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You only have the one chance to get it right when making a Funeral Speech or Funeral Eulogy.

If you make a mistake you can’t hit the rewind button. And after the funeral, it is no use sitting on your own and wishing what could have been.

Whether you have been giving the task to write a funeral speech for your nan or parents or maybe a close friend the words have to be right.

Many people just sit there at the front and allow the vicar or priest to recite the eulogy. Why? They didn’t know them like you did they?

Did they experience all the ups and downs that life brings or go through the fun times with them?

Let us show you how to write a funeral eulogy in Six easy steps. Click Here.

Say something personal and truly memorable to the audience. Make them laugh and make them cry it doesn’t matter but please just get it right.

Most people will choose to add a short funeral poem at the end of the eulogy. We believe it is a good way to end the funeral speech.

eulogy for mother

Funeral Speech For Mum or Dad.


Being able to write a speech for a funeral or a eulogy is one of the rare gifts that humans can have. Though the task of writing the funeral speech may be stressful it is a privilege to be able to write it and read it and this is because of the trust and respect that you had for the person reading it.


Writing about the deceased and reading the eulogy, might be a little bit difficult because the person writing and reading it is usually attached to the person in one way or the other and they must have spent a lot of quality times together to be able to write about them.

This might actually cause an emotional breakdown. When someone is needed to write a eulogy or funeral speech, there is an emotional string which is attached to it and there might be so much that would want to say or write.

Reading a eulogy should take more than five minutes which means the writer has to be brief about the writing.

It can beastly to say that it is a gift to be able to write a funeral speech because when the story is listened to, it must create an image of the life of the deceased in the heart of the listeners and readers that they would be moved to shedding tears.

There is no particular law that says a eulogy must provide answers to some questions but there is one interesting thing about a funeral speech and eulogy. It is the ability to make one to clearly focus on the deceased just one more time.


Preparing the Funeral Speech.

It should give honour to the deceased in how he or she had lived life powerfully and how they had been able to face challenges and win, their achievements and their strengths.

All these may even cause the reader not to be able to read the speech properly and has his or her boldness depreciated in the presence of family and friends.

However, the courage would really be appreciated because it is not as easy as it seems to be reading the life history of a dead person that you know and you will not be able to see them ever again.

funeral speech for nan

How to write a funeral speech.

Writing a funeral speech is not easy because of the emotions that are attached to it but before writing a funeral speech, the person should take a deep breath first and follow the steps listed below.

  • Answer the questions under the reason for writing the speech. The funeral speech that is about to be written, there are some questions that should be answered before proceeding.
  • .Questions like Who is the funeral speech for?
  1. Is the writing about the personal relationship or probably have you been requested to be the representative? Or is it that there are still some other speakers?
  2. Is the writing for the assistance of the immediate family?
  3. Is it that you are standing in as a friend or as a colleague?

But no matter what the answers to those questions above are, there is a context and settings that the writer is in already and this is the context is very crucial and serious to the listeners.

The listeners will actually want to know how the writer or reader is fitted into the life of the family the speech is written on behalf of or the importance of the reader or writer in the life of the deceased when alive.

What to include in the funeral speech.

Things to be included in the speech. In the funeral speech, there are few things that should be included such as a quick introduction of oneself and how the reader or writer is fitted in the life of the deceased because people would want to know this.

Songs or poetry can also be included like the poem written by Elizabeth Mary Frye; ‘do not stand at my grave and weep’.

It should not be forgotten that a writing or reading a funeral speech is not an opportunity to reveal the secrets of the deceased because probably it is thought not to matter, it actually matters.

Funeral speeches are for celebrating and honouring the deceased for all the good works and the good attitudes put on in life before dying.

The funeral speech should surely be about the truth but nothing near the negativity of the person. It is not the time to settle scores with the family, the person is gone and gone already so he or she should still be an honour.

Even the most wicked and pathetic human being on earth still has a good side to be honoured. No matter how wicked the person is on earth, the secrets should be out through the funeral speech because the purpose of funeral speech is for honouring and celebrating.

eulogy for a friend

Even if the challenges the person was facing before he or she died, it should still be written and talked or spoken of with respect and good emotions. There shouldn’t be anything that talking portraying political or religious differences in the speech.


  • The body of the speech. This is the most crucial part of the speech which would include all the rules listed above.
  • Instead of beating around the bush when writing a funeral speech or reading a funeral speech, the writer or reader should hit the nail on the head.
  • There is no need for preambles that are long because it will get boring of listening to the speech after five to six minutes.
  • It should be well enough to make sense and understandable to the listeners. The life history of the person is shared in the body. From when he was born until the day he died.


It should be noted that writing and reading a funeral speech is a great privilege because you have been chosen to do it.

Anyhow, a person is not just chosen. The reader or the writer must have been a very close person to the person.

It is also a gift because not everybody can write a funeral speech without breaking down emotionally especially if the reader has offended the person before he died.

The funeral speech when prepared needs to give honour to the deceased in how he or she has lived the life powerfully and how he has been able to face challenges and win, his achievements and the strength.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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