Happy Funeral Poems. When are they appropriate?

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Using Happy Funeral Poems following the death of a loved one.

So much is said about death, at least because of the pain and trail of emotions it leaves behind. Moving on is further easier said than done, it takes some time, and varies to every individual. With reference to the five stages of grieving, of denial, anger, guilt, sadness, and acceptance, the pain lessens over time, but the mark remains permanent in our lives.


It is not easy coping with the loss of a loved one, especially in the initial period. Even the simplest things will appear difficult. But we are still required to be brave, not to say that you should suppress your emotions, but we can try and do the things required of us as we learn to cope, like in the case of honouring the memories of the deceased loved one.

Honouring the deceased person is furthermore very helpful towards healing. It gives the fulfilment that we did everything to offer a dear one a perfect send-off which they deserve. Below are some of the ways through which you can honour your deceased loved one using the Happy Funeral Poems available at The Holy Bookshop.

As a dedication to the deceased dear one.

We can still love our dear ones in death and show gestures through things like dedicating them songs, lighting candles, observing moments of silence as a sign of respect and dedicating them poems,  happy funeral poems for that matter. This will bring a whole new twist of celebrating how they impacted our lives.

A happy funeral poem will also serve a way of expressing to them how we feel, helps in healing through assuring us that they are rested comfortably, and also honour their spirituality in the case of religious happy funeral poems.

In obituaries and death notices.

Happy funeral poems can be used together with details of the deceased to make public the passing on of a dear one in a stylish way. On top of communicating our intended announcement, people will find something more to ponder over with reference to the death of a dear one.

However, take note of the difference between obituaries and death notices- obituaries are free, and you can comfortably pick on either the short happy funeral poems or the long happy funeral poems, but you will have to go by the dates availed by the newspaper company. Death notices are paid for based on the space and words used, which might make one consider between long happy funeral poems and short happy funeral poems, to avoid later inconveniences.
In funeral programs.

Happy funeral poems can be inserted in a funeral program, of which you can use more than one. This helps to communicate in advance to the audience of mourners, the message you wish for them to get pertaining to the deceased dear one. With this, every person reads the poem for themselves so you don’t have to worry about getting a suitable someone for the reciting role.

During funeral services and memorial services.

Short happy funeral poems can be very ideal for ensuring the participation of children in a funeral service. They can be easily mastered and will take a short while to go through before the child gives in to tension, pressure or emotions.

Otherwise, both long and short happy funeral poems can be used in the same capacity during a memorial or funeral service to honour the deceased and comfort the mourners. There is also the option of using more than one poem and ensuring fair participation by having different relations to the deceased reading each of the poems.

On headstones and gravestones.

Just another special way of using happy funeral poems in a permanent manner, the poems will be there forever, for everyone who visits the deceased to read.

With funeral flowers.

The act of buying flowers for use on the deceased’s grave or casket is already an honorary act, but we can make it more personal by selecting a beautiful happy funeral poem, long or short, and attaching it to the flowers. You can religiously do this each time you make a visit to the deceased’s final resting place.

For eulogizing the deceased or in funeral speeches.

One of the special ways of ensuring a perfect send-off is via a well-written eulogy or funeral speech for the deceased. It gives room you get personal and bring out the special traits of the deceased dear one. It is something which should be well executed.

A eulogy or funeral speech can be written through a well-selected happy funeral poem and doing a few adjustments to individualize it. This could be through adding the deceased’s actual name, a specific moment that relates to a portion of the poem.

Using a poem as a template for your eulogy or funeral speech eliminates the stress of having to look for appropriate words and suitable tones as this work has already been done by the expert poets.

On condolence and sympathy notes.

A family needs to be together even in grief. Don’t forget the others around you who are in equal pain and whom may need a shoulder to lean on. The family should still stick together. You can get a card and write up a happy funeral poem in it to cheer up the other family members. This might even create a platform for people to open and share their emotions.

On thank you notes.

Show appreciation to those who have been by your side through the hard grieving times by sending them a thank you note together with a happy funeral poem. We might not be able to pay back the actual help got, but a simple thank you will surely go a long way.

In conclusion,

There are several ways through which one can honour their deceased dear one. Using happy funeral poems is one of the simplest ways of doing it, but that is very effective. Go through our list of happy funeral poems and you will surely get one that is just perfect!

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Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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