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Selecting the right funeral poems and funeral verses can appear to be a somewhat daunting task. but don’t worry help is here.

We have a wonderful download that has over 200 funeral poems to choose from. It will help you to select some special words that are different from all of those funeral poems that are the most commonly used.

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Funeral Poems.

To some people talking about funerals equals a taboo, something that they would rather be silent over. But duh, a problem shared is a problem solved.

Many times we wish to express our thoughts, or feelings or emotions, and just wish that someone would grab words right out of our hearts and spit them out. Poems came to rescue the situation- the Batman of the unspoken feelings.

Modern Funeral poems are only a small part of the vast poetry world. Because someone realized that the pain felt due to the loss of a loved one, well, only words can express to some extent. Some people choose to sing, others stand for speeches, another group would rather some bible verses, whereas another would rather be silent. The vast nature of human beings.

modern funeral poems

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

So what are Modern Funeral Poems?

During tough times resulting from the loss of a loved one, poems can become a source of comfort to the soul. They become a way of expressing our heartfelt feelings in a memorable way. Funeral poems are categorized under a eulogy.

Most people often talk much about other forms of events about life and give little or no considerations when it comes to the demise of someone. This should be equally celebrated in a spectacular manner, for they now to transform to our guardian angels, always watching whenever.

funeral poems give us a chance to celebrate the lives our loved ones once lived, and at the same time provide us with room for healing and letting go of our emotions. They usually just provide one with deep thoughts expressed in carefully selected words, and the meanings left for the reader to determine.

funeral poems are commonly used in burial services. Some are long, others are short, some celebratory, others uplifting. Well, some are also for mourning, comforting and soothing to our hearts.

Why use Modern funeral poems?

Sometimes what we feel can only be expressed in words, poetic words in our case, or go beyond words too, it is still okay too. And what better way, than to select that specific poem that connects to your inner being? There are just a plethora of funeral poems to choose from, from different and unique poets, you will always find a match.

Using funeral poems also does away with the tradition of using speeches at funeral ceremonies. It creates style and class when talking about the departed souls. They have a way of turning the ordinary lives that were once lived into extraordinary and beautiful stories.

Funeral poems also offer a chance for people to express themselves even those who are incapacitated perhaps, because of age, inability to talk or write, or because of the pain being currently felt.
In some wonderful cases, you just go for funeral poems in respect to the departed soul’s wish, of having a specific poem read out during their funeral service.

funeral verses

Are they meaningful and able to capture our emotions?

Poems are usually written by individuals with knowledge and understanding of what they are talking about. Some get the inspiration from the spur of the moment. They are therefore able to write contents that have deep meanings, that are able to comfort souls and hearts, and to which we can relate.

It is also true that in the middle of mourning, the pain we feel for our loss barely enables us to express what we are going through- we would rather have someone burrow into our inner beings and select the words, and shout them out. Funeral poems are helpful being that they can capture these emotions and relieves these tasks off your shoulder.

Funeral poems use simple words to attract attention but then becomes food for thought when given much consideration.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Must they be sad themed?

NO! For crying out loud (not literally, though) who said that it has to end on a sad note.
We are celebrating a life that was lived to the fullest for the times shared with us. There are happy funeral poems for those who wish to bring a twist to their mourning and lighten up their moods.
There are fun types too. In some common instances, you will find that these fun funeral poems were actually selected by the departed themselves to cheer you on long when they have left.

In fact, there is a wide range to cover for different personalities attributed to human beings. The way you handle your emotions is totally different compared to your sister or brother, or anyone for that matter.
The way you are departed left you might also be different thereby calling for a difference in approach to the way we wish to mourn their absence.

A long or short funeral poem?

The world of poetry is an artistic one, which doesn’t regulate as to how short a poem should be, or how long it should go, provided it is able to get a message across. For that matter, you can get very short poems, and similarly very long ones.

Long funeral poems usually have messages and contents just like the short ones. But long ones are better used by grown-ups when it comes to reciting during the mass and has more detailed messages. Sometimes you just might feel that a few short words are not enough to express what you feel, thereby opt for the long ones.
However much they both convey our emotions, short poems have gained popularity over the long ones.

