Funeral Verses For Mother: Finding Comfort after Losing a Mum.

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A forward with some words from Michael concerning funeral verses for mother.

This year when my dear Mother passed away it was a terrible time. The funeral arrangements had to be carried out as well as all the other small things such as paying bills, contacting friends and family, and the list just went on and on. A word of wisdom though. Find a friendly funeral director who is able to guide you through the whole process.

With most things done, I had to find some funeral verses for mum. My initial search threw up all of the most popular funeral poems and verses. That is all well and good but I wanted to find some words to say that truly expressed the relationship I had with Mum and something that was truly memorable.

By accident, I found a list of over 250 funeral verses and poems in which to choose from. Problem solved!  It was available on an instant download and we have made it available for you right here. To access that download Simply Click Here.

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I then commissioned one of our writers to express her feelings and how funeral verses for a mother should be used. So I will now leave you in the hands of Jo.


Funeral verses for mother


Losing a mother can be the most heart-wrenching thing in your life, regardless of your age. It brings a lot of mixed emotions of anger, sadness, and despair, and in most cases, there is no way out of it, or at least you can’t find a way out. It feels like it is going to last forever; the pain, shock, and numbness when you receive the news.

These awful feelings might be intensified if your mother’s death was abrupt, for instance through an accident. You did not expect her to leave you, well, not at that moment. There is no one day anyone ever things about living without their mother, it seems impossible.

At that moment, there is nothing that matters, not for you and not for anyone. In fact, many people lose themselves along the way, especially if they are not good at handling grief. In the case of young children and teenagers, it becomes even had to deal with the loss since having a mother is all they have known all their life.


Funeral Verses For Mother. How important are they?


However, during this difficult moment, there are funeral verses that you may onside to offer hope and comfort for yourself and maybe your family. Depending on whether you are going to hold a religious funeral for your mother, you can either choose funeral verses of comfort from the bible or other verses that are non-religious funeral verses.

You should, however, be cautious when choosing the funeral verse to use in honor of your mother’s memory. It is not all about you moving on and finding comfort, but in a way, it should involve what she believed in and what she meant to you.

While choosing funeral verses for comfort, you might want to consider your audience, and what you want them to feel. You should be really considerate in that, as much as you want to offer comfort and hope to yourself and the bereaved, people don’t just move on from such loss. In fact, losing a parent has been associated with long-term emotional and mental health issues including anxiety and depression and sometimes substance abuse.

People struggling with bereavement might experience worse if they don’t receive appropriate assistance at the time of their grief. Much can be said about losing a mother but only a person going through it will tell you the intensity of pain and unending torture they go through.


Things no one will tell you about losing your mother.


Before the funeral service, you might not experience the full-blown grief and sadness since there are people around you and family comes together to ease the pain. However, everyone is likely to go back to their lives right after burial and funeral service and you are now left alone to deal with your pain.

This is usually the hardest time of your life and not so many people come out of it strong. In the case of teenagers, if they are not well taken care of psychologically, the loss of their mother might bring along adverse mental effects that could lead to behavioral challenges for both the remaining parent and the teachers.

Teenagers do not express grief in the most appropriate manner and may end up getting into substance abuse. They will require a sane guardian to take care of them, both physically and emotionally.
When teenagers lose their mother, who has been the primary caregiver, detaching from the love and the norm of having a mother can be a difficult task since they are not aware of what they are feeling.


Funeral verses of hope.


Given that the teenagers have so much going on in their lives at that point, the guardians might consider seeking help for them, probably from the school guidance counselor or a psychiatrist. Most of these kids think they are fine and that is where they start with substance abuse among other inappropriate behaviors.

Teenagers are always looking for attention from their parents as they are the caregiver and when they lose their mother, a big part of their life is affected. However, during these difficult times, they should not be forgotten. In fact, the remaining parent should offer them the attention they might require.

This may include including them when planning the funeral. It is also important to let them know about the changes they might experience after losing their primary caregiver. In the case where these children are left with no parents, there is a likelihood they will face more challenges with the loss and adjusting to this might prove to be a challenge.


Use Special Words


Like adults, teenagers might not know what to say on the funeral service for their mother. During this period, they are faced with a mixed turmoil of emotions they may not be able to handle. Finding the right words might be a hustle but there are funeral verses from the Bible that may offer strength to go on. Believing that their mother is at a better place and has finally rested could offer more courage to face this loss.

They will understand that they are not responsible for their mother’s and that their time in this world is over. The hope of eternal life promised by Jesus Christ is restoring as instead of seeing it as a loss, they will see it as their mother is watching over them and they will reunite in the afterlife.

Funeral verses for mothers also offer consolation in that God does not want us to suffer while we lose our loved one. Instead, we should rejoice in the Lord that the deceased has gone to be with the Lord. However, this might not be as easy to understand when we are going through grief.

