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Why Are Funeral Poems So Important

The Best Way to Honor Your Deceased Parents- best funeral poems mum, best funeral poems dad, and best funeral verses.

The death of a parent, mother or father, whether you are young or old, will still disorient a person. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a particular religion or not, the effects of this loss will take a while to learn how to manage. By the end of reading this article, you will have acquired tips on some of the things that can be done to honour your deceased mum or dad.


We understand that with grief, even the simplest tasks seem an uphill task until of course, you come back to your normal self. It is for this reason that we wish to assist those who are grieving the loss of a parent, as much as we can.

Funeral Verses

The funeral verses are derived from the Old Testament, New Testament and gospel books in the bible. There are funeral verses specifically appropriate for Catholic funeral services, some suitable for Anglican funeral services, and others simply applied to any funeral set up. Where you wish to have your own selection of funeral verses for use in the deceased parent’s funeral service, it is wise to consult with the local church whether there are any reservations regarding the selected verses.

At a funeral, there might be a service with a first and second reading, and another service with first, second, and third reading, with the first reading done by the priest in charge, and the second and third reading left to the discretion of the family’s decision or the priest’s decision.

Dedicating the funeral poems and funeral verses.

The Holy Bookshop has a collection of the best funeral poems for mum and best funeral poems for dad from which you can select a suitable one to dedicate to your deceased mum or dad. Our collection is grand, containing everything you might be looking for to include the most popular funeral poems for mum and most popular funeral poems for dad.

The funeral poems and funeral verses can be widely used in varying areas as indicated below,

As a direct dedication to the deceased mum or deceased dad. One can never get enough of their parents, not even in old age. Their demise creates a vacuum in a person’s life, leaving us with love but no one to express it to, and words with no one to tell. Picking up on a poem or funeral verse and dedicating to the deceased parent is a show of this strong love.

These poems dedicated to the deceased parent further honours them in a number of ways as shown below,

 They help in celebrating and continuing their legacies; these poems are based on different themes. There are happy funeral poems for mum and happy funeral poems for dad which will help to bring attention to their jovial personalities. Some parents were just too funny to let you stay in a sad mood for too long upon their demise, to whom funny funeral poems for mum or funny funeral poems for dad are just perfect.

The funeral poems capture moments worth celebrating in the deceased parent’s life, something difficult to bring out during grief. They make one see the lessons brought about in this situation instead of focusing on the pain caused by their demise.

 They help in respecting their spirituality;The funeral verses and the religious funeral poems for mum and religious funeral poems for dad, are highly suitable in respecting the deceased mum’s or dad’s spirituality and faith in God, so much that even in death, they help you bring attention to the values your parent held dear.

 They assist in wishing an eternal rest for the deceased parent. These poems try to bridge the gap caused by death, by letting the deceased parent know that even though life might be difficult without them, we will try our best to make every moment count, so they need to rest in peace.

For the deceased parent, these poems are useful in requesting God to wholly accept them in the afterlife to ensure their comfort, just like one would wish for their parents before their demise.

 In honouring their wills and wishes. There may be situations where one dedicates a poem loved by their parent, not necessarily funeral poem for mum or funeral poem for dad, but just a poem they simply loved. And there may be situations where the deceased parent has left behind a will regarding a poem they wish used in their funeral, and so we do this in honouring their wishes.

For the funeral service for mum, funeral service for dad, memorial service for mum, and memorial service for dad. There are poems and funeral verses suitable for the said functions, where one can use more than one poem, each for a specific stage in the services. This further eliminates the struggle of looking for the right words, owing to the difficult grieving situation.

For eulogies and funeral speeches.

These funeral poems and funeral verses have everything that one might wish covered in the funeral speech or eulogies for the deceased mum or deceased dad. They can be used solely, or subjected to slight personalization by adding a few details about the deceased.

In the funeral programs. A parent holds a special place in an individual’s life, and these poems or verses can be used in any sector of the funeral program, be it the beginning, middle, or end, or simply a using a different poem for either, two or all of the sections, brings mourners attention to this irreplaceable bond.

In the obituaries and death notices. The poems further honour our deceased parents as we make the public aware of their passing on in a unique way. A normal obituary will have a number of details about the deceased parent, to include full and pet names, date and place of birth, date of their demise, which doesn’t need to be the only things. You can return the love they massively showered on you through such small gestures as adding a funeral poem for mum or funeral poem for dad.

