Memorial Poems for Mum. Use Special Words

Knowing What To Say When Someone's Grandma Dies

A mum is a unique figure that often has a great impact on our lives. Losing your mum can be devastating and incredibly difficult to go over it. Sometimes it can happen so suddenly that we are not prepared for it on any level. 


Therefore, it can be hard to express your feelings if you don’t know how you truly feel yourself. 


When then you are required to write a eulogy for your mother, it can be impossible to come up with the right words that describe our gratitude and our sadness while celebrating her life.


Since that specific moment in anybody’s life is incredibly hard and overwhelming, we often rely on the words and poems written by other authors.


However, being able to pick the right poem that expresses your exact feelings can be confusing and intimidating, especially with so much choice out there. 


Let’s have a look at what to consider when choosing a poem that is the right one for the moment you and your family might be living.


Memorial Poems for Mum


What Is A Memorial Poem For?


Memorial poems don’t necessarily only have to be used as a eulogy during a funeral. While that is undoubtedly the hardest moment to overcome, you might be willing to celebrate your late mum’s life on her birthday, anniversary, or major holidays.


Remembering the life and accomplishments of a person that used to be so close to us requires us to find the perfect words. 


While we don’t need to be writers to do this, we can rely on others’ words to express how much we miss our mum, our wishes of spending the holidays with her, or to show others the legacy that amazing person has left us.


Moreover, expressing our feelings instead of keeping the grief to ourselves can help us go through the initial pain and sadness. 


Here are a few benefits you should consider when picking a poem and the occasions you could use one for.


Can Be Therapeutic


Sharing your grief can be liberating. The moment you do, so you will find all of your loved ones gathered around you to help you stand the weight of your loss. Failing to express our feelings can lead to continued pain from which can be very hard to detach ourselves.


Sometimes the pain can also be blinding, and, in our mix of emotions, we might forget to celebrate the life of our mums, which has undoubtedly been wonderful. 


Picking one of the best poems written by an understanding author can help you relieve yourself of the pain you have been carrying while remembering the happiest moments with your mum.


While this can trigger hidden feelings, you will be able to pay tribute to the life of a fantastic person while finding a therapy for your soul to heal.


Give Comfort to Yourself and Your Family


While during our mum’s funeral, we might be extremely overwhelmed, don’t forget that your partner, siblings, and children might be going through the same sorrow.


Sharing your grief with them might encourage them to let out their feelings. This is the first step to support each other through this incredibly hard moment.


If you have always been struggling with expressing your feelings, you can choose a poem that your family can also relate to. It will allow your relatives to get together and bring up the happy memories you shared.


Don’t forget to open yourself to others and embrace shared grief. No matter how strong you are, you will appreciate the support of others, especially the ones close to you. 


Reading a poem to your family can help you find your inner peace and provide comfort to both you and your family.


Memorial Poems for Mum


Can Help You Find the Words You Need


The passing of a beloved mum can be extremely sudden, leaving us emotionally devastated and overwhelmed. 


However, practically, you will have a million tasks to complete and events to arrange. It is already complicated without considering the grief and emotional weight.


In all this troubling situation, we would also be required to come up with the right words to express everything we are feeling and help us connect with our late mum and family.


Luckily, we can pick an existing poem to read or even browse through the lines and stanzas to find the words that we feel like we are missing.


The Occasions


A mum’s funeral or celebration of life is the most common occasion that you would pick a poem for. However, you might like remembering her during her birthday and celebrate it with your close family. 


400;”>Memorial poems can be used to commemorate your late mother’s life and achievements on her Memorial Day. On your parent’s anniversary, you might like to dedicate a poem to them to express the gratitude you could not find the words for.


While these many occasions recur every year, they can help keep your late mother’s memory alive and fresh. This is for both you and your family. 


However, it is crucial to pick one that truly reflects her personality to really bring treasured memories with her back.


Celebrating A Mum’s Life Does Not Have to Be Sad


During the funeral service, we might be traumatized and in shock, as well as grieving. These feelings can make you forget that we are there to celebrate the life of a loved one. It can be hard to don’t let these emotions overwhelm us, but a poem can help.


Moreover, memorial poems used during memorial services or commemorating occasions after the funeral can pose a different tone to the situation. In fact, these poems don’t necessarily have to be sad to be useful in remembering your mum.


A Memorial Poem for Your Mum Needs to Reflect Her Personality

Memorial Poems for Mum


Picking a theme for your poem that reflects your mother’s personality will be more useful to commemorate her. You don’t necessarily have to select the saddest poem to bring old memories back to life.


One of the best ways to pick the right poem is to let your mum and her life inspire you. Was your mum a sunny and energetic person? Did she like to cook Sunday lunches for the whole family? 


