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Just like every situation regarding the sad passing away of a relative or friend words are extremely important. Even writing words om memorial cards the correct words and phrases have to be memorable.

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memorial cards

Memorial Cards.

Memorial cards are cards used to pay homage to the deceased, usually but not limited to funerals. They can also be used in wakes and memorial services to commemorate the deceased.

When we lose a loved one, often friends and family will join us during this difficult moments and help us mourn the death of the deceased. They may use memorial cards, which are usually religious to commemorate the life of the departed.

Memorial cards are mainly used in memorial services of the deceased, which happens after the funeral service. It can be a difficult task trying to find the right words to pay tribute to a departed loved one, which is why this article will guide you on how to write a memorial card;

I) Elements of a memorial card.

A memorial card usually comes with a recent photo of the deceased, the birth and death dates and also their full names. Be sure to have all these before preparing a memorial card for a loved one.

Alternatively, you can opt to use their nickname, if they had any. The entire purpose of a memorial card is to remember the life of the deceased, the way they would have wanted to be remembered.

Since these are the basics of a memorial card, you can personalize it more by including a saying or poem they loved. In the case where the deceased was religious, you may want to use a memorial verse from The Bible.

II) The format of a memorial card.

Usually, you will not have a lot of room to say much about the deceased in a memorial card. They are normally designed to be short and concise. This being said, you will need to figure out a way to make it short and simple while at the same time conveying your preferred message.

You may consider writing a short poem instead of writing a passage. This is because poems have a way of using fewer words and at the same time developing a deep meaning.

However, it is important to be very careful not to offend anyone with a word I the memorial card. It should remain respectful and appropriate in remembrance of the departed.

III) The composition of a Memorial Card.

While coming up with a memorial card message, it is advisable to let your words flow. It is not easy to come up with a good composition since you might be distracted and a little emotional but it is essential to stay true to the deceased and also to your feelings.

This way you will get people to feel exactly what you want them to feel, whether sympathetic or celebratory. It is up to you to define the theme of the memorial service.

You may consider writing a briefly shared memory with the deceased and give the people an insight into what the deceased’s life was like.

In most cases, memorial cards are celebratory and religious. People want to celebrate the life of a loved one by remembering what they loved and what they stood up for. It is equally important to understand what the deceased’s faith was.

If the deceased was, for instance, a staunch Christian, you can reflect on how they lived their life and at the same time feature their belief of eternal life in their memorial card. There is no sure way of writing a memorial card and that is why it should always be personalized.

Additionally, memorial cards should remain respectful to the deceased and the people attending the memorial service and uphold the positive qualities of the deceased.

It is also important to tailor a memorial card, even if you chose to purchase one, to the deceased’s characters. Before settling on the memorial card message, you might want to consider if the deceased would have wanted to be remembered that way. Below are some of the factors you might want to consider before purchasing or making a memorial card;

memorial cards

a) Their passion.

A memorial card is supposed to speak of the deceased, and what they will be most remembered of. To effectively write a memorial card message, you should brainstorm on the passions of the deceased, what they liked to do.

For instance, if they loved reading, you might consider picking up a line from their favourite author that may describe their character and put it on the memorial card.

b) Favourite memory of the deceased.

While brainstorming about the content of a memorial card, you might want to go back to the recent times of the deceased before they met their death. For instance, you may have gone out for a hike with them and they may have been happy about it.

You can find a way to blend this memory in the card and let the people know what made the deceased happy after all, isn’t this the whole point.

c) Accomplishments of the deceased.

Having the task to write a memorial card for a loved one is a privilege which is usually entrusted to someone who might have known them better. This means that you may have had the chance to know what goals the deceased had set and if they accomplished them.

This could be easy for the departed souls that succumbed to illnesses and may have seen death coming. Usually, these people have set things they may have wanted to do before then and most of them actually do it.

For instance, you may be entrusted with writing a memorial card for a sibling who recently succumbed to cancer. Their last wish might have been to go on a trip with you and you both di it. Including this in the memorial card will let people know that the deceased accomplished their wishes and they were happy.

In conclusion.

It is important to remain genuine while commemorating a loved one. Let the words flow from your heart and capture the audience’s emotions. It is an honour and privilege to be the one t decide what memories to remember during a loved one’s memorial service, and so make them count.

memorial cards

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