it is going to be a tough but necessary process. We are going to look at how to write a funeral poem to celebrate and commemorate a fallen soldier.

Brainstorm ideas and memories

This is the very first stage of writing a funeral poem. You need to figure out what you want to tell the audience in the poem. Remember that poetry is known to be quite deep and your audience is going to keep it in mind. Having the chance to write a funeral poem for a departed one is a great opportunity for you to finally tell the world about the deceased. Therefore, take the time to analyze the material you have.

Once you discover the theme of the funeral poem for the military, it is now time to think about the content. What makes you think of the deceased as brave, kind, generous or wise? My guess is that you have those memories that portray your theme. Brainstorm these memories and choose the ones that bring out these characters of the deceased.

However, be careful and sensitive enough to keep the memories respectful. Understand that the death of the deceased has affected the bereaved emotionally. Therefore, keep some of the details on the low, while you appreciate their existence and character. You may seek some assistance from other family members if you are not sure what to include. Gather these memories from different people and choose the one common theme from the stories and fond memories of the deceased. Do not shy away from asking his colleagues about their memories as well.


funeral poems military

Consider the circumstances they lost their lives

It is important to consider how a loved one lost their life when you are writing a funeral poem to commemorate them. This will help you set the theme as well as enable you to celebrate their courage in facing life. For instance, if a soldier lost his life while at war, this is a reason to celebrate. I mean, it quite unfortunate that they passed away, but then again, we cannot forget their sacrifices.

In most cases, most soldiers sacrifice for the sake of peace for their countries and families. They are usually prepared that anything could happen to them. Unfortunately, we are never ready to lose them, even though we have a full understanding of their work conditions.

Therefore, even though they died in the act of heroism, consider the family members. They do not understand that they lost a hero, they lost a relative, a father, mother or child. This is a good reason to choose your words carefully.

As mentioned in the first section of this article, we have to keep the funeral poems sensitive, and as respectful as possible. In addition, you can choose to keep the details of how they died to yourself. After all, this is usually the immediate family’s business and needs to be handled carefully.


Tailor the funeral poem to help the family and friends with grief


The truth is, no matter how much we want to stay celebratory, it hurts to lose a loved one. I mean, the family has just learned about the demise. This means that they are going through a tough time trying to come to terms with their loss. However, you can be of assistance when you write a funeral poem to encourage them. This is not usually an easy task.

Funeral poems for the military are usually tailored to celebrate their acts of heroism. However, this is not always the case when you want to remain authentic. Understand that the family and the bereaved are grieving. However, in a funeral poem, you can be able to assure them that it is all well. Encourage them by making sure they understand that the deceased lost their life doing what they loved most. This will give them peace and the strength to carry on.

If you shared a few moments before the deceased passed on, you can use those memories in the funeral poem. It brings peace to the heart, knowing that a loved one is finally resting in peace. You can also use the last words of the loved one if you happen to have any. Encourage the bereaved by letting them know that the departed is watching over them, and protecting them just like he did when he was alive.

Honor their sacrifices

Going to war, giving up your life for the love of your country is an immeasurable act of selflessness. This is exactly what our military soldier does. They sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace and wellbeing of the country. Therefore, do not forget to honor and remember these sacrifices when you are looking for funeral poems for military soldiers.

This is going to be your way of paying tribute to the deceased. Write down those sacrifices before you actually choose or write the perfect funeral poem. Even in death, we have the obligation to celebrate their accomplishments as well as sacrifices for their country.

Remain authentic and bring out their personality

Outside the military uniform, how else can you describe the deceased? Once again, if you did not get to spend some time with them out of work, then you have the opportunity to ask around. Talk to the close family members of the deceased in order to realize their other personalities. Well, we know that in order to be a soldier, you have to be brave, courageous and all that. However, there is that real authentic person in there and you need to celebrate them too.

For instance, if you are writing a funeral poem for a departed colleague, you may ask his wife or cousins to tell you more about the deceased. What were they like at home? These are some of the characteristics you may use in the funeral poem. Showcase their kindness, generosity and general personality in the funeral poem. This way, people will be able to remember them as they were. If he was a good father, husband or son, do not be afraid to say so. After all, this is the last chance you have to ensure that their legacy lives on even after they are gone.


funeral poems military

Honor bravery

The truth is, soldiers, fight until the last minute. There is no other gesture to indicate bravery than leave your home and loved ones to go out there and fight. Therefore, this is not something we take for granted. In a funeral poem, you can share a memory in which the deceased demonstrated nothing but bravery. However, as we mentioned earlier, make sure to keep the funeral poem respectful to the deceased and audience at large. They do not want to hear the gruesome stories you probably shared with the deceased.

A good example of how they exhibited bravery could be the way they lived their lives. For instance, when I lost my good friend who was in the army, I admired how he led his life. He lived with no regrets and with the intent to make the world a better place. Remember that losing a soldier is a huge hit for both the family and the entire country. That being said, keep the poem honorable in respect to the deceased.



In conclusion, if you are looking at funeral poems to honor a fallen military soldier, you should focus on honoring their sacrifices. This is the legacy they have left behind, the courage to fight and die for one’s country. Let the world know that you have lost an important person who focussed on making the world a better place. Brainstorm and think about the fondest memories that you have of the deceased.

In addition, you have the opportunity to encourage both the family and friends of the deceased. Encourage them to keep fighting on and also keep the memories of the departed alive. These are some of the things that keep us going even when we feel like giving up. Funeral poems for military provide us with the opportunity to appreciate and remember our loved ones for the sacrifices they made for us when they were alive.



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