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happy funeral poems

What is in the download.

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How do you use these happy funeral poems?

Perhaps you are wondering how you will use a happy themed poem when all around you is sorrowful owing to the death of someone close to you. There are a number of areas where these poems can be used to twist moods to jovial ones.


In memorial services.

Make use of happy funeral poems in honouring the memory of the deceased by focusing on the joyful moments shared together and illustrating how they enjoyed life. Give people a reason to be happy even when remembering their beloved.

In funeral services.

You can have more than one happy poem used in a funeral service, perhaps during the mass, and also at the time of the burial, or in any other creative way as you may please.

In obituaries.

You can add these poems to the obituaries to bring a light touch to the announcement of the death of a loved one.

On condolence notes.

These poems will give the bereaved a reason or chance to smile amidst the mourning of a loved one besides giving them the assurance that they are not alone.

On gravestones or headstones.

They will always be a happy reminder of the loved ones for people visiting their gravesites.

On thank you notes.

The poems will give a happy touch to a thank you note following the support received during the funeral activities.

Together with funeral flowers.

These poems can be used together with funeral flowers on graves or simply sent with flowers meant for the bereaved.

Alongside gifts for the bereaved.

you never know, this may all be a mourner needs to lift and cheer up their spirits.

happy funeral poems


Types of happy funeral poems.

Here at The Holy Bookshop, we have the following happy poems for funerals.
 Happy funeral poems for dad
 Happy funeral poems for mum
 Happy funeral poems for sister
 Happy funeral poems for brother
 Happy funeral poems for son
 Happy funeral poems for daughter
 Happy funeral poems for grandma
 Happy funeral poems for grandpa
 Happy funeral poems for uncle
 Happy funeral poems for aunty
 Happy funeral poems for a friend
 Happy funeral poems for a colleague

But you also have an option of doing alterations to make a poem that you might love to be suitable for the person to whom you wish to dedicate it to, there are no restrictions.

These funeral poems can be used by anyone out of the unifying factor that they bring messages of hope, comfort and consolation.

The difference comes about when religion is in question. There are religious happy funeral poems that may be preferred by Christians, and non-religious funeral poems ones that can be used by everyone even the Muslims and Hindus, or people of other beliefs.

Long or Short funeral poems.

The questions as to whether one should opt for the short or long ones are best answered following the areas where the poem shall be used.  The time available to read the poem, and the person who will read the poem, be it a child, an adult, or an elderly.

For instance, children are best suited to be given the short happy funeral poems, which require less effort to master and go through. This ensures they also participate in the send-off of a loved one, all you have to do is choose the poem and assign it to them.

Roles played by happy funeral poems.

That they are happy funeral poems does not mean that they fail to meet the roles served by poems in a funeral set up. These poems will do the following:

Offer comfort and consolation to the mourners- these poems not only make mourners happy but also bring comfort out of easily talking about death as a natural life process.

Instead of giving it weight, they make it look like a mere circumstance that should not deprive us reasons to continue living and making the most of life.

Assist in the healing process- the happy funeral poems makes us see that death is not the end, we still have a chance to reunite with our loved ones easily once we too die.

They make us see that our beloved is enjoying the after-life and we too should do the same in honour of their memories.

Aid in the celebration of the lives of the deceased- when someone close to us dies, it is natural to wallow in thoughts of how life will be without them, while we also try to remember the times we shared with them.

Striking a balance between the two is usually a hard task. These poems bridge this gap by making us see that the deceased lived their lives to the fullest.

happy funeral poems

Honour the presence of God in case of the religious poems.

These poems welcome the presence of God in a funeral gathering and are also used as a way of praying to God to accept the souls of the departed. They are also ideal for a church set up for on-setting or closing the funeral service.

Console the mourners- happy funeral poems spell happiness even in the hearts of mourners. They have messages of consolation, seeking to do away with the pain attributed to losing a loved one. It is never easy to come to terms with the loss, but a kind word could make one feel a whole lot better.

Aid in communicating with the deceased- no one contemplates death, not even in the case of a long-term illness. We will never have enough of the people close to us, but death cuts short this hope.

It leaves us with unanswered questions as to why the deceased couldn’t hold on a little longer. Why did they give death a chance?

These poems use words to try to direct these questions to the deceased while also explaining how life is since their departure.

These poems really help people feel better, but the process of healing might take time.

Could be years for some and months for others. Always let your emotions flow naturally should you get overwhelmed at one point or another. It is the best way to go about the grieving process.


In conclusion.

Using a Happy Funeral Poem needs some care as you would not want to go over the top, going too far and offending someone. One has to be subtle in the use of words and as was once said “Sarcasm is the best form of satire” however not everyone may appreciate your subtleness given the situation.

There is nothing wrong with telling a joke or two but the situation is not a comedy night. It is a funeral.


Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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