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funeral verses

Funeral verses  & using them during funeral services brings a lot of meanings to the whole function.

During such painful moments, we might even lack words to express better what we feel, or appropriate words to direct to the departed as we let go.  Funeral verses are just a simplified way of doing it. What’s more, it does this by using verses extracted from the Bible or Quran, thereby making them much more weight


Where are they used?

In a funeral service:

Such services may be held following the religious practices adhered to by the family of the departed. They are meant to celebrate the lives they once lived.

They are usually conducted at home, in church, or perhaps at the funeral home, with the body of the deceased present. As it is, the expected audience remains to be the close or distant family and friends. The services involve sermons during which the funeral verses are read, and thereafter, a burial ceremony takes place.

At a graveside service:

Well, a family might just decide to do a graveside service for one reason or the other. A graveside service can be long or short depending on one’s choice. Funeral verses are read here too to convey messages of hope to the mourners and put the deceased’s spirit at peace.


During memorial services:

Such services are held way after the burial took place, in order to remember and honour the lives of the departed. It could be held ranging from a couple of days to several years after.

The expected audience stands to be friends and family and could be held in several areas, either at the graveside, in church, at home, or other places found convenient. A funeral verse will often be read as part of the service, especially during scripture readings.

In funeral stationery:

Such stationery includes;
Booklets for memorial services- the verse becomes a part of the things highlighted in the memorial program and serves the purpose of a self-proclaimed message to prepare the audience for what lies ahead or to offer consolation as to the death of their beloved.

Funeral programs- the funeral verse plays a significant role in directly driving home a point way before the audience gathers to listen to what will be said.

Obituaries- during the newspaper announcement of the death of someone, a funeral verse may be attached as a way of showing the way they are still with us, even in death, or to suggest that it shall be well even after they are gone.

funeral verses

Eulogies– funeral verses are a sure way of attaching Christian values to the eulogy of our loved ones, by virtue of showing their faith, where you could quote a verse that they once loved. It also plays a role in offering consolation and hopes to the listening audience.

Condolence messages- they are short messages or notes sent to the bereaved upon the demise of a loved one and can be used immediately we hear about it, or even after the burial. Funeral verses come as a tool for carrying messages of hope, strength, and comfort.

Thank you cards- verses may also be included in thank you cards, which are often sent after the burial service. They are a strong way of endorsing a thank you note. For instance, you can just insert a verse, and sign it off with a simple ”thank you!”, thereby eliminating the need to search for appropriate wordings.

Prayer cards- prayer cards might be issued by the church to its congregation requesting them to remember the bereaved family, with a verse attached. This is a nice way for them to kick off their prayers, being that the verses offer the guiding lines.

How do you select the best funeral verse?

Well, from what we know, all bible verses are equally important, and as such, settling for just one of the many options can be quite something. We have gone ahead and narrowed your search to several sweet and meaningful funeral verses. And so to select one from the list, perhaps you could consider the following tips.

 The first question you need to answer is where or how the funeral verse is being used. Is it for a memorial program or funeral service? Is it for condolence, or obituary, or perhaps a eulogy. This narrows your search to a message specific level.


 You should then contemplate on the message you so wish to drive home. It could be inspired by what the deceased used to like, or what you want their families to know. There are verses that give hope, encouragement, love, strength, comfort, or just give a peace of mind during such traumatizing situations.

funeral verses

 Would you rather a long verse or a short one? Well, this is a matter of personal choice, as all of them will still deliver a point home.

 Whichever your choice, read and reread, to try to connect to the verse and see how deep it goes as far as your message is concerned. If it is satisfactory, then you are good to go.

What is the importance of funeral verses?

Funeral verses serve various key reasons as illustrated below;
Carry on the Christian tradition: normally, it is normal to have a bible verse read in any gathering considered by Christians.

It is believed to be a way of honouring God and inviting His presence amongst the believers. As such, funeral verses automatically find their way in the Christian funeral services.

Offer condolences: there are several messages of hope that are found in the Bible, which might become handy amidst such trying moments as in the case of death. A selection is usually done, and the verse read to the mourners, both family and friends, with intentions to console with them.