Short poems seem to be precise and are always perceived to be challenging to write, owing to the fact that they need to convey messages with minimal wording.

Short funeral poems may befit a situation, where you want the participation of a young one. Because of their impatient attributes, it is always recommended that you get their brains involved in a short period of time. They are also not able to withstand crowds and subjecting them to long poems mat turn out to be tensing and uncomfortable for the young ones.

short funeral poems

Short Funeral Poems.

Perhaps you want a quick message across, and don’t have the energy to withstand the pain, or just happen to have a short time to deliver a speech out of a very tight program.

Short funeral poems can also be engraved on one’s grave without lots of struggle, to serve as a reminder of the love we had for them. They can also be used on sympathy cards issued to mourners, a nice way to show how loved and cared for they are.

Creativity also allows the use of short poems by attaching them to the funeral flowers, this way you kill two birds with one stone- a loving note and a beautiful gesture.
The question as to whether which one among them is superior can only be answered by your preference.

A good example of a short funeral poem is “She is Gone”, which was written by David Harkins, and was dedicated to the Queen Mother, is as follows;
You can shade tears that she is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left.

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
Or you can be full of the love you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember her and only that she’s gone
Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what she’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Are they gender specific?

You will come across neutral funeral poems that can be used for both male or female loved ones, and narrow down your search to factors such as age or length of the poem. But there are specific poems that are usually meant to be used for either male or female loved ones, the choice as per the direction you take therefore lies with you.
Sometimes you might find a gender-specific poem that communicates your in-depth feeling and chooses to turn it over to suit the person you wish to dedicate it to.

Are they age specific?

Well then, these poems are to express emotions revolving around similar feelings, your daughter will always be your daughter, and so does your dad remain to be. They provide room for selecting age suited poems for dedicating to the departed souls. You are also be covered up if age isn’t of much importance to you.

On the other hand, they also don’t give restrictions as to who should read them, or whether they are harmful when read by people of specific age groups. They are simply gentle and all around age appropriate.

Who uses funeral poems?

Does religion matter when it comes to poems? NO! People from all walks of life are free to use funeral poems. They have no boundaries, and takes no consideration as to whether you are a Muslim, Christian or Hindu, or even if you are faithless! They are just that- used to freely express our feelings with no rules or requirements attached. They can, therefore, be used during church services, cremation ceremonies or for a graveside service.

People of all ages can use them too, whether you are young or old, or probably a teenager, it simply doesn’t matter.
It really doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female, what matters is the gender of the person we mourn. Until then, you might find messages directed to a specific gender, but there are neutral poems equally.

When are they used?

Funeral poems can be used during church funeral services: Some funeral poems further have even bible verses attached, making them Christian specific. But since most of them are neutral, you can do little additions to gear them to the church theme.

They can be used in memorial services: Even way after burial, this can go years on, the memories of our loved ones never perishes. So once in a while, when holding such services, the funeral poems can become handy in joyously remembering them. What’s more, you can make it a tradition, by always significantly and continuously, recite the same verse used on a burial day in the subsequent memorial services.

They can be used in cremation ceremonies. Due to the vast nature of religious beliefs and burial ways, funeral poems will still be by your side, even if you are to go cremating as the preferred choice, or in respect to the wish of the departed being.

They can be used in graveside services: where a graveside service is what is opted for, funeral services can still be used owing to their neutrality. The only thing different is the type that you prefer.
They can be used to send thank you notes for the immense support received from friends and relatives during the tough times.

You don’t have to think, for you are still healing, so a better way would be to attach poems regarding your loss, which also serves as a reminder to them about the departed soul.

Where do we get the best funeral poems?

Google has turned out to be a force to reckon with when research pops up. But then, not all that glitters is gold.
You will need guidance to be able to get the best funeral poems from reliable resources and eliminate the struggle of combing through so many options, which is also time-consuming.

Consider the ones from the Holy Bookshop, which are carefully selected and very much able to connect with your emotions. There is a wide variety to select from ranging from the short, long, for moms, for dads, for grandmas, for grandpas, sisters, brother, uncles, and aunties, just to mention some of them.
For in life, there is a time for everything, a time to laugh, and a time to cry. And everyone just goes according to their own unique timing.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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