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Memory verses. A memory verse is a carefully selected passage from a scripture chapter of the Bible, which needs to be mastered and remembered for educative reasons.

They act as a constant reminder of a specific lesson or offers guidance for what needs to be done under certain circumstances. The very key portions must align with the required information are the ones that are normally picked.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Initially, the Bible comprised majorly of complete books without any subdivisions. At the beginning of the 13th centuries, chapters were introduced, as a way of breaking the long read associated with the books, and were generally about one page long.

Verses subdivisions came to being in the middle of the 16th century, where they comprised of short sentences, and provided a breakthrough to the length associated with the chapters. Even so, you may come across a verse with more than a single sentence, or a single sentence combining up two or more verses.

That’s just about it when it comes to Bible verses, and as a result, we are now able to pick up simple sentences and memorize them up.
One major difference, however, lies in the bible version, whereby the type of English used tends to differ.

What you find written by King James Version may be a little bit different from the wordings picked up by the Good News translator, and those from the Holy Bible. Worry not about the message- they are always the same. Some translators use the American English, others British English.

Categories of memory verses

Memory verses are generally meant for all and sundry. Sometimes though, the messages are age specific and based on that, there are 3 types of memory verses;

Memory verse for children:

Such memory verses are generally short to make them easy to remember. This is to entice the children, who scientifically have low concentration spans and would get bored if subjected to lengthy ones. They are meant to instil into children the Christian values, principals, and way of life.

Memory verses for teenagers:

These are quite lengthy and generally, tend to have information on youth-specific issues.

Memory verses for adults:

they generally touch on all questions of life. They are a guideline on how the adults should relate to each other and to the younger generation at large.

Importance of memory verses.

They bring us closer to God: through mastering what the bible says, we are able to carry this knowledge wherever we go and put it to practice whenever required. Our actions are then strengthened as much as our faith.

Some scriptures also directly talk about the act of memorizing God’s word as a way of being like Christ himself.
An instant source of comfort: having memory verses may enable you to rescue situations where guidance or comfort is needed at a time when the bible is probably out of reach. And that it further comes from your heart and mouth without any reference further commands power in an unusual and convincing manner.

They keep us away from sin: memory verses become the inner voice that speaks to us and keeps us on toes. By listening to them, we are able to stay clear of sin, for we will make sound and right decisions upon being reminded of the right path to follow.

They keep the devil away: the word of God is what a Christian needs to keep Satan away. How? It has a way of keeping our thoughts and actions pure, and do not leave room for the satan to interrupt our way of lives.

memory verses

A chance to win souls to heaven: sometimes you just might people in the unexpected areas, where again, you have not carried the Bible, and the ability to cite a verse or two, maybe all they need to change their ways and turn to God. So you see, your memory verse will be handy!

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

A nice way of introducing our young ones to Christianity: have you ever thought what goes through the minds of kids when suddenly you have to tell them that they ought to live a Christian life but they know nothing about it? Memory verses simplify this task by enabling them to understand the message a step at a time.

Important functions: memory verses can also be cited during such occasions as weddings or graduations to help relay a message to the gathered group. It will also act as a piece of a beautiful reminder of this day after it has long passed by. Such memory verses are usually picked up to back up the theme being celebrated and sometimes just an expression of what we feel, even though we may lack the words.

How best to memorize memory verses.

 Look for a secluded and quiet place, away from any form of interruption or distraction. This could probably be your bedroom, study room, or in a serene and quiet garden.

 Be sure that everything is silenced, be it music, or mobile phones.

 Sit down, or just adjust yourself to a very comfortable posture.

 Kick it off by praying to God to enable you to understand what the verse means. This is the essence of the verse in the first place. Then also pray for the ability to memorize the actual verse. God answers prayers, and with faith, the verse will stick just like glue.

 It is quite easy to master figures compared to words. For that matter, start by shouting out the reference, then reading through the verse, and back to the reference.

 Continue with this cycle, carefully reading out the words, and gradually increasing your pace.

 Concentrating on the keywords is a nice way to go about it. They enable you to master the other neighbouring words with ease.

 Now that you are done reading and re-reading, and have probably picked on some keywords, take a piece of paper and slowly write down what you remember while leaving gaps to be filled for portions you don’t.