Unite people: upon the demise of a loved one, funeral verses are used as a tool of unity, whereby they are read requesting the bereaved to be at peace with each other and to stick together to enable them to move on together- unity is a strength.

Perhaps, you might find a case where someone passed on when they are not at peace with another person, or left behind people who are not united, the verse comes as a directive, illustrating the need to bury the hatchets and stick as one.

Who uses them?

Funeral verses can be used by everyone. They are just messages of hope, love, strength and comfort.

It is common practice to have the children from the bereaved family read them out during the funeral services. This gives them a personal touch, and that they have participated, makes the children feel important.

 They will be used by the preachers in church during the funeral service, or at a graveside service.
 They are used by funeral homes when organizing burial services.
 They are used by newspapers when announcing obituaries.
 They are also used by floral vendors when arranging funeral flowers.
 They will be used by the family of the bereaved when holding daily prayers, or fundraisers.

funeral verses

How to incorporate a funeral verse into a funeral service.

A funeral verse is just but a little bit of the whole funeral process. Below is a guideline on how to go about a funeral service arrangement.

 A recommended way includes involving a funeral home or getting a close friend or relative to be in charge, as the entire process is usually overwhelming. With the funeral home, everything will be done for you, but at an agreed fee. All you will need to provide is relevant details.

 Based on the funds available, or the deceased’s wish, you should start by determining the type of funeral to be taken. Is it a straightaway burial, or the traditional and lengthy one, or would cremation be just fine?

 You should then organize to get a death certificate will be required in conducting the other processes.
 It is at this point that you can then start organizing for the funeral verse and other related requirements, per say, funeral readings and the program to be used.

 You could then publish an obituary in a newspaper, to enable you to inform everyone else about the demise of a loved one, while at the same time communicating with them on the burial dates and arrangement.

 Go out and look for the funeral flowers. The best tip is choosing the deceased’s favourite. You can opt for the different floral arrangements, one which you find cute.

 Where necessary, organize for the means of transport for transporting the deceased’s body and other family members, from the morgue, and to their homes or churches.

What messages will you get from funeral verses?

They offer biblical messages suitable for funeral services. They are believed to be powerful owing to the fact that they are derived from the bible. The messages serve various reasons. Some of the themes revolving around funeral verses are listed below.

Encouragement: it may not be easy to talk to a bereaved person. Sometimes we even fear so much, that we think to utter a single word, might get them emotional due to the loss. Funeral verses counter this by providing Godly messages of encouragement.

Strength: there is a multitude of verses that will be a source of strength just by being read. They become a source of energy, illustrating how much one needs to be firm during such moments, which will soon fade away.

Perseverance: so then, Christian faith requires us to persevere in the same manner our Christ did. It refers to death as a moment of trial, which the ones left behind are supposed to endure.

Love: the Bible also has verses speaking about love, which can be a nice way of remembering the loved one who just left us. They can also be read to make people come together and be united in mourning and during the healing process.

Hope: there is nothing as good as hoping that the future shall be better even without our loved ones. The verses also bring hope as to the possibility of connecting with our loved ones once we die too. They do it nicely, using well-arranged wordings.

So then, which one is the best?

There are several verses in the bible that can be used for funeral verses, so much that you might not be able to go through all of them to be able to find the best one.

But if you still wish to do it yourself, follow the below guidelines;

 Search for the keywords from the Bible’s concordance, which you can find in the Bible itself, from your local church, or perhaps online. A concordance lists down all the instances in which your keyword appears in the bible, thereby leading you to the specific books, chapters, hence verse.

 Read through the possible funeral verses, well, until you are able to get a suitable one.

We at the Holy Book Shop, have however made a step by selecting some of the best funeral verses from which you can use. We believe our collection, which was carefully done, will be right in delivering the Christian messages just as you wish.


Even so, you can still seek the guidance of your pastor, or the church, to help you narrow down your selection to one suitable verse.

They are the ones who will take charge of the mass, and as such, they can input based on the topic of their sermon, so that the two can blend, and vice versa.

Based on the list you present to them, they will be able to tell you which one holds more waters compared to the others.

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