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 Funeral Readings. Words of consolation.

Funeral readings present yet another way to console the audience and particularly the bereaved during the day of burial. Whether one is religious or not scripture reading makes the heart to regain some strength and toughness at the same time.

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Funeral readings are available among any religious group out there and one should feel free to read from the group of choice. In a burial setting the spiritual leader usually leads the mourners through the readings accordingly.

In most occasions, the bereaved have the priority to select appropriate readings before the actual day of the reading. The spiritual leader can as well decide the reading of the day without the consent of the mourners.

The popularity of Funeral Readings.

Although funeral readings are not as popular as poems and songs during a funeral, the significance of the readings cannot be underrated. There are many reasons as to why a group of mourners may decide to read some scriptures from a spiritual book.

Below are some of the most popular reasons as to why a certain group of believers may decide to read scripture while marking the funeral ceremony.

funeral readings

To praise the creator.

Funeral readings serve to honor and appreciate the creator for all the occurrences in life. People decide to praise the creator as a means of giving thanks on behalf of the deceased.

In most religious settings the creator is the giver of life and may take life at will without hindrance. Therefore, no human being should feel superior to death, as life is seasonal. Without the creator, life would not be possible, therefore, every religious and non-religious individual ought to exalt and praise the creator for the priceless gift of life.

Apart from death-related matters, the reading gives diverse reasons for thanking the creator pertaining to life in general. It is a good idea that true riches belong to the creator and the worldly are just seasonal which get lost when someone dies.


To encourage the weak and faint-hearted.

The time of death is usually a time of great pain and difficulty. Majority of people will admit that this is when the hunger for living fades completely. Death in itself is a complete loss that may require a long time for one to recover from.

The idea of losing someone who will never return creates a big barrier and a gap in the heart of the bereaved. Mourners may find the situation hard to cope with and may become demoralized by the act of losing someone significant in life.

However, through funeral readings, the mourners may gain a place to stand on and become strong again. There are numerous scriptures out there in any religion to instill strength to the faint-hearted as result of losing someone important through death.

Although it may appear natural to feel weak and isolated after the death of a loved one there are some extents that one may cross the line with the whole idea of mourning.

Mourning should be natural, safe, and not that which can be detrimental to the health of the mourner. In such a scenario, the preacher or religious leader can encourage the audience by reading verses that resonate with emotions pertaining to death and how the creator seeks to restore peace for the mourners.

funeral readings

The mourners may see a reason to smile because after all, the creator understands the suffering of the mourners. Furthermore, the creator pledges to give them a favor and restore joy and happiness in every mourner’s life. The weakness of the heart is far much greater than that pertaining to physical strength which songs and poems may fail to address in depth.

To seek consolation.

Funeral readings are one of the ways that mourners may seek consolation concerning the loss of a loved one. Majority of people will admit that at one point or another the scripture readings serve as good means to solace and comfort the bereaved.

When the creator speaks with authority through the religion book concerning matters on death the audience find something to cling on.

For instance, picking examples from the funeral readings obtained from the bible we get to see the consolation clearly. “God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble”. (Psalm 46:1). From the example from the Bible, one can just read the verse and find a reason to calm down.

The creator (God) is the one responsible for liberation in worldly matters according to the scriptures. God strengthens the weak and makes them strong again. Furthermore, God is the only protection that the offended can count on, therefore, there is no reason to worry much about the occurrences of the world.

From the scripture, the bible clearly states that God is the ever-present helper during a time of difficulty. The individuals who are stuck in trouble and pain should call on God and find a remedy from above. It is through such reading that the hearts of many mourners will be comforted.

The knowledge that someone superior to all worldly beings is ready to offer help brings complete consolation. Furthermore, God does not leave the faithful to be mistreated in the hands of the enemy. God liberates the faithful from captivity and creates shame on the oppressors to bring calmness in the hearts of those that belong to heaven.

funeral readings

To inspire confidence in the readers.

The readings inspire some form of confidence and self-belief in the minds and hearts of the readers. It is one of the major roles of the religion as a whole. Religious people area courageous in some way as the truth lies in the mind.

Every occurrence in the life of a believer in most religious settings is minute. It is something that happens just for a short period before help from above comes to the rescue.

For example, taking an example from the scripture reveals this accordingly. “As I walk through the shadow of death, I fear no evil.” This a great reading and which directly influences courage and confidence in the mind of a believer. From the verse, it is easy to see the confidence in the author that is bestowed on the reader.