 Go through reading the verse, then fill the gaps, recite once again.

 What is written tends to stick. Rewrite as many times as you can without referring to the bible, and each time, whenever there is a gap, fill it up.

 For some, this might take a couple of hours, or even minutes, whereas it could go for days for others. Just go by your pace, for what matters is that the verse is finally memorized.

How best to teach a memory verse.

When it comes to teaching memory verses for the adults and teenagers, it is quite a walk in the park. These are people who are of age, all you need to do is emphasize the message, and let them go to recite them during their own free times.

The challenge lies with this beautiful and adorable group called kids, whom you will teach A-Z, and by the time you are in E, A was left unattended and has simply gone missing. The following guidelines might prove helpful:

 Start by explaining why the memory verse is important, as they will also derive motivation from understanding what it is all about.

 You will need to disintegrate the verse into smaller parts which they can easily grasp.

 Explore actions that can go along. This might involve using facial expressions and body movements (Let’s see if you always hit the gym well enough!).

 You can back it up with some memory song as well, which you will engage them to sing.

 You can also employ a skit as a reminder of what is required, or of the message you are trying to convey.

 Once all tools are in place, write down the verse large enough on a board, or use a projector and screen if it’s within your capability.

 Read it aloud first, ask them to repeat after you are done. You can then start playing around with them by omitting certain words and asking them to fill up the spaces till they are all familiar with the memory verse.

 If not because of the skit, some will remember it for the fun of the song, while others for the puzzle bit, and others because of the actions tagged along.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Are there memory verses considered superior to others?

A big no! There is no competition when it comes to God’s word. Everything is equally important. The only difference is that each scripture has a unique message to pass across.

So, all the long and short verses have a role to play, and all the books ranging from Genesis in the Old Testament to Revelation in the New Testament have an important message to give to you. It all depends on the message you want to pass across at a given point in time.

Neither are there preferences as to which books should come before which ones, just go according to the impact you need from the chosen verse.

Short bible verses are however easier to remember that the longer ones and tend to be preferred for that reason, especially when the target group is children.

Types of memory verses.

Are you perhaps wondering how? They are categorized based on messages relayed and are spread across the bible. This simplifies the search for desired memory verses, by enabling you to go directly to a specific category without wasting time. And what’s more, they are quite a reliable being that they are scripture specific, and no doubt picked by someone who has read them. The proof lies in reading the verse.

Some are mentioned as follows:

Love: love verses offer guidelines as to how we should practice Christian love by loving God and our neighbours. It connotes the benefits of this love, the different types of love, and how to go about them.

Forgiveness: some verses purely talk about how we should let go of the emotions that come as a result of wrongs done to us by others. They further confirm how God still forgave us no matter how big our sins are. They finalize by illustrating the power that lies behind forgiving other people.

Kindness: they simply illustrate how one should relate to the people around them, whether rich or poor, working or jobless, physically fit or the impaired. People from all walks of life deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Sharing: They are a quick reminder of the vastness of our societies, and that being there for each other is what bridges the gaps. No one has so much that they have nothing to receive, and no one has so little that they have nothing to give, is the principle that these verses work about.

Healing: they simply encourage one to turn to God even when amidst any form of pain, for God surely knows and will come to their rescue. They talk about healing from things such as death, sickness, pain inflicted by wrongs done to us by others, or as a result of job loss, or perhaps an accident.

Encouragement: they deliver messages of hope, assuring people to stay strong in faith with a forward fix of what awaits them in future. They tell us that God always has a plan, and so we should not despair or be discouraged. God is simply in control and has plenty of storage for those who wait upon him.

Patience: these will not let you give up or hurry up to do wrong things. They keep you in check no matter the hardship that one might be up against. They further cite examples of the people who persevered and the benefits they got thereafter, as an encouragement that it will come to pass, and better things await them in the long run.

Marriage: used commonly to lay infrastructure about marriage life and how to go about. They are mostly used during counselling sessions, whereby people are to memorize and put them to practice in their homes. Some go ahead to teach us how to handle kids once they are on board.

There is just a wide selection of memory verses, some of which we have not covered herein. But remember, the magic lies in understanding the message and living by it.

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