On their headstones or gravestones. The funeral poems for mum and funeral poems for dad can be used to honour one’s parent by being engraved on their graves as stated, which acts as a permanent reminder of how they are valued. Anyone visiting their graves will always have something to ponder over concerning the deceased parent and will leave rejuvenated as opposed to sad and depressed. Well, the poem acts as a constant reminder of how strong the deceased parent would wish for them to be even when they are gone.

With funeral flowers. Our parents give us extra special treatments when they are alive, and upon their demise, we can return the favour by using funeral poems for mum or funeral poems for dad alongside the funeral flowers to be used on their caskets o graves. You can make it a point to always have a new poem with fresh flowers every time you visit their graves to honour the roles they played in our lives.

On funeral invitations.

Sometimes upon a parent’s death, we feel there is so much to say about them even as we invite people to come to help us accord a perfect send-off. We can convey our messages by using funeral poems for mum or funeral poems for dad on the funeral invites for the concerned people to understand the impact of this loss to us.
On thank you notes. Our parents taught us the art of gratitude, something we can honour them for by appreciating those who support us during the bereavement period, by sending the, thank you notes or cards inclusive of funeral verses, funeral poems for mum, and funeral poems for dad, which they can use as keepsakes too.

Planting a tree.

One can plant a tree in the local church compound where the deceased parent was a member, or in their compounds or on tree planting day as a way of honouring their memories, and sign off by naming the tree after them. As the tree grows, the milestones achieved gives the fulfilment of joy in them seeing us treasure their memories forever.

Setting up a foundation.

Following the death of a parent, we might get inspiration based on the cause of death or lessons learnt from them and start up a foundation for the purpose of awareness or to ensure the cause of their death becomes fruitful for those left behind, more of making their lives a lesson.

The foundation is usually named after the deceased parent, and where one can probably use their deceased parent’s savings or proceeds from their life covers for running and maintenance, which makes it look like they have helped the deceased parent achieve their purposes in life even after they are gone.

Doing charitable acts.

This includes a number of things to include cleaning up one’s church, especially where the deceased parent was a staunch Christian, sponsoring a child to school with the deceased parent’s savings or pension, adopting a child, making clothes and food donations to children homes, among other creative options.

Lighting up a candle.

#This candle lighting can be done at the deceased’s home or church or by their graves. It is quite symbolic of their lives being a shining light to our own paths, much until we were able to stand on our own two feet. Candle lighting can be made extra special by inviting every one acquainted to the deceased to participate as a way of ensuring unity in celebrating their legacies.

Holding them memorial services.

Memorial services can be held immediately after or an agreed time later on following the death of a parent. Their friends and the relatives left behind can be invited and the function used to share the happy memories of the times shared with the deceased.
The act of hearing what everyone has to say about the deceased appears like they are bring prized for being such wonderful people when they were still alive. It also awakens and ensures the cute memories are not easily forgotten by everyone who knew the deceased.

The memorial services can be creatively held in places which were loved by the deceased parent to bring out a sense of respect to their likes even upon death or can be held on their gravesites, church, or home. They create a nice time to connect with the funeral poems for mum, funeral poems for dad, and funeral verses which were used during their funeral services. Rereading them gives an assurance of a steadfast and unending love.

Participating in acts which they used to love. We could name a few here, like watching movies they loved, listening to music they adored, reading poems and verses they liked, preparing and eating foods they loved, dressing up in their favourite attires, learning and participating in their sporting activities, and so on. All these help one feel like the deceased parent is still with them, and further gives one the drive to soldier on.

Naming a child after them. The child becomes a constant reminder of the parent, and a show of evolving love and support obtained from the deceased parent. This will apply where one probably gets a child after the death of a parent, or better still add the parent’s name to the child upon confirmation or baptism in church. You could even use the deceased parent’s name as the child’s pet name to help in bridging the gap left by their demise.

In conclusion.

The Holy Bookshop has availed the best funeral poems for mum, funeral poems for dad, and funeral verses so that you don’t struggle as you arrange in giving your deceased parent a befitting send-off, besides naming other activities that can help one honour their memories as we learn to cope with life in their absence. These activities will help you see their death from a fulfilled life point of view instead of a pure loss.

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