Did she have many friends and she was very social? Some great author has probably described your mum’s in one of their poems; you just need to find the right one!


Ultimately, the family and friends you are sharing the poem with will link treasured memories of your mum with the words you have picked. It is incredibly generous and honorable for you to create a happy and positive atmosphere.


Express Gratitude


Mum is very often one of the most influential figures in our lives. She has dedicated a significant amount of her time to listening and attending to us. She was there at any important moment in our lives, and she has shaped our personalities.


A memorial poem for a mum should not fail to express our sincere gratitude for her efforts and time. It can be easily shared by other members of your life that can bring their thoughts of appreciation in too.


Here you can mention the positive impact she had on your own life and pay tribute to her personality and achievements.


Cherish Your Relationship with Your Mum


The relationship that you had with your mum is unique, and you might have shared experiences and feelings that others are not aware of.


It is the moment where you can describe the connection you had with her to other relatives that, through your words, can get to know her better.


If you let some poems inspire your words and you have used a quote, here you can add your own memories of moments together that can portray the personality of your mother to your audience.


If you treasure any teaching that your mum has passed on to you and helped you in the past, here you are encouraged to share them with her family and friends. 


Remember that this is a hard moment for everybody present, so those teachings might help others get through their grief. Adding a personal line to a poem can help pass on the legacy your mum has left throughout the years.


Things to Consider When Picking A Poem

The first thing to consider will be these facts to consider:

When you type in Memorial Poems for Mum into a search engine all sited offer you a list of free poems.

Q. Why are they free? 

A. It is because these types of poems are used by over 90% of the population in the world.

Q. Why shouldn’t I use these poems?

A. Apart from everyone else using them, they are not unique nor memorable. 

Q. What should I do to get a special poem?

A. You should Click Here to gain immediate access to a book that contains OVER 250 poems and at the moment, at the checkout, you will receive a massive 60% discount. Go and grab this now.


To celebrate the life of the most important person in our life, we are all aiming to find the perfect poem. 


It can be hard, especially if you are under the pressure of organizing a funeral, if you struggle to share your feelings, and if you don’t like speaking in public.


With such a huge choice out there, it can be difficult to pick the right poem to express your mum’s life. 


You will have to decide what experiences and feelings you are willing to share with your audience. Let’s have a look at a few things that you should consider when picking a poem.


What Are You Trying to Express?


Describing a whole life in a poem can be hard. You probably could be speaking about your mum for hours, sharing experiences, conversations, and anecdotes. 


However, with a limited timeframe to create a portray of your late mum, you will have to pick the most symbolic aspects. 


Here there is no right or wrong and depends on the view of your mum you have. If the best memories you have of her are of weekend’s picnics or making bread, you could focus on that detail.


Instead of using superficial words that generally describe a person, let a personal experience inspire you for your poem.


Length and Occasions


The length of your poem mainly depends on your personal preferences and the timeframe you would like to adhere to. 


The funeral moderator might allocate a specific time to your eulogy. However, don’t be too strict; your family will happily listen to the whole poem. 


However, you might decide to use different lengths if you are reading the poem during her funeral service or an annual commemoration. 


Moreover, if you would like to remember her during a family gathering or dinner, you might opt for a shorter and lighthearted poem that goes straight to the point. 


Moreover, even if you are not a confident public speaker, remember to take the time you need to read through the poem. 



How Would You Like Your Audience to Remember Your Mum?


As we have seen above, a memorial poem for your mum does not have to be sad. It can be happy, nostalgic, slightly upbeat of even funny. 

It will not be disrespectful if you would instead remember the jokes she was telling or what song she would be whistling while cooking.

Make sure the tone truly reflects’ your mum personality, as you are trying to remember and celebrate her life, not her passing away.


How Do I Find the Perfect Poem for My Mum?


It is understandable that you might need some help to find a poem for your late mum. Not all of us are poetry experts, and often, the options on the internet are not satisfying.


It can be a huge field to navigate if you are not sure where to start. However, specific collections can be purchased in eBook versions. 


They are organized, easily accessible and printable. Moreover, you will be able to find the perfect poem among over 250 options by typing in the first line or browsing the themes or authors. 


The poems are carefully selected to be a great option in every situation. However, if you like to add your own line or ideas in it, just take inspiration from the quotes and adapt them to your experience.




The passing of a mother can be one of the most affecting moments of our lives. It is essential to find the right words to commemorate here, even when it is difficult to find words. 


Let the great authors out there inspire you to communicate your grief, gratitude, and feelings to your audience. 


It can be extremely beneficial for your inner peace to let go of the pain and share your mother’s memories with your family and friends.


We hope that this article was useful to you. Let us know if you have any questions as we are here to help!



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