How to honor the death of a spouse – using funeral poems

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How to honour the death of a spouse – using funeral poems. Not only that. But how to deal with grief when losing a loved one. Grief is a terrible thing, however, it is also natural but it is absolutely essential that grief is treated in the correct manner. Click Here!

How does one face life, when one day you are married and the next morning you wake up single because of passing on of your spouse? This causes a heart-break- one that cannot be reversed because the other party will never be there for things to be patched up.

This so far causes an ultimate family crisis, where one will have to make decisions alone beside dealing with the pain, anger, confusion, loneliness and shock caused by the death of their spouse. How then shall you gather the pieces and soldier on?

Embracing your situation- accepting that certain things in life are beyond our control is a nice attitude for moving on. Knowing that some things are irreversible and that you did your best, nothing more can be done, is all you need to turn tables- don’t be hard on yourself.

The symptoms of grief-

The death of a spouse makes someone experience the common symptoms of grief,

Denial- from the time we meet, we always foresee a happy ending with our spouses- we see no obstacles like death till we age. We see that with the people around us, our parents, grandparents, why not our own situations?

The death of a spouse is, therefore, a terrible blow that won’t register easily in someone’s mind. It takes time to come to terms with. It simply hurts.

Anger- this anger is as a result of death taking away our soul mates. It takes away the person that you wake up next to every single morning, the person you consult in every difficult situation, the only person who understands you besides your parent. A spouse is very close. Why would death not pick any other person and leave your spouse to enable you to accomplish the dreams you built together now that you are expected to do so alone?

Bargaining- we all start to wonder that maybe there is something that we should have done differently, otherwise, our spouse would have lived on. We feel that there is that small window that with things that needed a different approach to making everything better. Our spouses are our lifetime partners who need the best for us, and so we feel that their death is a result of us not being as best as we ought to have been.

Depression- there is sadness in imagining a future without one’s spouse. There is equal sadness in looking through the things which were shared with them, probably captured in pictures and stashed somewhere in an album. One wonders how they will move on, so much that you may not realize that you are already at it.

There is no sequence as to which one comes first or last, how long you might take with a particular sign, and whether or not they can recur. The most important thing is to allow yourself to flow with them as they come naturally till you are back to your normal self.

Cry or not to cry? This is a channel of expressing and relieving oneself of the pain resulting from the death of a loved one. Tears have the leucine- encephalin, natural pain relieving components from the brain. One should cry whenever you feel like it, for this aids in the healing process.

Handling the people around you- dealing with death is difficult, it is because of this that you may find yourself distanced by others, or they simply shut up when next to you for fear of saying things that might upset you. Learn to deal with this for it is expected.

Accept those who wish to support you in equal measure, not because they pity you, but because one actually needs the help, only that you may never realize owing to the grieving state.

Facing holidays– days like wedding anniversaries, valentines, birthdays, Christmas, or any other special events should be planned for. All these days will have to be faced without your spouse, maybe with the remaining family members only. One should only participate in what they find comfortable doing.

Honouring your partner- another way of becoming calm is by doing something that your spouse would have loved, and probably died without fulfilling. It is a nice way of honouring them upon death while giving yourself the satisfaction of a corporate partner. Some ways through which you can honour your partner are suggested herein.

 Selecting a nice funeral poem or funeral verse or funeral quote for the deceased wife or husband, based on what their personality was like. Were they funny, always jovial, instructive, educative, happy, or spiritual? At the Holy Bookshop, there is a wide selection of well-selected funeral poems, funeral verses, and funeral quotes with varying themes to select from. These poems will help to honour your deceased partner through the following ways,

Engrave the funeral poems, verse or quote on obituaries or death notices- losing a lifetime partner is more than traumatizing. Nothing you say can portray the pain felt. The poems just provide a channel to assist the bereaved partner to express their emotions.

Using the funeral poems alongside their obituaries is a special way of expressing the special bond that you shared so much that amidst the pain, you still went an extra mile to dedicate them a poem.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Insert the funeral poems, verse, or quote on funeral programs- a funeral program shows mourners how the entire funeral service will be run, indicating what takes where at what time and for how long. Instead of leaving it at just that, you can go the extra mile and honour your deceased partner by commencing or ending the program line up with a beautiful funeral program to show people the depth of the vacuum their demise has brought to you.

Read the funeral poems, verse, or quote during the funeral or memorial service– one can opt more than one funeral poem to be read during the funeral or memorial service of the deceased partner.

What’s more, you can let the children. If there, read it out, or choose a friend or relative to do it too. It deviates from the regular funeral service, a sure way to show the love that was there.

Attach them to the funeral flowers- one no longer has to simply place flowers by the deceased’s graveside. Yes, it is honorary, but you can spice things up by printing a poem and attaching it to the funeral flowers. There is that deep personal satisfaction that this act brings, that only you will feel, besides being one of the last things you can gift to your deceased partner.

Frame up the funeral poems, verse or quote- did you know that over time, simply printed poems fade out? But you wouldn’t wish to drown any form of memory of those unique things shared with the deceased partner to include the poems dedicated to them too.

