In Memory of my Husband Poems. A Helpful Guide

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Losing a life partner and confidant is difficult. However, since we cannot evade the cruel hands of death, all we have is memories. We share these memories with others in the memory of the bereaved. Sometimes you can share a poem or come up with an anecdote. We are going to look at in memory of my husband poems.

Do you really need a poem to commemorate your husband? Well, while it is not mandatory to use a poem to remember a departed loved, they actually do help. You can use a poem to bring out your deceased husband’s personality.


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Things to consider when choosing in memory poems for departed husband



In Memory of my Husband Poems


Getting the perfect poem to remember your husband is not going to be an easy task. You will need to think about your audience. Also, you will have to go down the memory lane and think about the deceased. While it remains a difficult task, it can also help you pick out the memories of your loved one. Before you choose the poem to go for, consider the following factors:


The theme of the in-memory poem

When deciding on a poem to use in memory of your husband, think about the theme. What is it that you want the audience to think about when you deliver the poem? Well, as with any artistic writing, you need to decide what to tell your audience. Do you want them to remember your husband as a happy man or do you want to mourn him?

Understand that there is nothing wrong with choosing a sad poem. I have to mention that you need to be quite honest with your audience and with yourself. What do you want the audience to know about your late husband?


The mood of the poem

A good poem must evoke certain feelings. Well, it is up to you to set your desired mood. For instance, you may choose a poem describing how in love you were with him. The people listening to you read the poem are also going to feel the love and all the emotions.

Once again, you must remain very honest with your feelings. Let people in on what you have lost, and the relationship you shared with him. There are many in memory poems of my husband poems that evoke different feelings.

If you are going to read the poem out in a funeral poem, you can share your feelings of loss. On the other hand, you may choose to celebrate him. You should decide on the mood you want to go for before you choose the poem.


The tone of the poem

The tone of the poem depends on the narrator. The way you read the poem to the audience will affect the mood and the atmosphere of the poem. You will need to choose a poem that goes with the tone you desire.

Also, the vocabulary will also determine the tone of your preferred poem. When reading out the poem, ensure that you match the tone as per the words of the poem.


 Remembrance poems in memory of my husband


In Memory of my Husband Poems


As we have mentioned earlier, you must decide the theme of the poem. A remembrance poem will require you to think about your husband. You need to think about what your husband will be remembered for.

When your life partner passes on, it can be torturous to think about them. To be able to choose a good remembrance poem, you need to remember your favorite memories. The poem needs to be as personalized as possible. What do you miss about him? Is it his humorous nature? Or an activity you did together?

Poems are meant to express our innermost feelings. Each poem contains a message, which is usually hidden. Therefore, reflect on what you want to share and choose a poem that expresses that. Well, since we are not all writers, you will find so many remembrance poems in memories of a departed husband on the internet.


Pay Tribute To Your Husband


Having known your husband for the many years you shared, hopefully, you must have understood him. You may also want to choose a poem that will pay tribute to him. You can get a poem to celebrate your husband. Think about how great he was and how much in love you both were. Well, a poem is going to help you express all these feelings simply.

Paying tribute to your husband means that you celebrate his achievement. Often, we want to celebrate, congratulate and praise the departed. However, you can talk about your husband and celebrate him for having been there. You can pay tribute to him and the love that you both shared.




You can also choose to go with an encouragement poem in the memory of your husband. As ironic as it sounds, you do need encouragement and so do other mourners. You can use a memorial poem to find comfort as you grieve.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy, especially a close loved one such as a husband. We get caught up in grieving and some people never move on. A comforting poem is going to offer encouragement to you. As we mentioned above, you must remain honest with yourself when choosing a poem in memory of your husband.

For instance, if your husband was a religious man, you will find comfort in a religious poem, that is if you prefer it that way. Backing up a little bit, Christianity offers comfort in the Lord. We believe that those who are before us are not gone forever. Instead, we shall reunite in eternal life.

Alternatively, you can choose another poem with encouraging words. It will help you finally accept that your husband has passed away. In the next section, we are going to discuss how to deal with grief and losing a close loved one.


Funny Poems in memory of my husband


Some people prefer using humorous poems in memory of their husbands. Funny funeral poems are perfect especially when you are looking to brighten up the mood. Even though death can be quite saddening, it does not always mean that a funeral or memorial service has to be that way.

In most cases, funny funeral poems tend to offer a celebration of life. They talk about death in a humorous way, reassuring us that our loved ones are gone but never forgotten. You may also opt for a particular poem if your husband liked it.


Farewell Funeral poems


After the death of a loved one, we struggle to say goodbye to them. I mean, death happens unexpectedly and even when we see it coming, we never get to say goodbye. When death robs you of your husband, you can get a farewell poem to honor his memory.

Fortunately for you, almost every funeral poem will contain a line or stanza bidding the departed goodbye. Well, not only will this poem help you let go but it gives you an opportunity to recognize the things you miss about your beloved.


Dealing with the loss of a husband

While we talk about the death of a spouse, we fail to recognize how tough it can get for the bereaved. Imagine losing your life partner, a person you chose to love, live, and share life with. Unfortunately, it does happen and as always, there is nothing we can do to stop death. Well, below, we are going to discuss some of the tips that will help you deal with the death of a spouse.


In Memory of my Husband Poems


Tips to deal with losing a husband

Be easy with yourself

When your spouse passes on, there is no particular right way that you should feel. You could be shocked, especially if it was an unexpected death. Everyone will feel differently and that is okay. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you do.

In some instances, you might find yourself feeling guilty for having survived. For instance, if you were involved in an accident and somehow your husband lost his life, it can be a hard hit. Grief starts with denial and regret. However, you need to be easy with yourself.


Talk about him if you want to

If you want to talk about your husband, you should be able to. Sometimes your family and friends may not know what to say, and you should expect that. I mean, there is no amount of condolences that will leave you feeling better.

Other times, your friends and family will avoid mentioning your late husband’s name. Well, understand that it is perfectly okay to mention, think and talk about him whenever you want to. To some extent, it actually helps with the healing process.


Take care of your health

With everything going on, you might forget to check on your mental as well as physical health. This should never be the case as you are here, in the present, even if it does not feel like it. Do not stop going for your usual morning run or to the gym. The important thing is to keep going and working on your health.

Your brain is definitely handling a lot, following the demise of your spouse. Do not forget to keep your diet as healthy as you can. Also, remember to keep your emotional health in check. Do not drown in unhealthy behaviors such as drinking excessively. Instead, talk to your health provider if you are having trouble keeping sane.


Seek Support

When you are grieving, it is easy to keep to yourself. In fact, isolation is normal behavior when you are grieving. It does not mean that it is healthy! If you are struggling with grieve seek support from people with similar loss. This is going to be a safe space.

Do not shy away from sorting your social circle. Well, you might need your friends even more, now that you are single and grieving. Talk to your friends and tell them how you feel.

In the case, you feel like your grief is getting complicated, talk to a professional. Grieve can actually lead to depression and thus you cannot ignore it. For instance, if you start feeling like you have no purpose anymore, talk to a professional.

Complicate grieve will also leave you diminished and unable to perform normal daily activities. This means that you need help immediately. Seek help from a therapist as well as from your friends.

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