Funeral speech. Writing and Delivering It.

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For those of us who are unaccustomed to “Public Speaking” and delivering a Funeral Speech, It will appear to be absolutely daunting. The Fear will appear and may even bring you out in sweats.

A Funeral Speech will have to be written in a confident way and delivered in the same manner. Because you can bet your life that is what the congregation expects.

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Funeral Speech.


People tend to grow their relationships more by the day depending on how they interact with each other. Interaction makes life meaningful. The sad thing is that even after all this, there is always an end to life and thus people come together to celebrate the memory of their loved ones by conducting funeral ceremonies.

People who have lost someone can tell you that writing and delivering a funeral speech is difficult but has to be done, to commemorate the life of the deceased and also comfort the bereaved. Below are some of the tips on how to write a great funeral speech for a loved one;


1. Briefly introduce yourself.

It’s always important to introduce yourself even if people know you. You may start off by saying your name and give a brief description of your relationship with the deceased.


2. Deciding on the appropriate tone.

Do you want your funeral speech to be super serious or lighthearted? One should be bold enough to add some humor but with caution. This helps show the personality and some endearing qualities of the deceased.


3. Deciding on the length of your speech.

It may seem difficult to talk about someone who has lived for over ninety years in five minutes, therefore, one needs to tell of their life personality or specific periods of their life example their childhood, education, work, etc. This enables one to be brief as a long funeral speech can make people lose interest or focus.


funeral speech

4. Write as if explaining to a young brilliant person.

You have to make your funeral speech be interesting at some point you can pop in a funny memorable moment in between to keep the audience alert as you can not redo the speech once done.


5. Ask others of their memories and their relations with the deceased.

This will help you know more about the person’s personality and character since some people tend to relate differently to the deceased. You may end up knowing some things you never knew about the deceased and thus include them in your speech.


6. Aim for liveliness but use a respectful tone.

It’s a sad moment for all but does not mean that the funeral speech should be as sad as everyone thinks it should be. Bring in humorous moments you may have shared with the deceased. This makes people smile and celebrate their memory.


7. Get feedback.

You can read out the funeral speech to a close friend or family to read once your done writing. This helps in identifying mistakes and inconsistencies that may be in the funeral speech. It also helps to identify if you have captured the real essence of the deceased.

After writing the funeral speech, it is necessary to master the art of delivering it to the audience. This is usually challenging as it is not easy even if you are good at public speaking. This is due to the emotional distractions that you may experience during these difficult times. It gets harder when you were close to the deceased. Below are some of the things you should take count of while delivering a funeral speech;


• Keep your material unique.

You should always consult with other speakers so as not to repeat the same thing that they are going to say. Always keep alert you can, for instance, have a bottle of water with you. You can do this by generally remaining genuine in the funeral speech, and speaking out your emotions.


• Have someone stand by you for emotional support.

You should have a close relative or friend memories your speech in case of anything. Sometimes emotions may be too much to hold in when reading out the speech, especially when you have to tell of some memories but having someone to rely on will give you more confidence.


• Arrive early at the service.

It makes it easier to engage with people and gain confidence. By doing so, you will have familiarized yourself with the environment and the happenings by the time all the people get to the service.


• Compose yourself.

Funeral moments are sad and you may experience a turmoil of emotions. It is, however, important to breathe in and out or even start off with an anecdote before starting the full speech to get rid of the anxiety that may come with public speaking.


• Be audible.

If there is a microphone make sure you know how to use it first. Do not put it to close to your mouth. If there is no microphone, make sure you read the speech out loud for everyone to hear you.

• Memorize the speech early enough but have a copy with you
It’s necessary to have the speech memorized so as to maintain eye contact with the audience while reading it. This way, you will have their attention throughout the speech. The copy should just as a guideline so as not to leave out some important points and different tone variations that you should use.


funeral speech

• Practice out loud.

This can be done out by the use of the italic font on funny words, underlining key points or even putting a tag to help you regulate the tone. Rehearsing the lines will help you practice your breathing. The funeral speech also sounds more heartfelt.

• Do not rush.

When reading out the funeral speech speak slowly. It makes you appear far more in control as well as confident. It also gives you time to gather your thoughts and organize them appropriately.
In conclusion, writing a funeral speech is both a privilege and a gift, you write it from your heart with love and honor of the deceased one. It also acts as a healing process.

Make sure you mention the family members of the deceased and remind the mourners to support them and encourage them throughout the moment. It’s important to end with an encouraging quote or a punchline that the audience is going to recall forever. The last statements should speak highly of the deceased as it might be what the audience will remember the entire service.

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Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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