Frame the poems up and strategically hang them somewhere in the house- a constant reminder of the love there is, even later on.
This speaks volumes on its own and even to those visiting, it shows that one also has respect for the deceased partner enough to care for anything belonging to them to include that special funeral poem. It ensures the durability of the poem in the long term.

Engrave the funeral poems on their headstones- the normal headstones comprises, probably, of the date of birth and death, and the deceased’s name. Your partner shared a special bond and doesn’t deserve just ordinary. Go ahead and choose a nice funeral poem, funeral verse or funeral quote, and give people a memorable reminder of the personality of your deceased partner.

Religious funeral poems vs non-religious funeral poems for the deceased spouse- we have both categories suitable for the deceased spouse.

Many a time, staunch believers wish to honour their faith in God even in death. There are that in-deep bond and love that can only be derived from talking to God. We, therefore, wish to welcome his presence even when amidst the pain, in this case, caused by the demise of a spouse. Trust our collection of religious funeral poems to provide you with what you need, and honour the spirituality of your deceased spouse.

The non-religious funeral poems are for those who simply wish to dedicate special funeral poems to their deceased partners as an honorary measure. The poems can still be twisted to suit one’s faith on one hand.

All the poems mentioned above are also available in long and short categories. Normally, what determines the choice is where the poem is going to be used, in terms of the available space and time, which can also be overruled owing to the love one has for the deceased spouse. Feel free to choose between the long funeral poems for a deceased spouse or short funeral poems for a deceased spouse.
Other than their use in honouring the deceased spouse, the funeral poems have other functions namely,

 Communicate our feelings and emotions to the deceased spouse – death can never be anticipated, not even in a situation of long-term or chronic illness. We always still look forward to brighter days ahead. As a result, the death of a spouse leaves us with so many questions.

Why would one not wait for us to live till old age? Why would one leave us to celebrate special occasions like wedding anniversaries all by ourselves? Who would help us make decisions regarding the family? How is life supposed to be without the better half? What would one say when the kid’s question?

There are just numerous questions that may not fit in our mini-article. But one thing for sure- the funeral poems for a spouse at the Holy Bookshop will help you relate to and relay these questions to the deceased. There is some extraordinary satisfaction behind these questions as a result of believing that the deceased listened much as they don’t answer us directly.

 Bring comfort and console the spouse left behind – these poems capture the possibility of a possible meet up in future once we die too( hope this does not scare you). Death is a mere process in life that we all go through at one particular point.

But there is peace in the afterlife, something so sweet and worth looking forward to. It is for this reason that the remaining spouse finds comfort knowing the deceased is resting peacefully without any disturbance- the best that we would have wished them even if they were to be alive.

 Help in expressing our feelings – funeral poems for a spouse come in where words cannot be found as a result of grief caused by their demise. Death renders us speechless, disabling us from thinking or even conducting the regular duties expected of us. During such a time, one might not be able to tell the people around them how they feel.

What’s worse, especially for the bereaved spouse, is that things got to move on, such as funeral arrangements, which won’t wait for you to grieve till you are able to prepare a speech or eulogy, the funeral poems will basically cover up for such roles. They will talk about the deceased as if it was you who actually did the writing.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

 Aid in the healing process- first, from the aspect of the poet being a survivor of the painful ordeal of losing a spouse, or their inspiration of talking about from someone who did for that matter, is a living testimony that we too shall overcome- they are not immortals but human beings just like us.

There is hope through the words used too. They simplify death to a mere process in life, talk of meeting once again when we cross over, saying our deceased spouse took a mere transition, but they are with us in spirits. The knowledge of all these makes a person find reasons to be strong and make use of every moment in life.

 Honour one’s spirituality- spirituality is captured strongly by the religious funeral poems for a spouse. They are a way of honouring their beliefs even upon death. These poems centred on Christianity help in portraying the family’s belief in God’s will in all situations. They are highly embraced in Christian gatherings, be it in church, at the morgue, graveside, home of the deceased, or anywhere where they are used.

 Honouring them through lighting a candle- this can be done at home, in church or by their graves

 Taking some time alone or by the graveside and talking to them- this is a unique bonding session that seems like you two were conversing due to the deceased’s listening. One gets satisfaction similar to the one derived from reading them a funeral poem like mentioned above.

 Watching movies that they loved or visiting places which they liked – one honours the deceased spouse by indulging in things that they loved doing, a very respectful and caring gesture.

 Sponsoring a child in their honour- you could this to further their memories, especially if they were lovers of charitable acts

 Starting a foundation to commemorate the deceased spouse- this ensures to keep their memories alive for years to come even in your absence.

In conclusion,

From experience, grief is something that you don’t wake up one morning and wish away. You might experience some unlikely emotions long after you feel you have managed to live with the death of a spouse. Sometimes it becomes too overwhelming to manage on your own.

The funeral poems at the Holy Bookshop will soothe your soul and help you mourn the death of a deceased spouse. But you can also seek counselling, join support groups, talk to relatives, it makes you feel better. A problem shared is half solved. The best thing, however, is to naturally grieve, where you cry if you wish, or laugh on those beautiful; memories.

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