The World is full of turmoil, pain, suffering, and difficulty of all sorts. Therefore, through the courage and protection that God is giving the faithful, it is easy to conquer everything that comes by.

There is a clear indication that the author of the verse fears nothing despite walking in the territory of the enemy who is ever ready to seize the captives and make them suffer at any time.

A time of death is a time to feel low and demotivated. At some stages, people even lose the necessary confidence in life. Death makes people feel the pressure of not loving again because the same will happen.

Death pressure may incapacitate a person’s desire to build again. Death is so strong that a parent may refuse to bear children again or a widow or widower may refuse to get into marriage again.

However, with such line as I fear no evil even if the enemy is active, the readings can play a great role in bringing back the confidence to soldier on. The readings stiffen the mind and make it think clearly and positively concerning death.


To assure the dead that eternity is even safer.

Although death may seem to many as physical occurrence it is also very religious. In most religious groups, the death of the physical body does not mean the end of the individual. There is believe that once the body dies the spirit takes hold and continues to live accordingly in the spiritual world.

During a burial ceremony, the congregation can peruse funeral readings that assure the dead that the spiritual world is even much safer than the physical world. The physical is just passing by and soon everyone will become a spirit and live the deceased.

Furthermore, the spirit is not vulnerable to the problems that the physical body may experience. In the physical world, there is turmoil and tolling as well as pain and suffering but in the spiritual world, there is the rest of the soul.

Most people fear to encounter death in their lives but through such readings that embark on the beautiful sides of being in the spiritual world, death seizes to be scary. It is a good way to say goodbye to the deceased. In most religious books from diverse points around the globe, eternity is calm and easy than the physical world.

In fact, mourners ought to rejoice and celebrate when someone dies, as that is complete liberation from pain and suffering. From this religious standing, crying is foolishness and rather childish as the deceased is much happier as a spirit.

Furthermore, God decides the hearts that should join the spiritual world at any given time. Therefore, death is a permanent rest of the loved one and not a means to cause pain to the living.

To Remind Mourners that death is natural.

The death of someone important such as a parent, husband, wife, sibling, or relative may cause devastation in the heart of the bereaved.

There is a question that rings in the minds of the majority of mourners when such act happens. Couldn’t the deceased wait a little longer at least die later when everyone has had enough time together? Does death have respect for the loved ones?

The mourners can go through a tangle of questions without getting the necessary answers to the questions. The idea that one is gone and gone forever may encounter some restrictions when it tries to penetrate and sink deep into the minds of the mourners.

However, the funeral readings may play a good role in communicating that death is as natural as birth and the probability of one seeing tomorrow lies in the consent of the creator.

There is some inner truth that reveals itself when the funeral readings are read to the congregation at the time of the mourning service.

Most people are able to see the unseen when the religious leader speaks about the whole subject of death after making a reading. Most of the time the congregation is able to see that life is everyone’s food and no human being is immortal in any way.

To give the spiritual leader a base.

One of the importance of the funeral readings is that similar to the ordinary readings, the readings give the preacher direction. It would be hard for the religious leader to communicate effectively with the congregation without reading to create a roadmap in the minds of the congregation.

It is the role of the preacher to expound the meaning of the scripture so that it sinks deep into the minds of the individuals. The preacher makes the verses of the readings look lively and truthful. In any case, it would have been impossible for the preacher to convey the message to the hearts and the mind of the mourners.

To inspire hope.


Funeral readings just like songs and poems play a vital role in enhancing and inspiring hope in the lives of the mourners. Most scripture readings associated with death normally speak to the mind and hearts of the individuals.

The scriptures also make an effort to connect the minds and the souls of the listeners to the creator and giver of life. This whole procedure is normally to cultivate hope in the lives of the mourners.

Funeral readings play a major role in ensuring that the mourners find peace of heart and most importantly reconnect with the creator. It is hard for the human soul to be at peace especially after the loss of an individual by mere words of sorry.

At this time most individuals will agree that the heart needs a base, something firm to cling and stands on. The heart usually demands such truth that is available in the verses of most religious books. The truth that separates the foolishness from complete sacred knowledge.

Generally, it is a good way to educate the congregation that life belongs to the creator and, therefore, everyone should be thankful for anything that occurs.

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