If at all you will be the one reading a funeral service, you might want to consider your audience and what you want them to feel. It is quite hard to tell people who are grieving that they should not be sad.


Instead, get funeral verses for mothers that emphasize the hope of eternal life.


Funeral verses for mother should also be able to feel the audience that it is God’s will, and it is okay to grief as God offers us comfort and the knowledge that our mothers have gone to be with the Lord.

During these moments of grief, funeral verses will give us the strength to endure the pain that comes with the loss of a mother. Other verses from the Bible also insist that even though our loved one has gone before, we should have peace at heart which will bring a sense of acceptance.

As much as funeral verses are encouraging, it is also important to note that even after the funeral, we should expect full-blown grief. This will help us find acceptance in the healing process. It does not matter what age we are at when we lose our mothers but we are going to have to learn how to live without their presence.

We all grieve in different ways, some of us taking longer while others take shorter periods of grief. For instance, the five grief stages can occur within hours or days but some people never really get over it; most people don’t.

The relationship between you and your mother will affect how and for how long you are going to grieve for her. For instance, my mother and I were not exactly close, good friends. However, she was my mother and I loved her deeply. I did not know life without her, after all, she had done all she could to make sure I grew up provided for, despite our religious differences among others.


Symptoms of grief.


She had been sick for a while and during this period, I was able to take care of her in certain ways. This was expected from a terminally ill person but it still hurt so badly when I watched her take her final deep breath.

I knew her life was over even as I watched the doctors try to resuscitate her back to life. It felt like I could almost feel her soul leave her body and that is when I experience the true meaning of pain.

Everything in me hurt, body and soul. I honestly, didn’t believe I would make it a day without her and I felt like I only had been able to do something, I didn’t care what, I would bring her back to life. How could I survive such pain?


Express feelings


It felt like numbness took over my body and I didn’t care how much people told me it was well, or I was going to be fine. I felt vulnerable, and for some time, not a day or two, I was still stuck at the painful thought of not having a mother anymore. I just couldn’t move past that and for some reason, I didn’t know if I was supposed to move on or grief for her all my life.

I felt guilty when I found myself smiling. It felt like I wasn’t supposed to be happy without her, even if I knew that my mom would have wanted me to be happy and not live with the pain. However much I tried, the pain never left.

During her funeral, which was led by the religious leaders in her church, I couldn’t find the right words to express my grief. I didn’t what people to see the weakness in me so I held onto my loss and my remaining strength.

When the priest spoke at her funeral, he encouraged us to be strong, spoke of God’s will and right that moment, I knew that I would have to believe in meeting with her someday in the afterlife. I had to let her go but not her memories.

From my own experience, I will tell you that losing a mother is not something you get over. It is something you go through, but you might never be able to get over it. It is the reason why we want to remember them and hold memorial services for them.

However, letting yourself feel the pain is the first thing you do when you want to accept your loss. However, this does not just happen. You might have to go through the five stages of grief;


Dealing with Grief.

1. Denial

At this stage, we are in shock and disbelief that we actually just lost our mothers to the cruel hands of death. You simply cannot imagine your life without your mother and so many things run through your mind. Why did she have to die then? And why her and not you? It is the thongs that run through your mind when you receive the news of her death and your mind might take a little time to adjust. Until then, we are stuck in denial.


2. Anger

After your brain accepts that your beloved mother is no longer there with you, you might experience this strong anger. Sometimes it is directed to yourself, God or the doctors. At this stage, you feel angry that nothing saved your mother, you might even feel responsible for not being able to save her. It is only normal to give yourself some time to understand that you couldn’t change God’s will. Funeral verses from the Bible could help to get over this stage.


3. Bargaining

Trust me you will beg God for your mother back right after the second stage of grieving. Some people find themselves even offering anything in exchange for their mother, but sadly death is quite irreversible. While at this stage, you might consider finding strength from God, asking Him to give you the strength and comfort you need to get over this painful period.


4. Depression

While dealing with grief, you will find a hard time trying to adjust to living without your mother, regardless of your age. However, with time these feelings of emptiness and loneliness subside and involving yourself in activities like exercises and support groups may help you move on. However, no one should tell you how to grieve and for how long.

5. Acceptance

This is where we finally find peace with the fact that our mothers have gone to be with the Lord. At this point, we are well aware of our feelings and we treasure the precious memories of her while trying to live on.


In conclusion.


Funeral verses for mum play a big role in helping us find peace after losing our mothers. Being the primary caregiver in most family setting, losing a mother affects the entire family. However, people have different ways of mourning and they should be given the space to grief their mother. Funeral verses will offer comfort and hope knowing that our beloved mothers are rested and watching over us.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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